PATCH: For those that have the game partially updated

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Oath, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. Oath New Member

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  2. Oath New Member

    Upon launching a second time, it seems that I get a timeout error. May be due to me logging in after so long from a new install in Windows?

    Let me know if it works for anyone else.
  3. Naterbater Journeyman

    Very nice of you to do this. I hope it works for people. It's unfortunate and discouraging that individual customers are having to take matters into their own hands.
  4. Oath New Member

    Changing my password and waiting a few minutes let me back in.
  5. Oath New Member

    The game has never run so smooth for me before I'll say that! There's like no one in PoK!
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  6. Oath New Member

    I'm uploading the full game to a seedbox for that too. ETA 4 hours, ouch.
  7. Naterbater Journeyman

    I have seen posts indicating that this won't work. I don't know enough to confirm or deny. I hope that it does and kudos to you for giving it a shot.
  8. Quaggoth New Member

    How do you use the torrent?
  9. Oath New Member

    You need a torrent program. I recommend qbittorrent.
  10. Oath New Member

    If you have any more news about that let me know. I've used it with a second account on a guest pc of mine and it worked fine. It would be good to know more
  11. Naterbater Journeyman

    I'll give the full version a shot if you don't mind posting it.
  12. Acou New Member

    Can't get the torrent to download, have tried qbittorrent and utorrent.
  13. Jtetartlagueule New Member

    No source, everyone is at 0%...............
  14. Miss_Jackie Augur

    Can't download this unless there's seeds torrenting the file(s) as well, my dude. =P

    Also, thanks for doing this.. hoping it'll start downloading.. soonish.
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  15. Oath New Member

    Got ya covered it's in my Seedbox. So theres at least one good seed at all times.
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  16. Oath New Member

    Check the first post's link for another .torrent file. There's a second there now containing the full game.
  17. Oath New Member

    Apparently this wasn't true. Seedbox wasn't set to super-seed mode so when it got to a certain ratio it stopped. Fixed now
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  18. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Off-topic, but thank you to those who have tried to help others here. It helps to build a community.
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  19. Miss_Jackie Augur

    Thanks! Bunch of peoples seeding now. You da bestest.
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  20. Miss_Jackie Augur

    Apparently, it downloaded 7 mb's of the file and then stopped. Le sigh.

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