Passing of a longtime EQ player

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Franchise, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. Toruch Fleshrot Augur

    Very sorry for your loss..
  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.


    My condolences to his friends, family & guild mates.
  3. Nniki Augur

    Kontra last logged in August 27, 2020 on The Rathe. I knew he frequently played on TLPs when he wasn't on live, but we had been wondering where he disappeared to. It's unfortunate to hear his disappearance is permanent. From the descriptions here, it sounds like his interactions were consistent with everyone: he had an energetic and friendly albeit rough personality, but he typically meant well by his actions and strived for success. He played well. It's always sad to see another loss in the community.
  4. Proteinx New Member

    I played with Kontra on Phini with many other great AoS people who I dearly miss. I also was fortunate enough to run into Kontra on his priest in WoW on Netherwind Server and we pvp'd together only a few months ago. I always enjoyed playing with him but truly enjoyed our time on Phinigel. I wish you and your family my heartfelt condolences.

    <3 Protein
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  5. Travestii Elder

    Deepest condolences to all of the families that have to carry on without him.
  6. SilentWave Journeyman

    Rest in peace, Kontra. He was a good player & quite a character.
  7. Maleficar New Member

    Kontra was an annoying player who like to pretend he was an officer of the guild and tell people what to do. Last I heard he logged on to other people's accounts he had access to and stole their krono for himself. Probably to feed his drug addiction. I have no sympathy for these types of addicts who steal, talk smack, and are generally self centered. Place is better off without these types.
  8. Qelil Lorekeeper

    Wow. The OP is grieving a terrible loss and friends here are too and this is all you have to add? You must have slept through the kindergarten class that covered basics like, if you have nothing good to say...

    I did not know Kontra myself but I do know this as someone who spent years in nursing treating addiction, it is an illness not a choice. It is a curse and a great hardship for those affected and their families. So if that was part of Kontra's life, it was no fault of his own and your comments betray your great ignorance on this subject.

    Please think before saying something like this that is so negative, unnecessary and hurts people suffering with loss and grief. A little kindness goes a long way you know and someday you may need some your own self as not one of us is without faults although again, addiction is not a fault. It is a terrible, devastating illness.
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  9. Qelil Lorekeeper

    I just want to add separately now that I am very sorry for everyone's loss, most especially the family.

    I was struck by the original post because for me too, EverQuest is a very special place that takes me away from what's been a tough road too. I could really relate to how special and meaningful the time we spend here is in the magical world of Norrath. I will never forget the very first time I logged in, the sense of wonder and so many years of fun and adventure since but best of all, the many great people I have been privileged to meet and enjoy time with here. It's all of you who really make the magic.
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  10. Zunnoab Augur

    I wasn't expecting to recognize the name. I'm very sorry to hear that.
  11. Geroblue Augur

    My condolences.
  12. Dracolindus Journeyman

    Oh my god. My condolences.
  13. Ruhtra Lorekeeper

    Their name is familiar, Luclin is where I played up until a year ago and transferred. Was Koop a cleric?

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