Paladin Must Have Items and Clicky's?

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by halfpint77, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. halfpint77 Lorekeeper

    Good afternoon!

    So, I have been doing some hard work on my Paladin as of late; and just want to know what other really cool clicky's or Utilitarian tools are out there for us?

    I recently got my DA hammer - UBER! lol I'll head to CC with my ranger and pull 20 or so mobs on the pally between spell DA/AA DA and Hammer Ripo proc the Pally is godly. Once they all stack up I just Vine-lash on the ranger and pick-em off. Safes me from running constantly on the ranger and rooting 2 mobs at a crack.

    But are there any other cool items lost to the times that we just don't commonly speak of or think of perhaps? (Perhaps the think of part is just me but hehe)

  2. Abazzagorath Augur

    Anguish BP
    Solteris BP
    Underfoot BP (highest you can get)
    RoF BP (highest you can get)
    Aged Left Eye of Xygoz
    Epic 2.0
    Mantle of the Wyrmguard
    Staff of Forbidden Rights (from OMM raids/currency)
    Stormeye Band
    Chestplate of Fiery Might (from rof ntov)
    Brigandine Tunic (OMM one)/Darkened Brigandine Tunic/Cloudy Mask/Fabled chardok bp/etc
    Bladestopper (OMM one)
    Magmatic Deflector
    Hammer of the Overthere
    Crown of the Froglok Kings/DoDH quest mask
    Enameled Black Chestplate (OMM one)
    Frosted Chestplate
    Ghoulskin Shield
    Manastone (original)
    Red Dragonscale Armor (OMM one)
    Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch (OMM one)
    Fabled Boots of Shadow Walking (or original ones, fabled better though)
    Wooly Spider Silk Net
    Circle of Power 3 clicky item (various)
    Willsapper (fabled, regular, or other slow items)
    Anklesmasher (or other snare item)

    I'm sure there are things I'm not remembering off the top of my head.
  3. Jaerlyn Augur

    Don't forget - the TSS *group* BP is on a unique timer, iirc, so it's worth having, as well.
    Silver-Scribed Plate Breastplate

    Blood Orchid Katana
    Necrotic Divining Device
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  4. Qbert Augur

    Lizardscale Plated Girdle
    Mask of Vanishing
    Hammer of the War Machine
    (Fabled) Journeyman's Walking Stick
    (Fabled) Cracked Claw of Zlandicar - the debuff itself is very unworthy these days, but when you consider it blocks certain buffs . . .
    Holgresh Elder Beads
    Humanoid Reductionizer or similar fast-casting shrink item
    Gyrospire Relocation Device

    Other things are useful but I wouldn't call them must have. I will just list one example, but there are many: Rocketeer Boots.
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  5. Blademaster Elder

    Great thread!

    I hope this isn't too left field because it's not an item but falling into a more general "less known character development" category is the "Dark Reign"/"Norrath's Keepers" progression in Lavastorm mountains, the rewards are;
    +10 to all stats and stat caps AA
    +3% HP and 200 mana AA
    +Buff slot AA
    +3% Critical Hit, Heal, Damage, DOT AA
    +(not sure %)Chance for complete spell resist AA

    Write up here:
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  6. Blademaster Elder

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  7. Blademaster Elder

    I just recently went and did LDON to get the Icy Prism of Avoidance and DON to get the 5 Dark Reign progression AA and thought I would post my method.

    For LDON try and get your group average as close to 82 as possible but not above, do this to maximize points per run. There no longer seems to be a cooldown on mission requests so you can get the aug quite fast(under an hour).
    For me this was done by joining group on a character on second account and logging it out then have my two level 100 characters with mercs out creating an average level of 80 since the logged out character counts as 0.

    For DON, if your below indifferent do the wayfarer camp(outside the cave on the backside of the hill) quests until your indifferent and save yourself a TON of time, these quests are huge faction over token handins (Wayfarers Mercenary Jeryx for Dark Reign).
    As far as quests for token faction grinding I would recommend;
    The Creator (train in, train out, assassinating key npcs, you are provided identify click as part of quest)
    Scions of Thundercrest (make say macros for lazy mode, you have to clear aggro to loot chests, then train after that)
    Splitting the Storm (train in and back, npc will warp to you like a familiar)
    Holy Hour (Swarm, kill 50)
    Behind Closed Doors (train, assassinating key npcs)
    Lair Unguarded (train, assassinating key npcs)

    I found that these six was a decent rotation, no luck involved, no waiting on npc spawns, with 100 Wiz(gating back to mission npc) I could rotate the 6 and have at most 1-4mins for next request.
    You can also kill the 4 Norrath Keepers guards however I don't believe they give a great deal of faction and when your running the faction for several characters the logistics can be a pita. All 6 quests will not be available to you at indifferent, some unlock as you progress faction.

