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  1. smash Augur

    WHO knows, maybe there is 1 or 2 zones more coming, even that they said they would release it all at the official release.
    Something like at the anniv.
  2. SaderakhBertox Augur

    A little birdy knows! I'd bet money on there being more.
  3. Maeryn Augur

    You want it to be like Jonas Hand? Well you need context to make that happen.

    Praetorian's Energeiac Plate Gauntlets Armor ID: 80432
    AC: 60 HP: 260 MANA: 260 END: 260
    STA: 15 STR: 15 WIS: 15 INT: 15 DEX: 15 AGI: 15 CHA: 15

    Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand Aug: 7 8 ID: 79953
    AC: 15 (25%) HP: 135 (52%) MANA: 135 (52%) END: 135 (52%)
    STA: 10 STR: 10 WIS: 10 INT: 10 DEX: 10 AGI: 10 CHA: 10 (All 67%)
    SV FIRE: 10 SV COLD: 10 SV MAGIC: 10 SV POISON: 10 SV DISEASE: 10 (All 67%)

    Pauldron of Degmar Armor ID: 140931
    AC: 157 HP: 3046 MANA: 2813 END: 2930
    STA: 26 + 11 STR: 23 + 10 WIS: 20 + 9 INT: 20 + 9 DEX: 30 + 14 AGI: 27 + 12 CHA: 23 + 10

    Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Parrot Aug: 7 8 ID: 99874 (based on Jonas Hand)
    AC: 39 HP: 1582 MANA: 1461 END: 1521
    STA: 17 + 7 STR: 15 + 7 WIS: 13 + 6 INT: 13 + 6 DEX: 20 + 9 AGI: 18 + 8 CHA: 15 + 7

    Obviously different stats based on which specific shoulder/hand you use, but since it's a discussion about tanks I picked the best Hands and Shoulders for tanks from "normal" group content. Jonas Hand had one mod (HP regen) at 80% of the value of the Armor but that's not enough of a basis to pick SplDmg or Heal for Parrot which didn't exist when Jonas Hand came out.

    If you want to go back to Jonas Hand, it's not just about AC which is really similar by that method, it's also about the state of augs at the time and how even the 90/90 non-lore purity augs from TSS were a massive % increase to the HP/Mana from a slot.

    Augs with both 10+ ac and 50+ hp when Jonas Hand came out, *fits in Slot 7:

    *BiC - up to 18ac 200hp (GoD quest involving several raids)
    Glass Orb of Consonance - 15ac 200hp (ARo the top PoR raid)
    Bell Chime of Dissonance - 15ac 180hp (ARo the top PoR raid)
    Magma Lacquer - 20ac 140hp (Ashengate raid)
    *Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand - 15ac 135hp (TBS quest)

    Shaped Turquoise Fragment 20ac 130hp (Frostcrypt raid)
    *Tainted Moonstone Shard 25ac 120hp (Solteris4 raid)
    Blightstone 10ac 120hp (Frostcrypt raid)
    Smoldered Gem of Battle 15ac 115hp (PoR raid)
    The Chalice of Life 15ac 110hp (quest including PoR raid)

    Roughcut Ragestone 15ac 105hp (PoR raid)
    *Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem 10ac 100hp (350 LDoN wins, charm)
    *Shield of the Otherworld 10ac 100hp (TSS quest)
    *Black Undead Shissar Scale 15ac 100hp (TBS named mob)
    Black Orb of Scrykin 10ac 90hp (PoR quest involving several raids)

    Heart of Darkhollow Wilds 20ac 80hp (DoDH raid)
    *Wanderlust Guild Loadstone 12ac 75hp (TSS quest, charm)
    *Jagged Fragment of Bloody Steel 15ac 70hp (PoR mission)
    *Stone of Twisted Protection 10ac 65hp (PoR zonewide rare)
    *Crest of the Scarlet Legions 30ac 60hp (TSS named mob)

    *Mud Covered Blood Ruby 10ac 60hp (TBS named mob)
    *Gem of Scrykin Magus 10ac 60hp (PoR mission)
    *Devastating Augment of Protection 10ac 60hp (PoR zonewide rare)
    *Slipgear's Gem 10ac 50hp (DoDH quest, charm)
    *Disk of Warriors 10ac 50hp (TSS quest, can have it and Otherworld)
    *Chip of Fratho's Shield 15ac 50hp (TSS quest)

