Part 2: GoD to SoF & UF Hunter Achievement Bug Round-Up

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  1. Froglok Augur

    Thank you for addressing many of the Hunters issues with the June Patch. However, quite a few issues are still unaddressed or were changed and should not have been. Those unaddressed issues have been included below, along with the new concerns.

    So, as advised by Dev Ratalthor, here we go with Round Two!


    Updated 6/21/21


    THE BURIED SEA: Zhisza, the Shissar Sanctuary (Chitters, Copperfang, Defiler Jaziriiz, Elder Kazzi, Holloweyes, The Stonecarver)

    SECRETS OF FAYDWER: Gyrospire Beza (Chamberlain XI; Commander Gearmost; Commander Shockmore; Engineer Tristos; Fuelmaster XXI; Garden Keeper IXV; Lerosma, Minotaur Warleader)

    SECRETS OF FAYDWER: Gyrospire Zeka (Chamberlain VI; Commander Gearwell, Engineer LXII; Fuelmaster XI; Repair Steamwork XIV; Shocktroop Commander XIX; Zeka Repairer III)

    PROPHECY OF RO: The Devastation (Breaktree the Giant; Bedrock the Crusher; Farsight the All Seeing; Firemane; General Zerilijur; Jarl Gunvilor; Queen Suvarla the Sterile; Sendaro; Shadelord; Vaslaghul Bonelord) Based on Allakhazam & Magelo, there are group Level named / rare in the zone that drop loot. In fact, most of the named are the same named as in Sverag, except they are lower level and drop different loot items. They may have the same "name" as Sverag Hunter MOB's, but in effect, they are not the same MOB (diff Level, diff loot, diff zone...).

    SUGGESTION: Add the Achievements, then list them under the appropriate Novice / Adept / Veteran Hunter Achievements as an Optional Step(s).


    • Hunter of Kod'Taz, Broken Trial Grounds
    1. Coerced Tiv Chanter
    2. Enslaved Vrex Zealot
    3. Subservient Punisher
    4. Subjugated Vrex Caller
    • Hunter of Riwwi, Coliseum of Games
    1. Pixxt Kihkx
    • Hunter of Catacombs of Dranik
    1. High Sorceress Vi'tara (This MOB is actually named by the Quest NPC in the Quest Spam.)
    • Hunter of Harbinger's Spire
    1. Crafter Arvang
    • Hunter of Nobles Causeway
    1. Stone Thrower (This MOB was removed with the Patch and maybe should not have been, it is a loot dropper... group Slot 7 loot, not raid.)
    • Hunter of Sewers of Dranik
    1. Craftsman Ferinio (This MOB is actually named by the Quest NPC in the Quest Spam.)
    2. Stonefoot (This MOB is actually named by the Quest NPC in the Quest Spam.)
    • Hunter of Ruins of Takish-Hiz
    1. Compact Prefect Tweyne
    2. Compact Prefect Unala
    3. Compact Prefect Thosan
    • Hunter of Blackfeather Roost
    1. a violent harpy
    2. a harpy explorer (This MOB was removed with the patch, but it did update Hunter and does drop loot --> Blackfeather Crested Wristguard / Harpy Slave Vambraces; the issue is that there seems to be a Rare Mob as well as trash MOB's, by the same name.)
    • Hunter of Meldrath's Magnificent Mansion
    1. Findlewill (This MOB was removed with the patch. Why? It is a valid loot dropper, it just appears to be a bugged spawn. Was it removed rather than fix the spawn bug?)
    SUGGESTION: Add them as Optional Hunter Targets.


    Omens of War: Hunter of the Ruined City of Dranik
    • a Dragorn Prodigy - This is a quest related MOB and drops a quest item, not loot.
    Omens of War: Hunter of The Bloodfields
    • a noc slaveguard - This is a quest related MOB and drops a quest item (Cleric Epic), not loot.


    Prophecy of Ro: Hunter of Sverag, Stronghold of Rage
    • "Chieftain Darkmaw" (Unless you also changed the spelling for the MOB itself, the in-game correct spelling is CHIEFTAN, not Chieftain.)
    SUGGESTION: Verify & change it back.


    Prophecy of Ro: Slayer of Prophecy
    • Hunter of Sverag, Stronghold of Rage was made an optional component of Prophecy of Ro: Slayer of Prophecy. Why? Shouldn't it be under Veteran Hunter of Prophecy of Ro, which makes a lot more sense?

    • Slayer of Secrets's Chest
    • Slayer of Secrets's Rucksack
    • Slayer of Secrets's Satchel
    That spelling can't be right. Shouldn't it be just Secrets' (no extra "S")?
  2. Laurana Elder

    Barindu, Hanging Gardens: Colossus of War. This NPC was removed from the hunter list in the June 16, 2021 patch, yet it still cons as "a rare creature" in-game.
  3. Froglok Augur

    Yes -- but it is Quest Event (BiC) related and does not drop loot. So it doesn't really qualify as an actual rare creature.

    This removal was suggested in the original thread, for that reason.
  4. Laurana Elder

    Sorry, I think my comment didn't come across as intended. I meant to state, it should probably have the "a rare creature" tag removed from the in-game right-click conning mechanism, as it is no longer a rare creature.
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  5. Mithra Augur

    Hunter of The Devastation is still missing. Many rare creatures in there.
  6. Froglok Augur

    The only actual loot dropping Named (Rare) MOB's in Devastation are Raid MOB's, which are never included in Hunters.

    Generally speaking, what Players call "Named" (and for some reason DP decided to call "Rare") are Group MOB's that drop loot (they have a loot table where they always drop at least one Gear-related item).
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  7. Mithra Augur

    Did you even check?

