People have become so privileged.-

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Strawberry, May 30, 2020.

  1. Strawberry Augur

    I remember how in awe I was when I first logged into EQ. The idea of a gigantic persistent world where you could interact in real-time with other people was so ridiculous of a concept that I didn't believe it at first. I kept checking if the characters I ran into were actually real people and not NPC by hailing everyone.

    EQ is crazy. It is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment I can think of. $15 per month to have a gigantic world to play in, with almost limitless content.

    But people are so focused on beating each other and being ahead of each other that they complain when they can't log into a specific server for 20 minutes. There are countless other servers. There are countless other games. You can get hundreds of games for a few bucks on steam.

    It's so ridiculous to see people demand things and threaten if they can't log into this specific server right this minute. Especially when the queues happen with almost every TLP launch.

    I actually get the boxing and botting complaints. I complain about them, they actively ruin the experience on the whole servers. But the complaints that one can't log in for a day, in a game that is over a decade old, is so ridiculous.
  2. nagash101 Augur

    The current wait time is 199 min(more like 4 hours). We aren't all poopsockers that stay logged 24/7, how are you doing that legally again Strawberry?
  3. Firesyde424 Journeyman

    The problem here is a premium subscription is required to play on these new TLP servers. It would be different if Aradune was a free to play. Then I could agree with you. However, most people, myself included, have shelled out real money to be able to play on Aradune. We're also not talking about just 20 minutes here. We're talking about multiple hours of waiting at a server select screen, staring at a queue timer before being able to play the game. That's assuming that your client doesn't crash for some bizarre reason, closing without any warning or error, forcing you to sit through the entire queue again!

    Most people aren't concerned about racing or server first, they just want to actually play the game they've paid for.

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