    Hope this helps.
  8. BoomWalker Augur

    Can you still do both factions and what is the benefit...doubles all? Have been told you could in the past do both sides...just not sure if it has been changed...lots of work tho...
  9. Blademaster Elder

    You can do both DON progressions however I have read that you lose the benefits of the AA's when you switch faction. I'm unsure if this is just because of faction requirements built into those AA, if this is the case using char services to change race would also force you to lose the benefits until you gain the faction back.
  10. Gladare Augur

    Yes, you lose the aa's if you switch factions in DoN.
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  11. Damandor New Member

    bump, what is the DA hammer I keep hearing about?
  12. Brudal Augur

  13. Langya Augur

    This list is brutal and should be considered a "wish list" but not practical on the short term for a new paladin. Especially with all the raid OMM items which will take getting the raid flag and than farming the missions for an extensive period of time. The OP might be want something more grounded for a beginner.

    I have a pally I am working on and so far he has been fine with:

    Lizardscale Plated Girdle (haste click)
    Vish reward clickie (mantle of the Wyrmguard group heal clickie)
    Divine Hammer of Consternation (DA proc)
    Some kind of overhaste clickie ( I don't have yet but I have a bard along always)
    Stormeye Band (DS clickie that stacks with all others)
    Fabled Peg cloak (Levi)
    The slow hammer from Grelleth's (Slow proc. Better than Willsapper but not as prestigious)
    Girdle of Living Thorns (DS and AC buff clickie)
    Anklesmasher (Snare combat proc)
    Re-Usable Steam Bomb ( Invis clickie. Invis pots are still the best pally invis otherwise)
    ALEX ( You can use a tradeskill trophy in the mean time)
    Silverscribed Plate chest plate (Stun combat innate when you are stuck clickie. Not sure how worth it this thing is really but its in my bags)
    Fabled Gobby earring (Aura of rage clickie)
    Rogue made dps/aggro poisons
    Mark of Kings item from RoF CC ( I don't have this yet either but it is easier to get than doing OMM's)

    Most of those are not too arduous to obtain.

    I have some other things but you really don't need to call all of Abazzagorath's list "must have" unless you are aspiring to raid at the bleeding edge and need a Magelo that screams to that effect. If you really want to kill your will to live doing OMMs than get the Staff of Forbidden Rites first. You can get by with half of my list just fine and be a decent group tank/entry level raider. You can get all the prestige time sink items when you are max AA/level and have time heavy on your hands. Abazz's list is a good list for a paladin's career (you should try to get all those in time, over the course of years) but getting all that should not hold you up from just being a good tank.
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  14. Damandor New Member

    Thanks a lot for the list!

    I really appreciate it. No I probably would not be getting all of those items, don't really care about magelo. Sometimes I just like to click stuff though, is the anguish bp useful? I was thinking about farming that once I go through to get the orb for the 2.0 and possibly the overhaste as well.

    I am refining my abilities now, but I always enjoy a good time sink on a character I really get into. Once I get to max I will probably start trying to raid but I still have a lot of learning to do and I refuse to go into situations where I don't know what I am doing or know my character decently well enough to perform to a satisfactory level.
  15. Langya Augur

    Pally anguish clickie BP is an effect that heals you either as an added combat effect for each swing or every time you are hit. I have no idea of the exact mechanics but you want it. Takes some time to grind the faction though so be warned. I have had the item to create it in my bags for ages but still have not done the factioning.
  16. Axem the Great Journeyman

    Faction isn't hard for the anguish bp. Just go to a tightly packed zone that's always empty. RCoD works wonders for this. You can pull some pretty impressive trains on yourself and watch the faction skyrocket. An AE burn wiz merc helps, or if you're lazy a rogue merc set to burn so you don't have to mess with the wiz merc casting range dumb-ness.

    You'll hit max ally amazingly fast. It took me longer to get the 3 candles (and I ended up buying one in the bazaar) than it did to get the required faction.
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