Fixed Personal Hemic Source as Pet illusion

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by SelketSapphire, Dec 9, 2021.

  1. SelketSapphire New Member

    I have just been granted the reward (Personal Hemic Source) for doing the missions on my magician. The "blurb" on the item states it is a Pet illusion, a familiar and the stats related to the familiar.

    Wanting the upgrade on my CoV familiar I dropped the item into the familiar key ring and applied my new familiar buff as my stat buff - which I am happy with. Of course, as I am a raider, I have the familiar on Auto Leave box checked.

    I want to know how I am to use this as an illusion for my pet.

    I tried to remove the item from the key ring, however it would not remove. I zoned twice more, and could not get it to remove to check. I targeted my pet and clicked the item (from the key ring) and it just reapplies my buff.
    Note: Before posting this I see there is an issue with removing things on the key ring.

    Is this item a case of either/or for the familiar or pet illusion?
    If so, this should be stated on the item.

    Is it a case of I am doing something wrong?? If so, please enlighten me.
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  2. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Well it used to function! I'm not sure what's up. We did test it by:
    Targeting your pet and clicking the item in inventory AND in the keyring. Both gave the pet an illusion.

    I confirmed it is not functioning properly.
  3. MageGuy MageGuy

  4. Fenthen aka Rath

    I'd like to use the item to buff myself anytime I am targeting something else other than my pet. Right now it seems to only function with no target, or myself targeted. It works vastly different than the one we had last expansion (which is still a mystery as to why we have back-to-back familiars) in terms of ability to buff oneself.
    - Signed, disgruntled Paladin.
  5. SelketSapphire New Member

    Note that chain clicking this item (I counted 16 times) actually resulted in the pet finally getting the illusion!

    So it might work, but I am sure that was not "as intended"....
  6. MageGuy MageGuy

    Is this a random effect?? I finally got it to work on ONE toon's pet, with a single click, but nothing on other toons' pets...
  7. MageGuy MageGuy

    Ok, as SelketSapphire states....chain clicking works...just curious if this was intent but, in the end, doesn't matter; glad it works and great addition for we skins fans. :)
  8. Soulbanshee Augur

    Maybe read the second reply from the dev, and the confirmed tag on the title?
  9. MageGuy MageGuy

    I read it but took it for him saying it was working AT ALL. But hey, "maybe" mind your own business if you have nothing but snarky comments to make.
  10. Lubianx Augur

    What I noticed that it showed the cast timer when it applied the buff. When my mage targeted it's pet to give it the illusion it showed the spell being cast but no timer actually showed. Tried it a few times and this occurred every time
  11. Angahran Augur

    Haven't been able to get the illusion on my sk pet :(
    I did, once, manage to have both my pet AND a familiar.
  12. Crystilla Augur

    Just confirming that we've had a January patch and this hasn't yet been updated. It is still an issue (clicking but taking multiple clicks to get the effect).
  13. Meeko Developer(Code)

    This issue has been fixed internally and should go live with the next monthly update.