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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Faiythe, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Faiythe New Member

    When I try to launch the patcher I get this message, any ideas?

    Sorry cant get attachment to post, or delete thread, but it says

    Unable to download SocketError. Reset by Peer (10054 - -

    and it keeps repeating that over and over.
  2. Faiythe New Member

  3. Grampappyjoe New Member

    Just starting getting the same error about 9pm eastern, thought it was my shoddy laptop but happening on my desktop too. No idea.

    Just started working right after posting this. Weird.
  4. mr. pain New Member

    i was online just fine but can't get back online now. guess the verdict is to just not log off.
  5. Plixar New Member

  6. Plixar New Member

    2 posts in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen get answered in hours but a post on EQ forums nothing.
    Does EQ have player support anymore?
  7. Riou Augur

    It was the weekend and Player Support section is mostly players helping instead
  8. DeseanJackson Augur

    Still waiting on that myth game? In development for 5 years, millions contributed, still in pre-alpha. Pretty sure those developers are just creating comfy six figure jobs for themselves. Wonder if they can get a decade?
  9. Plixar New Member

    I bought Everquest early. I saw a magazine on a rack in Wal-Mart. I was an old D&D Dungeon Master/player and I was consumed and excited by the thought that I would be able to play "D&D" In a "visual world".
    The week before Everquest began I bought 2 Voodoo cards from Best Buy to run SLI on my Packard Bell computer bought from Staples with saved money.
    Because I bought Everquest early, I walked the forrest of Nektulos before others, with a few friends, a day earlier than opening day. We actually never stopped leveling until we hit Northern Ro. There we encountered the Mad Men and Mummies that we the "Oh my God" of that time. Me, a necromancer named Plixar, a mage friend and a Shadow knight friend. (All real world friends i talked to and got them to buy computers and cards.)
    Latter I created a guild with my friends called the "Harbingers of Hate"! We grew incredibly fast. The first guild to take Freeport on Rallos Zek PVP server! We created a front line and slowly fought into Freeport and overtook the city. The biggest guild on the server for a long time. Other guilds rallied with us for protection against PVP guilds that were wanting to make roleplaying agony rather than realistic, . Unfortunately, we fell due to our own inner rivalry. Treaties were made and division within separated our guild. Chaos erupted, started by a, very charismatic, Troll Shadow Knight. I surrendered leadership to a more powerful Necromancer named Sepulker who got the unity back into the guild. He soon resigned as Guild Leader because of the time it took and he did not have time to actually play due to the size if the guild. The guild council gave ownership to the Troll Shadow Knight who led the Harbingers into one of the most hated PVP guilds on Ralls Zek.
    I spent many hours recovering corpses from Befallen and fighting the old Nagafen. I have no max level characters because i left and now as i have returned the levels are much higher. I have truly spent my time slowly learning and enjoying the world that is everquest.

    So, what I am saying, is that I have had nothing but loyalty for Everquest. I still roam those old zones because I miss the days of old. I miss my friend who helped me take Befallen many times, who died long ago. It brings me memories of him and how he was in real life, how much he loved the game. Guildless and alone remembering those I played with and began my Everquest journey. Everquest II never had the "community" Everquest had. (although I have high level characters there as well.) I stopped EQII and returned to EQ after many years. I wish to return to enjoy EQ. Back in the day, support was answering within minutes. It seams like the adventure that started it all has been forgotten by all but those that play EQ for the love of what EQ really is.

    Anyways, still cant log in. Need help. lol :)

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