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  1. Silverstone New Member

    To the original poster, Teldiin welcome back to the game. Please do not let these boards deter you from the game, EQ is fun and challenging. All 3 tanks can molo effectively, some will just kill faster then others. As a Paladin your heal spells can save groups and like a Shadowknight you will be able to "solo" some mobs.

    Each class in the game has its strengths and weaknesses, find the one you have the most fun playing and stick with it.

  2. Dreadmore Elder

    Sorry to be another person to disagree with you yet again...

    ... but I find nearly all the classes fun, so I can't stick with anyone one of them! :D
  3. Paradisic_parasite Lorekeeper

    Are you using RoS bp click? It has a hefty end cost associated with it.
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  4. Outlander Engine Lorekeeper

    Going to like your reply and boost it because it's the most constructive post in this thread.
  5. Silverstone New Member

    Finally a logical/constructive post, thank you.

    Wish I could say I was, would be an easy explanation. No, the disc's are intermittent meaning they do not do this every time. The only thing I had running the other day was Holy Forge and it took my stamina down to 60 percent, the strange part is each time the stamina seems to vary. Lately I have had less occurrences, still about 2 in 10 uses for me the same stamina drain occurs, nothing else clicked.
  6. shiftie Augur

    Where were you fighting?
  7. Silverstone New Member

    Been swarming in this zone to complete this expansion
    . Although after patch, I have not noticed the bug occur so far, I will keep my fingers crossed.

    I love the old world quests, even though the rewards are not very good. Hero's journey completed, all raids ect up to house of Thule flagged for and completed. Skipped a few expansions to finish leveling Tear of Alaris. Yes, Eok and Ros completed, just like completing all the older stuff also.

    I highly recommend the Hero's journey, the old world raids were very fun to complete. The monster missions probably were the toughest parts, till we figured them out.
  8. shiftie Augur

    If you are swarming it is likely you picked up a named with a spell that endurance drains and you might not have noticed it I’d check your fight logs and see the npc list to cross reference
  9. BadPallyGuildLeader Lorekeeper

    Just get a sexah AGI tank. Dats all u need brah.
  10. Kelset Journeyman

    Answering your original question, in my experience paladins are a great group class. They can maintain agro, ae agro and most importantly have the tools to stay alive tanking while the rest of the group does their specialties. In regards to moloing, there are other classes that I'd pick over the Paladin, but id also say that about warriors and sks. As an alternative you can consider boxing a f2p 2nd account and do well as someone else mentioned.
    Good hunting and welcome back.

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