Personas - Are They Safe To Use?

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  1. Velisaris_MS Augur

    "- Made performance improvements to (insert whatever here)."

    ^^^^They post stuff like that in patch notes literally ALL the time. They may not go into great details about things, but they at least acknowledge that SOMETHING changed.

    If they made changes/fixes to personas and CHOSE not to let people know about it...that's shady. You have to wonder what else they may have changed/fixed and decided not to tell players about. Right now, the devs really don't have a lot of goodwill with a lot of players. Making changes and not at least mentioning it doesn't help that.
  2. Tuco Augur

    I don't recommend using personas until it's feature complete and people aren't talking about bugs related to it. Those features being added and those bugs being "fixed" presents risk to characters using personas that can disable your character until a GM (or dev) can fix it.

    Besides that, I suspect the amount of usage of personas indicates how viable and attractive the feature is. I view it as an incomplete feature, but if they are seeing a lot of usage, why finish it?
  3. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    How, exactly, does one do this? It's not like you still have the spell scrolls, or rune/whatevers for rank 2s and 3s still handy. You're talking about a very non-trivial thing here.
  4. Lilfella Elder

    Personas are a really cool feature - I wish they launched it 10 years earlier.

    The biggest issues with them are the bugginess around augs popping out, and certain game design choices around gear that have made the personas a little tedious to use at their full capacity.

    Type 3 augs are an absolute nightmare to manage on personas, particularly if you want to share that piece of gear with a different persona.
  5. Bernel Augur

    Yeah, buying new spells would only really work if you're 70 or so and can re-purchase your spells from the vendor. If you're 80+ and need dropped items and turnins for your spells, then you'll have to wait until they fix your character. The potential of this bug is what is keeping me from using personas on my main. If his spellbook got messed up, I'd be offline until they got it fixed.
  6. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    Some are mentioning bugs from early beta as if they are happening now even though they were documented and verified as fixed during beta. I suspect there will be people mentioning the early beta bugs even a year from now even though they weren't present when the expansion released.

    What you deem as "feature complete" with all the enhancements you want might not be what the the product/project managers deem feature complete. And they may have additional enhancements they want to monetize.
  7. Tuco Augur

    A worthy perspective! Feel free to continue to use the feature as it evolves.
  8. Annastasya Augur

    i figured out a perfect work around for all these persona gear/aug/spell conflicts. Just make personae of the same race and class as your main.
  9. Nudia Augur

    It's great to hear that things are being fixed, but what about some of the bugs that have been reported since the expansion went live? Beta/Test are mentioned here, but there are a number of bugs that range from mere annoyance to game-breaking that have been found on live itself. Without any mention in the patch notes, these are a bit of a wild card to say the least.

    One example would be Fixed Internally - Persona: Lost all items and inventory on main | EverQuest Forums ( This is mentioned as fixed internally, but with the lack of notes, there's no indication if this went in with the two post-launch updates or if losing entire inventories is still on the table.

    I am actually interested in doing this on my raid main. I'm nearly done with everything in the expansion and would love to play the character with a persona, but these bugs, ones encountered since this has gone live, are making it very difficult to look at. The idea of trying on an alt is not very useful to me - leveling without the achievements and such will be painful enough as it is - and the idea of trying on my main feels like it's still too risky until these bugs are confirmed resolved.

    I'll deal with tossing my augs back in here and there, shifting my money off to make sure that doesn't go missing, all of that jazz, but if everything goes missing and that thread is indicative of the path to getting it back, that's probably a wrap on the game for me.
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  10. Iuwene Augur

    You guys lost a lot of credibility and brownie points over the whole persona thing. NOW would be the right time to be completely transparent and proactive about changes and fixes to the personas to regain at least some good will.
  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Bugs reported on beta have not been fixed, the biggest 3 for me are
    Gear vanishing
    Camping out on a main and logging back in on a persona
    Wrong spell book

    Those 3 were present on beta up until the day beta shut down, there have been bug reports on them happening on live. I'm not touching personas until those bugs are fixed and mentioned in the patch notes.

    I've been very disapointed in Daybreak not listening to players with regards to bugs since the broken UI was sent to live. Pushing Personas live without fixing the bugs just shows Daybreak has no respect for its players and testing anything is a waste of time, because they do not listen when bugs are found.
  12. Tankkin Journeyman

    Have max'd out two different persona's with epic 2.0s now and some other low levels. Only real issue I've came across was heroes forge permanently changing the look of other things. Logging in to different personas stopped as long as I didn't fast camp. But otherwise they have worked smoother and better than I thought they would at this point!
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  13. Tuco Augur

    When you say maxed out, what do you mean? What level are they and on what server?
  14. Tankkin Journeyman

    Max lvl def not aa's yet. Main a warrior so have the two knights now, and on FV which makes gearing easy and that extra xp boost.

    Regardless no real issues yet with the personas besides enjoying them

    And ever since they were announced I started grabbing all the harder various 2.0 drops lol
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  15. Tuco Augur

    Leveling to 125 on a persona in the two weeks since release is very impressive! Were they personas on characters that had already done the ToV and ToL progression, or were you able to do that progression and get the achievement XP on your personas?
  16. Angahran Augur

    Honestly I don't even know where I'd start trying to level from 1 through 125.
  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I wish I could.
  18. Klucifer Master

    I look at alts differently than you maybe? I look at alts as adding function to my game play, rather than supplementing it. I don't want to invest time into added function with the hope that the banestrike/slayer AAs, the DON aas, and the MPG aas will eventually work. I can picture the announcement now: "We have fixed these AAs and they will now share across personas, but only for future personas"
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  19. Tuco Augur

    Another question I had was whether you used heroic on the personas and if you experienced any issues with it. I don't remember hearing anyone test that in beta, because they'd have to spend the DPG $$$ for it.
  20. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    I've used both 85 and 100 and they've been fine. I have had the issue of augs popping out of a bracer and hero's forge, but I know those will be fixed soon. The heroic character part had no issues.
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