    [Wed May 12 05:37:59 2021] Sendaro - a rare creature - scowls at you, ready to attack -- You could probably win this fight. (Lvl: 64)
  8. Froglok Augur


    I killed a LOT of MOB's in Devastation in an effort to change who controls Sverag, and not even a single Slot 7 gear drop was seen.

    Do you have a list of MOB's that drop Slot 7 (not Slot 8) gear in Devastation?

    I have noticed that MOB's of the same name appear in both Devastation & Sverag, but they may only drop loot in Sverag.

    I have also noticed that both Magelo & Zam are a bit questionable on both zones (one lists Loot, one doesn't, one lists a MOB, the other doesn't, they both lists MOB's by the wrong name spellings...). In short, relying on Zam / Magelo as solid evidence is not as good as in-game verification.

    I will look into this more, but have you actually killed a "named" in Devastation and got a loot drop, to verify the situation?
  9. Mithra Augur

    Only the ones I can find on magelo/zam.
    Breaktree the Giant
    Farsight the All Seeing
    General Zerilijur
    Queen Suvarla the Sterile
    Bedrock the Crusher

    looks like Shadelord and Vaslaghul Bonelord might be ones too.

    Also to note there's a bunch of items with similar id to the above, but zero info on what they drop from.

    Rasper has done a lot of work on this:
  10. Froglok Augur

    Researching now.

    From what I seen so far, I will add it to the original post. However, I can't help but still wonder if something was changed over the years and / if if Zam / Magelo are still correct. Definitely need an in-game verification.

    Anyone killed a "named" in Devastation recently they can 100% say dropped Slot 7 gear?
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  11. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    A little history on this guy. When NC was originally created Stone Thrower was meant to be a normal rare mob with a normal loot table, hence it was flagged internally as a "rare". At some point another developer decided to change him into a "zone sweeper" like Drarakon the Mad, which means it is scaled up to be an encounter for 12-15 players, but the loot wasn't changed.

    I assume it was removed from hunter because it is no longer considered a "group" mob, even though it drops "group" quality loot.
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  12. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    Can confirm. I got a good number of drops while building the guide. I know of at least two locations which spawn loot droppers -

    If you want to see the raw data in spreadsheet format -

    Item IDs from 89787 to 89818 is the range associated for Devastation, but getting confirmation of what item goes with what rare at what location is ... difficult
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  13. Froglok Augur

    Added Devastation as a missing Hunter Zone.

    I anyone knows of any other Named / Rare I need to add to the list for Devastation, let me know.
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  14. Laurana Elder

    Kod'Taz, Broken Trial Grounds: Forlorn Relic Devotee. This creature cons "a rare creature". There are multiple of them up. They are not on the hunter list for this zone.

    Kod'Taz, Broken Trial Grounds: Subservient Punisher. This creature cons "a rare creature". It is not on the hunter list for this zone.
  15. Froglok Augur

    Forlorn Relic Devotee is a Quest MOB.

    Subservient Punisher is all ready on the list (see original / 1st post in this thread).
  16. Froglok Augur

    Removed the Achievement Points concern.

    Between the removals and the increases (many of the Adept, Novice and Veteran Achievements had their point totals increased), there was a net gain of about 220 AP.

    Novice Hunter of Gates of Discord -10
    Novice Hunter of Omens of War +10
    Veteran Hunter of Omens of War +20
    Novice Hunter of Dragons of Norrath +10
    Veteran Hunter of Dragons of Norrath +20
    Novice Hunter of Depths of Darkhollow +10
    Adept Hunter of Depths of Darkhollow +10
    Veteran Hunter of Depths of Darkhollow +20
    REMOVED: Depths of Darkhollow: Hunter of The Hatchery -10
    Novice Hunter of Prophecy of Ro +10
    Veteran Hunter of Prophecy of Ro +10
    Hunter of Sverag, Stronghold of Rage +50
    Novice Hunter of The Serpent's Spine +10
    Adept Hunter of The Serpent's Spine +10
    Veteran Hunter of The Serpent's Spine +10
    REMOVED: Hunter of Jardel's Hook -10
    REMOVED: Hunter of Suncrest Isle -10
    Adept Hunter of The Buried Sea +30
    Veteran Hunter of The Buried Sea -20
    Novice Hunter of Secrets of Faydwer +10
    Veteran Hunter of Secrets of Faydwer +10
    Novice Hunter of Underfoot +10
    Adept Hunter of Underfoot +10
    Veteran Hunter of Underfoot +10
  17. Laurana Elder

    Kod'Taz, Broken Trial Grounds: Forgotten Martyr. This creature cons "a rare creature". It is not on the hunter list for this zone.
  18. Froglok Augur

    It's a Quest NPC. While Zam lists it dropping a Mask, that Mask is actually a zone wide drop, not unique to this MOB.

    However, it should not con a rare. Perhaps there should be a new thread for MOB's that con as "rare" when they shouldn't?
  19. Froglok Augur

    Removed Hunter of Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade King (Ice, Floe & Icefloe) as a concern.

    While they do drop gear-related items, they do not drop actual gear. The drops are used in a Quest to acquire expansion gear. Thus, they are more like Quest NPC's, since that is the only thing they drop.
  20. Laurana Elder

    I like the idea of having mobs conning rare (that shouldn't be) being accounted for, but maybe just create a section for that in the opening post list you have going? It's semi-related as anyone could walk into a zone, con a mob, see it cons rare, kill it, and then be disappointed it's not on the list in the hunter achievement! Apparently, all I'm finding are these kinds of issues hah.