    26 total augs that meet both of those "massive" benchmarks. If you're using 2007 as a basis for the stats of a 2014 aug here is some more context. I'm all for an aug being 50% of the HP/Mana of the best "standard" group gear for that slot.
  4. Rainbowdash Augur

    What about making it talk??? :p
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  5. Croak Augur

    You are missing out on some, most notably

    Lore Group: Coldain Historical Seal
    Augmentation type: 7 8
    AC: 14
    STR: +7 STA: +7 WIS: +7 INT: +7 HP: +70 MANA: +70 ENDUR: +70
    Avoidance: +15 HP Regen +7
    Recommended level of 65.
    WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    Other augs a tank of that era would use include

    Ore of Stone Strength x4 AC20
    Shiliskin Legion Battle Standard AC20
    Ground Murkglider Eyes AC20
    Hivegrime Stone of Avoidance AC20 15 H/M/E
    Scaled Jewel AC20 30 M/E
    Tombstone Shard AC20 30HP
    Steelward Stone AC20 45 H/M/E
    Flameshield Stone AC25 x4
    Crystalline Webbing of Absorbing AC25
    Gemstone of Scale AC25
    Starlight Crystal AC25 15SV all
    Stonewarden AC25 25HP
    Shard of the Guardian x5 AC25 25 HP
    Jewel of the Stalwart AC30
    Forged Froststeel Ingot AC30
    Illsalin Enforcer Medal AC30 30 H/M/E

    At this point you have 27 more augs which as a tank I would use over the original Skeletal Hand (even in era)
    On live on Vox (content up to VoA was live) levelling up new toons a few years ago I did all the heroes journey tasks in TBS for the armor set, which qualified me for the hand aug as well... I just destroyed the bones - I already had 25AC+ in all slots @75

    AC20 lots
    Heart of Darkhollow Wilds AC20 80 H/M/E (1 groupable raid)
    Guardian's Stone of Enhanced Protection AC30 (LDoN raid)
    Frosty Gen of Enhanced Protection AC35 (LDoN raid)
    Yenner's Rock of Enhanced Protection AC25 (LDoN raid)
    Blessed Shard AC30

    Limited Availability

    Fabled Fire Idol AC25 35 H/M/E

    At the time tanks had other things to worry about especially group players needing to cap Avoidance/Shielding

    None of those augs were from TBS - very few TBS augs would replace anything above anyway e.g.

    Gali Vertebra AC20 60 HP
    Tainted Moonstone Shard AC25 120 H/M/E (raid)

    Ultimately TBS was a "crappy aug expansion" maybe because of the introduction of power sources
    TDS is a "crappy aug expansion" maybe because they added new power sources
  6. Maeryn Augur

    Oops, used this search on eqitems:<=&text_4=1&next_4=0

    Lore Group =< 1 to exclude a lot of Living Legacy aug entries, which also knocks out LDoN Charm aug which I remembered to add and Coldain aug which I didn't.

    Augtype & 128 (means fits in Slot 8) to exclude a lot of cultural augs and that also knocked out Gali. Augtype & 64 (fit in Slot 7) would have knocked out almost all the raid augs but kept Gali.

    AC >= 10, HP >= 50 and Req Level =< 75, only 5 lines allowed on a guru search. Then go through the list and exclude everything which came out after TBS.

    Right, Jonas wasn't much of an aug for AC biased characters when it came out, at Level 70 neither my Ranger: or Warrior: uses it. You list a bunch of much more common augs than some of the augs they have which will beat Jonas by at least 5ac.

    Crest of the Scarlet Legion, Forged Froststeel Ingot and Jewel of the Stalwart replacing augs like Fragment of Heavy Steamwork Plating and Eleventh Shard which didn't exist when TBS was the newest expansion.

    Jonas v2 being not much of an aug for AC biased tanks is reality, it pretty much comes down to 4ac vs 4 combined hDex/Agi and 6 hStr, I'd pick Jonas v2 over 44ac + 8 augs, other people wouldn't. But if you're using Jonas v1 as the reason for the AC go ahead and make it 1500hp/mana as well.

