Pay To Win Server INC!

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  1. code-zero Augur

    Complaining about Krono is going nowhere at all. Consuming a Krono entitles you to 30 days of All Access. That's ALL ACCESS . That means you can play all the games that are All Access and TLP's are part of that stable of titles.

    Cheaters.... some people see cheaters everywhere and thing they're all "bo+z" but they aren't. There are sweatshop crews farming stuff, there are people with sophisticated arrays of potatoes running hordes of accounts and there are even a few around who are using actual cheat software but from what I've seen the people making accusations the loudest mostly accuse groups that have camps that they want.

    Being casual isn't a virtue and being hardcore probably isn't a vice
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  2. Gamdor New Member

    Pay to win works for me, I dont have the time to play the hours neccessary to get BIS and raid a huge amount. But I can afford to buy all this stuff. Would rather buy it from Daybreak than farmers.
  3. Vindar Augur

    I don't know if you've seen bot groups running, but I've seen them numerous times and it's super obvious. It's not exclusive to TLP, they are on live as well. Why do something manually when you can automate it? DPG isn't going to do anything about it.
  4. Herf Augur

    Cool! People can just pay $1k on the first day, win, and move on to something else ;)
  5. Seventh parallel New Member

    Wouldn't mind a server where all raids gave currency and there was a vendor with everything from that expansion appropriately priced based on rarity and rank. Tradable currency, items no drop. Sounds like more work than they would put into it though.
  6. Ash W. New Member

    I would absolutely love to see a server that bars krono currently in circulation from being used/traded. Fresh krono only tlp for 2023!
  7. code-zero Augur

    The part in red there indicates to me that you can't tell a bot crew from a regular friend group. A LOT of crews have been banned over the last year and they continue to be banned regularly. If you believe that they aren't dealing with them because the crews that you think are bot crews haven't been banned then you don't know what you're talking about
  8. Brazy Elder

    Would be cool as long as normal raid loot still drops too & you just get raid currency at a slow rate to secure an item or two you really want. Basically like badges in WoW.
  9. Vindar Augur

    I've seen the same bot crews selling PLing on FV running for years. If anyone is banned, it's only because of continuous complaining and reports. Anyway even if they are banned, they'll simply create new accounts and start again. Unfortunately, as long as it's profitable for them they will never stop, especially when DPG has never been willing to implement even the most basic of anti-cheat methods.
  10. Brildon Augur

    It's also the easiest server to get gear without paying anything! Paying to win on mischief is silly
  11. Mithra Augur

    then where is my brumals
  12. code-zero Augur

    PROTIP: PL services have live humans running the groups
  13. FGgn479n nf933 New Member

    Multi-boxing is pay to win already. (your paying money to do things a person playing normally (IE one character at a time) cannot do. IE PAY TO WIN.) So, whats your problem with adding more? I don't exactly see most of you trying to stop whats there already. Why not welcome more with open arms? Pay to level.. pay to AA.. pay for raid gear. Those are the next logical steps.
  14. Vindar Augur

    On TLPs they usually do, but not on live. On TLPs the bots are used more for farming purposes. Can't really automate leveling in places like the deep, because it requires a specific strategy. But on live at least, they run 24/7 and will generally sit in the exact same place the entire time.
  15. coltongrundy Augur

  16. Hirbow Augur

    PROTIP: play on tlps , just because a mass ban wave was performed on live servers doesn't mean that there aren't any botters. 99 % of them bot. Let me help your little brain cells you have left , is the same people that have been in Sirens Grotto in four picks since it came out . Same names on my server
    Protip: place bags on the floor where the members move and they will replicate their movements to the markers for hours on end .

    Protip: you can't warp as a super power . That means people are using. 3rd party programs doing it..eoh, ding ding the deep just pulled one side to the other side of the map with instant teleportation that's some skill !!

    Just because someone is at the keyboard doesn't mean they are not belotting I can share you my 49 videos of the same botters. To the point when they see me they log off
  17. Nillipuss New Member

    You can already play on free trade server, but farm eeevveryyything yourself, no one is preventing you doing this.
  18. Brazy Elder

    So excited to buy all my experience and gear straight from Darkpaw! Bring on the new Pay-To-Win TLP!
  19. Rcbauer Augur

    if they automate ,say an xp group during xp bonus, would you say that's cheating?

    I mean literally SoS to them and watch them take the same exact steps with every character on every pull then back to the same start point without variation.

    For 2 hours.
  20. Domniatric Elder

    It's actually mind blowing to me that a handful of people post here or anywhere in support of pay to win and justify it because they don't have enough time to play. In other words, you are willing to compromise a game, your dignity, anything worthwhile and in the process minimize everything people actually do earn so you can fantasize that you earned a bunch of that you didn't? Brilliant.
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