PATCH: For those that have the game partially updated

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Oath, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. Oath New Member

    That's my bad. I don't usually use rTorrent so it's going to be a learning process
  2. Oath New Member

    I've put the patch on the google drive directly for now
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  3. Eknhomaht Journeyman

    People ask "What was PC gaming like in the 90s and early 2000s."




    Thank you for this patch :)

    Ok, so, how do I install these files manually?
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  4. Naterbater Journeyman

    Did anyone download the full files and it worked?
  5. Eknhomaht Journeyman

    Ok so I clearly did something wrong or a file is somehow corrupted. The launcher STILL wants to try to install the files to update it. It's stuck on 8.355m Is there like an installation script I should delete first?
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  6. Eknhomaht Journeyman

    ok clearly there are some temporary internet files I need to delete that are not being purged from the system. Where does the launcher store temporary download files? Something has become corrupted.
  7. Naterbater Journeyman

    I downloaded the full files and am currently in game. Thank you, Oath, for singlehandedly doing what DBG and its CDN apparently could not.
  8. Naterbaterr New Member

    Be sure and use patchme in the shortcut
  9. Eknhomaht Journeyman


    Ok so here's my problem.

    I finally got the launcher to work, it downloaded 8.355M of the patch file.

    Then it broke.

    I tried to finish patching it by downloading the files and manually installing them myself.

    BUT it keeps saying I am at 8.355M and it won't launch.

    Tried installing and uninstalling, tried deleting all the temporary data I could find... somehow there are artifacts on my system and something is corrupted.

    How do I fix this to manually patch the game and or finish normally patching the game so I can play?
  10. Eknhomaht Journeyman

    Very sorry for this followup post.

    I just realized this messageboard does NOT allow me to delete my own posts.

    Ignore my post above the game FINALLY downloaded - at the same rate as my old 2400 baud modem.

    I won't lie, it feels like I'm downloading and installing everquest for the first time - just like back in 1999.

    Also - anyone here wanna chill with me on stream some time? I have no idea how to get back into the game, all the menus have changed since 2004. LOL I will likely try to stream sometime tomorrow and tomorrow night.

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