    700 combined HP/Mana for an aug seems to have checked off that box out of context, that's a lot for an aug. But you had a 270 hp/mana combined on gear that capped out around 500 hp/mana. The super elite ring for getting Solteris access is 600 hp/mana combined Praetorian Plate BP is 560.

    700 hp/mana on gear around 6000 combined is just not the same thing.

    It is what it is, don't spend the time if you're not going to use it, although you might end up getting it spending essentially no time if you help other classes get the aug. But Jonas v1 is a very poor argument for why Jonas v2 has "only" 40ac since it's around 1/4 of the HP/Mana of Jonas v1 relatively speaking and that's the main thing that made Jonas desirable 7 years ago especially since it didn't have the Avoid/Acc of Otherworld or Avoid of Coldain.
  7. Axxius Augur

    Are there 20+ other augs with more than 40 ac? The tanks will probably keep this one at least until the next expansion.

    For casters it should last 2-3 expansions, if the mudflation progresses are the typical rate.

    The comparison to the Skeletal Hand sounds right. It was probably exactly what Chandrok wanted to make. Skeletal Hand 2.0.
  8. Cury Elder

  9. Zantor Augur

    My lowest AC aug atm is 44 AC and that hopefully will get replaced soon when I hope to FINALLY get that Grandmaster aug :cool: Most high end tanks won't use it cause it will lower their AC. Now for the shammy and mage bots, yeah they will be using this aug for awhile. Why they seem to be doing everything they can to piss off people in this expansion is beyond me.
  10. Marshall Maathers Augur

    If you aug purely to ac, with no other criteria, technically you can have all augs greater than 40ac.

    That being said, looking at the entirety of the aug, I will continue to use it into the next expansion, at the very least.
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  11. Orbital101 Augur

    Are you sure you seen 52 ac on beta coz i never seen it that high. I was one of the first to get it done and helped as much as I could to make sure the quests where not broken. I was looking everyday and highest I seen was 43 ac the first week that the aug got stats added(I got it 2 week previously it) Either way that aug give me almost 700hp with the +20 agi+6hagi about 46 ac + all the + 20 and heroic... not all the augs as to be made around tanks really. 90% of the quests can be done in 5-10-15min max and can hit multiple at once if you take the time to plan your road. Only other aug that come close in hp/mana is the sacred prayer shawl with about 440 hp or the red dragon scale with about that much.

    The more the better but personally, for the easyness of the quests. Add in some more quests in a higher level of hardness then I will be all yes. At is... I dont care
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  12. Sathayorn Augur

    I don't know... Given the amount of heroics and HP, I think the parrot is still great for tanks. 40 AC isn't terrible. With 6 heroic dex and 6 heroic agility it's still one of the best augs.

    If the only factor in your aug selection is AC, don't use it - It's that simple.
  13. p2aa Augur

    The aug maxed is now 46 AC, 406 HP and + 6 heroic to all stats, according to some magelos.
    It becomes now a must have for any tank.
  14. Zantor Augur

    Well then them magelos are lying, still 40 AC and 350 HP mana and end for me and i got everything done in TDS but for a few collections.
  15. Zantor Augur

    And guess what, me and all other tanks that I know of not use this aug and won't till if and when the AC gets to where it should be. But that not we are not upset over it or do our best to get them to change it.
  16. Koveras Elder

    For some reason whenever I'm looking at the Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Parrot, this alone reminds me of something that feels somewhat more towards priest and casters and in some cases Beastlords, Paladins, Shadow Knights & Rangers.

    On the serious side because Spell Dmg exist, Proc Dmg should also exist since Spell Dmg doesn't apply with spells with cast time of zero and a recast time of zero on it (including procs) and I'm thinking this is what this augmentation among with a couple others are in need for (at least Heal Amount dose affect heal procs as well as life tap procs I'll give it that).

    I suppose the 4th thing I can suggest for it is just attack bonus? Other then that, this augmentation is in need of a Proc Dmg.
  17. Zantor Augur

    Look at Hero's Calling aug and is way easier to get.