Particle Effects migration bug

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Gutt, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. Gutt New Member

    I am having a graphical glitch or a setting isn't quit right. Any fire, spell effect, aura, or nimbus will always sit above its intended location. As I get close to the object the effects will migrate back to its intended location.

    This includes my Paladin epic 1.0 fire. When I zoom out the sword will leave its hilt and float above my head / beside me. when I zoom back in the sword returns to its intended location.

    A fire in a sconce on the wall will always be above it. If I am coming from a long distance away a fire on the ground will sit 500 feet in the air then float back down as I get closer.

    Any assistance would be appreciate in this matter as it has been an ongoing issue and is very irritating and ruins the immersion.
  2. Gutt New Member

    I should also mention that I just discovered that its only effecting the game when I am at 3440x1400
  3. Duder Grand Poobah Troll

    It is caused by your wide screen monitor. The only fix is to use /viewport and adjusting your aspect ratio to be below 16:9.

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