Confirmed Past Expansion Collector's Edition Bundle - ISSUES?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Froglok, Jun 16, 2021.

  1. Froglok Augur

    I don't know for sure this is a bug... but it is potentially one, for sure.

    First off, while Players have been asking for years to be able to buy Bonus items from past expansions in the Marketplace... this is NOT the answer or way to do it to satisfy your customers.

    What was being asked for was to buy INDIVIDUAL Bonus items, not all in one high-priced package.

    DP would make more sales from the individual items, imo. Example, There are several items I would buy multiples of (Mottled Worg Bridle, Ornate Barding, Mark of Brell, Sceptre of Draconic Calling....), but no way am I paying several times over for the who package.

    And there in lies what is a potential bug.

    Many of the included items are in red (meaning they are Lore and you all ready have one).

    Since you can't posses more than one Lore item, if you buy this item I am left to wonder if you can actually Claim the reward, at all?

    And if you can, does that mean you paid full price to acquire just a few of the items you still needed / wanted?

    Devs? Anyone advise?

    Or, do they go to Claims where you can claim them on any toon on the account (that would be MUCH better than paying for items that simply go poof, or a package you can't claim because it has Lore items in it).
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  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Huh, I always asked for the collectors edition of the expansions. Not individual items

    But now you mention that for sure they could ask like $50 an item and make way more money.

    Bah, neither here nor there to me cause both CE are way overpriced for my budget.
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  3. Froglok Augur

    Well, there are 13 (?) items in the package for 7999. That is ~616 each. Just jack them up to 1000 each and sell them individually. I am confident they would make far more sales that way. They could even add them to an automated Marketplace rotation, but as is typical with DP, bad marketing decisions prevailed.
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    You are correct that the duplicate items would disappear.

    More an oversight than a bug as all the "mechanical" game things are working. But I won't argue the point past that statement.

    We will make the items heirloom in the July patch
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  5. Aanuvane Augur

    Sorry for being dense, does that mean the original items in our possession also become heirloom? The Collapsible Roboboar I already claimed on my Shaman can be moved to my necro?
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  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Does that also mean you will increase the length of time this is in the marketplace?

    Currently this is due to disapear before the July patch, meaning anyone purchasing this bundle won't have the items to become heirloom anyway.
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  7. PathToEternity

    One thing that makes me shy away from claimable stuff is the /claim window, for most claim items (I think there are some exceptions) does NOT indicate what expansion a claimable item is locked to. That's super frustrating as a TLP player. I've got dozens of grayed out claimable items and have no idea when they'll become available -- adding more to that window is not appealing to me in the current state.

    I know all changes take work and time, but it doesn't seem like it would be a huge undertaking to clean up the claimable items and standardize info about them like when they can be claimed.

    (if you want some feedback)
  8. Froglok Augur

    Thanks for looking into this and the response.

    But can you please share with other Devs / DB folks the following consideration for the Past Expansion Collector's Bundle / items?

    Thank you for making these items available again, however, it is unfortunate that it was somehow decided to Bundle them all together rather than sell them individually, not only due the Lore status of the items, but I am sure overall sales will not be anywhere near what it would have been if they were sold individually (even if on a rotational basis).

    After all, Players will buy individual items they want / need, but not if that means they also have to buy 12 other items they don't want or need... and at a premium.

    Players do want to support the EQ and it's continued operation... but not like this. Most Players see this things like this in a very negative light... and not customer friendly by any means.

    Example, myself, I would love to have a Sceptre of Draconic Calling on every toon. That's 13 sales of each.... if I were able to buy them as stand-alone items. I am 100% not going to buy 13 bundles to do this.

    13 items at 7999 means they are about 616 each.

    Why not sell them individually, even if you up the price from 616 each to 750 (or even 1000)?

    Which is better and more Customer oriented / friendly? One reluctant 7999 sale versus 13 satisfying sales of a Sceptre of Draconic Calling at 750 (9750)? That's potentially 1751 more in sales, just from one Customer.

    Over time, I would also be interested in acquiring the Mark of Brell for my other 13 Characters.

    I would also like to buy a number of Ornate Bardings, Collapsible Roboboars & Mottled Worg Bridles -- so I can make the variant Mounts they are used to make, and add them to my collection.

    So, please, please, please. Offer the Bundle if you want, but please also offer the individual items and put them on a sale rotation.

    Also, as a note... there are a lot of other items included with past Premium, Collector's Edition and / or Friends & Family versions of expansions, that could also be included in the Marketplace rotation, either in the related categories (Mounts for Mounts, etc.) or in the Expansion Category (since they were Bonus items). Not to mention other promotional items (not related to expansions).

    So, please. Sell them individually on a rotation.
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  9. Leigo You come here often?

    Perhaps just a the collectors addition of each expac up to say TBL in the market for 20-30 bucks, ToV+ stays at current prices.
    Personally I would buy them in that format..

    The current offer for 79.99 is pretty bad.. What's that up to Underfoot? Most of the items there were for free to begin with and have a really good change of still being in the claim window.
    Currently it is way over priced in my opinion and should be broken into smaller packs.
  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

  11. Numiko Augur

    That's a great point Skuz! ;)
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  12. stormfighter New Member

    I have been trying to buy this bundle but can't get it and have run my daybreak dollars up to over 5,000. The buy now is greyed out.
  13. stormfighter New Member

    eep 50000 daybreak . sorry
  14. CatsPaws Augur

    You need to file a petition
  15. Froglok Augur

    Wait, even if they are made Heirloom, they are still Lore. So, unless the Player "knows" they need to put the ones they have in the shared bank, the problem (items go poof) still persists, no?

    Maybe the solution is just to add them to /claims so any toon on the account can claim them.
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  16. Crixos New Member

    Which yould even give them some value to TLP players so crazy to buy them in advance...
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