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  1. Shaeli Journeyman

    Hi folks, I play a paladin on Mangler and I just have a few questions about it all.
    I seem to rarely get any groups, is it due to the lackluster dps of the class or something I'm missing? I remember playing one on Live back during the Velious-PoP days with alot of success and it just seems like a different game now.
    I'm stuck around level 46 and I'm unsure if its worth continuing if I'll just be spending most nights staring at the Commonland tunnel walls.
    I also want to mention that I do not box and have zero plans to do so.
  2. Baldur Augur

    Full disclosure I play on Phinigel and not Mangler.

    Mangler is pretty top heavy now isn't it, maybe that's why you can't find groups? Paladins are great group tanks, they don't start getting really good until PoP though. Are you in a guild? Paladin is not a popular class, if you can find a guild they could help you level.
  3. Strawberry Augur

    Once people started boxing en masse, the natural way of grouping with other players suffered a lot.
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  4. Mrjon3s Augur

    Start the groups. You're a tank you can just /lfg and grab a healer and some dps. When I mained a warrior the best thing I did was make friends with people I grouped with and added them to my friends list.
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  5. Fluid Augur

    What people do on top heavy, bot and box filled servers, is go proactive when it comes to finding groups.

    In your case, I would do an
    /w all 44 48
    or something in that range + or - a couple of levels depending on who you would tolerate grouping with.
    You will get a list of a number of players from this, then use /tell to ask them if they want to form a group. Understand this is not a perfect system since in addition to bots and boxing there is anonymous which doesn't give you players' levels.

    Make sure you have anonymous/RP turned off for yourself too. This will make you visible to anyone else trying to find a group. I've found a lot of bot and box players do go anonymous so it should trim down the results a bit to people that are actually there.

    You should, IMO, be able to find a lot of players at or near your level. If you have a choice, look for people in zones you are interested in or would excel with i.e. Undead zone like Burning Woods. A good match would complement your skill set like an Enchanter, Shaman, or Wizard. Just be flexible in that you would be willing to be the main tank if called for it, or the main healer if needed. Remember too that even a two person group is twice as good as solo even if it is only another level 46 Paladin. :)
  6. Moranis Augur

    Honestly, you just need to be more geographically marketable.

    There is definitely a shortage of tanks in most dungeons, but there is an endless supply of headache trying to get someone to your camp. If you're a paladin sitting in CL, you're a minimum of 20 minutes away from joining any group I might be leading. That alone will probably deter me from inviting you, unless I have like 3 hours to play.

    My advice - go to guk or Seb and sit there and LFG. Make sure your aren't Anon or roleplaying, and when you announce you're LFG, be sure to say you are currently in < insert zone >. Also, make sure you have invis / ivu potions so you can actually get to my group.
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  7. Meridian Augur

    I have a cleric that is lv 40. What is your character's name? I'll send you a /tell in game.
  8. uk6999 Augur

    Mangler been at 60 for 3 months and no level increase in Velious. XP rates arent horrible on this server but they arent great either. Most people have a main and an alt if they want already at 60. Daybreak puts XP not as good as live because they want to sell potions. Which works and doesnt work depending on how you look at it. Some people wont roll alts because they dont want to deal with another grind which hurts the low end grouping. Also, this is the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc TLP people have played on so most just keep a main around. On top of that there are AE groups that people utilize to PL for krono 40+.

    If you are having issues finding group you can get a good guild that still levels ( just find one with high numbers ) pay someone krono to AE PL you or form your own groups. Also try playing on weekend's or week nights during prime time.
  9. taliefer Augur

    Tanks in general dont really have much trouble finding a group on TLPs usually. if you are, you are doing something wrong. likely just sitting in commonlands with LFG up instead of being closer to an available exp zone, as someone else mentioned.

    that said, Paladins dont really come in to their own until Planes of Power. kunark and velious are especially boring/bad for paladins imo. starts to get better in luclin, and takes off in Planes, especially if you role in more non traditional groups.
  10. TLP Addict Augur

    Most groups just want a "Tank" which typically means anyone that wears plate and has a taunt button, rarely see anyone asking for a specific class to tank, they will take whoever is available. Having said that there seems to be an abundance of tanks LFG atm, Clerics and Enchanters are the main bottleneck for grouping.

    Stick it out, they are worth it in the long run, they are less played than SK's but actually bring more raid utility as you move through the expacs, group healing, curing etc, compared to SK's basically just being selfish with their self only healing, there are some fights where kiting is required but other than that they are just a weaker DPS that bids on plate armor.
  11. TLP Addict Augur

    People in this thread are saying they don't start getting good until PoP, I would disagree with that and say they start getting good in Luclin.

    They get new fast casting low mana cost stuns which significantly improves their aggro.

    New buffs and aa's which help turn them into undead killers. They still aren't amazing at it, but at least it gives them a viable way to get solo xp.

    DA hammer is Luclin and once they get that they typically become the default Ramp tanks for most guilds, they are also one of the 4 classes that can remove curses.

    Level one to 60 now and join a guild and you'll have a head start on the wave of new Pallies that typically appears during Luclin.
  12. taliefer Augur

    meh, i never had agro issues with a paladin during classic through velious, so the whole cease and desist being added in luclin isnt really adding that much.

    being rampage tank is bitchwork, and its not like the paladin class in specific is made to be rampage tank, its simply the result of one item that probably was never even envisioned as being used as it is. is nice sniping serverwides tho, and having a defined role on raids does add at least something.

    i do love me some slay undead tho. i stand by what i said here and otherplaces. paladins are great during classic, very meh and boring during kunark and velious, start to get better in luclin and become really fun and versatile come PoP. i am really loving GoD as a paladin, and look forward to OoW on Coirnav

    one last note, ive played on every TLP and never have i seen a "Wave of paladins" come at any stage of the game ~
  13. Religious Elder

    Paladins are a very strong group tank and raid offtank, and they can provide fairly significant CC in early classic raid zones via their stuns, limited though it may be in the early game. Cease and Desist certainly made things a little smoother and easier to work with, but there really isn't any stage of the game where they can't excel if they're smart about their zone progression, and the raid leaders put them in appropriate groups. They are NOT group healers, and while they can patch heal, their mana will not sustain for long. Luclin / PoP they hit a noticeable power spike, and it only ever gets better from there. A Paladin is alot like a Beastlord, as in, most players have a difficult time playing either class, and tend to make them look worse than they really are.
  14. Hdizzle Augur

    Being in zone is huge.

    Time is money, friend :D (sorry DW! LOL). Typically if you are LFG you are going to be a rep so its good form to already be in zone.
  15. Fluid Augur

    This! :)
    I've found people are completely self serving when it comes to time. No big thing, just the way the game is played. Someone will invite you into at group, you will take 20+ minutes of running across zones to get there, someone else showed up in that zone after 19 minutes so ~tough luck. Mostly works the same way for selling/buying too.

    Would probably be good if some system was in place other then relying on people to be conscientious. I mean I have run across the world to meet someone, waited there for another 20 minutes, /w all <their name>, found they were in a different zone, found they had already sold the item to someone else.
  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If someone takes 20 minutes to get anywhere I would just assume they flaked. Communication is key.

    But after playing eq so long, if I don't get fairly prompt replies I assume the worst. Tlpers are fickle.
  17. Fluid Augur

    20 minutes is nothing on a tlp server before PoP. Run from Qeynos to Freeport is 20 minutes with SoW.

    It's not always bad, I've recently had someone who was parked in Unrest wait for me. Of course I think I was the only one that was available on the shard or they would have dropped me like a bag of dirt. :)

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