Perhaps it is time for a Truebox Live server

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Bardy McFly, Apr 10, 2022.

  1. Bardy McFly Augur

    I'm not saying I would play on it myself, and I don't think it's a replacement for wanting to prevent unattended gameplay, but there seems to be a not-insignificant number of players that would rather play Live in an environment where they are not playing with folks that are boxing (however those players may choose to do so). From the sound of it, there are probably enough people to populate one of these servers for like-minded players.

    Offer it as a true Live server, up to current Xpac from the start. Allow a free one-time transfer to the server from other servers so that players and guilds can decide if this is the community, gameplay structure and restrictions that they want to be enforced.

    Maybe this will simmer down some of the heated discussion around players that want to box Live and those that do not want to interact with those individuals.
  2. Angahran Augur

    Boxing is not unattended gameplay. Please learn the difference between boxing and botting.

    Noone wants unattended gameplay (botting).
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  3. Bardy McFly Augur

    ... what does that have to do with my proposition? Why immediately jump into attack mode? And what even gave you the impression that I don't know the difference?
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  4. Vumad Augur

    We will have a true-box live server when the current truebox TLP make it to live expansions. Then people can either move to or from it. No reason to create a new one.
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  5. Bardy McFly Augur

    Source? Every TLP has been merged into another regular Live server when it hits live. I see no reason they would treat any other server differently unless they've explicitly publicly made the statement that they will leave a TLP around perpetually as a Live server.
  6. Angahran Augur

    You started your post talking about unattended gameplay and how people don't want to play with people boxing.

    Unattended gameplay is already against the rules.
    There are true box servers for people that don't want to play with people who are boxing.
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  7. Bardy McFly Augur

    Is there a Live Truebox server? I wasn't aware of one and was simply offering it as an option for those on Live that may be interested in that ruleset. If you're not interested that's fine, you wouldn't be one of the target audience.
  8. Vumad Augur

    I am sure they are merged because the populations are too low to sustain them. If a truebox gets to live and has enough population, why would they merge it somewhere?

    I could see people transferring to an active server to enjoy a truebox ruleset, but why would anyone leave their current server to go to a fresh launched live truebox server when they could just go to the TLP now?

    I speculate that, if the populations are good, people will be allowed to transfer to the server. If they are bad, then the server will be merged.
  9. code-zero Augur

    No one playing on live wants True Box.
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  10. Bardy McFly Augur

    Because it's not free to transfer onto a TLP and players on those servers are probably burnt out having just hit Live. They've also lost a lot of their population that didn't want to sit and wait through a bunch of later content to get to Live.
  11. Bardy McFly Augur

    But yet so many people look down on boxers and don't want them around, even legit ones it seems. A lot of players look down on boxers because they think they can't get groups because of them and it takes away from the social aspect of the game.

    So many people I've read here are quick to try to force their idea of of gameplay onto others.

    I'm just throwing out there an option to allow both camps to play how they want and interact with like-minded folks.

    I try to think of solutions that make everyone happy rather than trying to force a preferred way of play onto others.

    It's just a suggestion for discussion and to see if having it mentioned might perk up some ears. Maybe not, but at least I tried.
  12. Benito Sword of Truth Bombs

    Botters should be forced to a prison server if Daybreak decides to normalize automation and other cheat software. Anyone caught automating or cheating on Live thereafter would be permanently banned.

    The prison server would have:
    • Their own patcher.
    • Staggered expansion release schedule (behind Live).
    • Staggered raid NPC access (behind Live).
    • Krono would not be transferable outside of the server.
    • No character transfers off.
    • Limited Customer Service.
    Botters would not be able to affect markets or take up CS time. Staggered release would prevent the drama of "firsts" and rankings. These penalties are also statements that Daybreak does not endorse cheating but would funnel automators to their own server.
  13. Bardy McFly Augur

    I would completely endorse a server that was the wild west where DPG just simply looked the other way. Hell, make it a red server and make it even more interesting (partially joking!). I don't think content should be released later to them, though. If people on other servers want to discount "firsts" from that server then it's fine. As far as I know, there's no official leaderboards for firsts from DPG, anyway.

    Honestly, I wish DPG would let players just lease a server from them. I've even mentioned it in the past. Let individual hosters have predefined options they can set for a personalized combination of rules on the server. The e-m-u community's popularity is evidence enough that there is interest in it.

    I'd honestly even just pay for and play on just my own server from DPG if they ever offered it. I've already said I don't play EQ for the social aspect. :p The only reason I don't just stick to my own e-m-u server is because the e-m-u world is so far behind on expansions.
  14. Bardy McFly Augur

    This post isn't about botting. It's about a Truebox server for Live players that don't want to play with legitimate boxers.
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  15. Cicelee Augur

    No offense, but aren't you going to the bank tomorrow to charge back your collectors edition expansion packs because you cannot play the way you want? Why do you care if you already publicly stated you are canceling your six accounts and are done with the game?

    Or was all that a publicity stunt to try and gain likes or approval from others who also automate?

    And to answer.... Live servers are fine as they are.
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  16. Bardy McFly Augur

    I already said last night that I was still contemplating what I am going to do. It wasn't a publicity stunt. It is actually where my head was at earlier last night.

    At this point I'm just going to continue playing and if I eventually log into a suspension, then I will consider that the end of my EQ Live career. I'm already subbed for another 2 months so we will just see how it goes.

    Also, this is what people keep talking about with topics not even about cheating getting derailed by a small number of people. Please keep this thread on the original topic which is not about boxing/botting/chargebacks, thanks.
  17. Gormgeous Elder

    False. I would love a server that allowed botting 5/6 of your characters. I love Baldur's Gate and would love to play it on an EQ engine.

    This is what Rizlona was supposed to be and it is quite popular. And I would love a wild west TLP explicitly stated that they will not suspend/ban for activities there.
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  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I find it interesting that this has come up now, while on the TLP forum they are all begging for truebox to be removed after a certain expansion/time. the 2 newest TLP servers will start with truebox but have it removed later.

    I don't really see the point of a truebox live server while we have mercs. Most people box 2 chars rather than a full group, it's the botters that tend to do full groups.

    Having read the TLP truebox threads I think those moving to a live truebox server would regret it. Truebox tends to lead to less grouping oppertunitys not more.
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  19. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Sk Dark elf you do the math. I remember way back in the day you could only play one account per computer at a time. Too many ppl nowadays rely on boxing which is kinda sad.
  20. Strife Journeyman

    That's gonna be a no from me dog. Suggestions like this show some out of touch ideas about the state of live EQ
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