Pally Necro Bard

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Valendil, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. Valendil New Member

    How would this 3 box combo do? Seems that the necros got some nice recent upgrades. Would the paladin and necro healing be enough to do everything if you maybe just popped one healer merc? Seems to cover most bases. Thoughts?
  2. Pallie New Member

    You would need a healer of some type.
  3. Cydonia Elder

    Merc can heal a plate tank well enough
  4. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    The only problem I can see is that necro is (or was, not sure after the patch) a very busy class that requires a lot of attention.

    Tank/Bard/DPS is a great trio.
  5. Valendil New Member

    I would think necros are a bit simpler to box now with not so many dot stackings.
  6. Tucoh Augur

    few thoughts:
    • necros are the toughest DPS class to play, but they may be easy enough with the DoT revamps that you can just have a couple macros to cast a couple lines of DoTs per mob and be competitive with say, a mage that can send pet and spam one macro to do OK with.
    • A lot of the benefit of a necro is their utility and action-based-survivability (as in, they can feign death, snare mobs, lifetap, CC mobs etc). This stuff is hard to use when boxing them, so it ends up being wasted potential.
    • Paladins are in a good state in ToV because of all the undead mobs. This probably will continue in the next expansion?? But I imagine whatever comes after will be less undead
    • Besides necros being difficult to play, their contribution is inversely proportional to your group's DPS. As in, when you start out, you're ungeared and underAA'd and your paladin has to use shield/sword, you're not using your bard fully and you do meager DPS, your necro's DoTs will last their full duration and it'll be contributing a lot. Once you get geared, increase your bard utilization, switch to 2H and increase your DPS, the contribution of your necro will start to diminish.
    • The paladin, combined with a bard that can increase heal crit substantially and healer mercs, should be able to do just fine healing wise. Running with a character healer and ditching healer mercs provides a lot more versatility but comes at a cost of becoming fully responsible for healing.
  7. Vumad Augur

    Porting is awesome when you have two hybrids. Think about a druid. You can DPS with it when using a merc, or have a healer if for some reason you can't use a merc.

    But necro will be just fine. In ToV it will be easier to mez and slow with the necro letting the bard do more work. That wont be the case in most expansions.

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