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  1. p2aa Augur

    When a mob lands a hit on you, this hit is divided into 2 components, DB (Damage Base), and DI (Damage Interval). More specifically, the formula is DB + (1-20) DI. The mob rolls a number between 1 and 20 that multiply the DI.
    DB is the damage that you will always take. Your mod2 melee shielding % reduces this DB.
    Your AC will impact the (1-20) DI. The higher your AC is, the less likely the mob will roll high numbers in the (1-20).
  2. Arlien New Member

    OP and others - why not keep the necro/paladin and just add a bard as a third box, possibly even FTP? Then just use it as a boost/afk bot if you want. Don't bards add a ton to necros as well?
  3. took2summit11 Augur

    I just wanted to check back in Incase anyone else was ever in the same situation as me (probably not). I recently discovered Thought Flay L89Nec spell last night. This spell has completely changed the game for me! Typically I would cast swarm pet > Pyre dot > Magic dot > Finally my 2 strongest swift dots. Mob would be around 30% and die very quickly after the last swift dot was placed on so I just cast those 5 spells with a macro and then focused on the paladin. Last night I decided to try and cast thought flay on a mob that doesn’t have mana, completely expecting it not to work, and boy was I wrong. I am now casting Thought flay on every mob once the last swift dot is applied (sometimes I need to do every other mob due to recast time on thought flay). My Paladin no longer runs out of mana! I can spam my spells much more freely keeping me alive more often.

    I assume due to the somewhat long casting time of Thought Flay (6sec I think?) most people would probably say its better to use that time to DPS with the necro and just take a 5 minute med break every 15 minutes? Would like some thoughts on this. Important to note I already have all my strong DPS spells on the mob before I cast Thought Flay. I guess I could get in 2 necro nukes or something instead of thought flay, but I find not having to take a med break every 15 minutes on the Paladin to work great for me, I am just not sure which would be more efficient. Any chime-ins regarding this would be appreciated.
  4. Brohg Augur

    final cast there could be Compel for Blood instead. its proc, if you get it, provides a good boost to the Pyre of Nos & Thoughtburn you cast on the next mob
  5. shiftie Augur

    Bummer it took you a week to find it I told you about it earlier in the thread on oct 8th
  6. took2summit11 Augur

    You are correct, it’s my fault for not noticing the same spell line. Thanks again for the heads up
  7. took2summit11 Augur

    I would certainly agree except I believe the L85 spell only works on level 85 and under spells and all the dots I am casting at level 89 are above 85. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be utilizing this spell much until 110. Once 110 I will try to squeeze both compel for blood and thought flay line spells in at the end.
  8. Brohg Augur

    It's a softcap, the buff it makes just declines over 85 doesn't turn off. Each tier of proc is 20% less effective on the spells 4 levels above it. If you don't want to mess with it you don't, and the mana difference on your paladin sounds great.
  9. took2summit11 Augur

    Brohg thank you for letting me know it works on spells higher than 85, I was not aware and will certainly start incorporating it.

    I have a new question and contemplated making a whole new thread but didn’t want to spam the forums. My Paladin finally hit level 90 which I was desperately looking forward to for the new gear. I exclusively did DH HA’s from 85-90 and had about 3100 of the currency. Each piece of level 90 gear cost 320. After buying a couple essential augs, I was only able to upgrade about a third of my gear. As a tank, every single level increase is a remarkable difference. At level 85 with the starter heroic set I was able to tank DH HA’s no issue. Now at 90 with only 1/3rd or less of my gear upgraded I can die pretty quickly to even 1 mob in a DH HA. Having considerable experience with EQ over the years I know that gearing and leveling a tank is a big undertaking, but never quite understood the gravity of it.

    All that being said, does anyone have any tips on ways to upgrade my gear? The more currency I farm, the more levels I gain, the more the problem compounds itself, as I level quicker than I can buy 21 pieces of gear every 5 levels. Should I maybe consider going to xp in just normal zones and hope to be able to kill names, which I am not confident I will be able to do either. Again, I know gearing a tank up is very difficult so I’m not looking for a magic bullet. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas that can potentially help my situation.
  10. shiftie Augur

    The dh scale with level, you might consider going crafted
  11. Kleitus_Xegony Augur

    Shiftie is right. As a tank, the DH mission scaling will screw you over if you can't stay ahead of the gear requirements. You might need to leave those missions for a bit to gear up and then go back to them.

    You're probably a couple of levels away from this but...., have you tried out Shard's Landing yet? Some of the mobs are extremely easy compared to the way they con (ex. beetles). They also have a chance to drop gear off of normal mobs as well as dropping a lot of tradeskill materials that you might be able to sell to buy equipment with or maybe find someone that will trade you the finished goods for the materials you collect. If you can kill the naeya mobs, then you're set for a while (there always seems to be like a bajillion of those things around, and they drop a ton of stuff.)

    This: is not that bad compared to: if you get lucky and have it drop. The nice thing is you can get: which isn't that rare of a drop. I don't remember if it would be easier/better to go that route or the gear you're getting now. If your current gear is better than that stuff, then it might just be better to farm and sell the tradeskill materials and buy gear that way.

    Take a look at: Once your group can start taking those reliably you should be set for a while. Once the naeya are too easy, you can move to the tougher mobs.

    I know that if I'm bored and low on tribute, I will sometimes go there and just mass swarm large parts of the zone for the dropped gear which I hand over to the tribute NPC in our guild hall.
  12. Brohg Augur

    Paladin at 90 doesn't want Shard's Landing - instead something with a solid crowd of blue /con undead like -- are the Pepponites in Grounds undead? there's plenty of them to thrash. Or some areas of Erudin Library? Those zones will slow down around level 97 then hop on over to Valley of Lunanyn or up to Chapterhouse till the major gear leap at 100 is available.
  13. yepmetoo Augur

    At 90, for exp, you'd want to be swarming hills of shade. Zombies in the river in Feerott at 95-100, then chapterhouse to 105, then crypt of disease in tbm.

    For solo exp anyway.
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  14. took2summit11 Augur

    How does a pal swarm kite? What is required? Would swarm kiting with a leach necro still be quicker than doing a duo at a “normal” xp camp?
  15. Kleitus_Xegony Augur

    They weren't referring to actually kiting the mobs. That'd take forever for a Paladin to do (assuming you're thinking of how druids used to kite mobs).

    They're talking about gathering up multiple mobs and killing them all 1 at time. The idea is to be doing damage to all of them via riposte while you kill one of them, then move to the next one. This cuts down on the time you waste pulling extra mobs. The more time you spend killing mobs instead of pulling mobs the better. They're giving you ideas to try and maximize the number of kills and exp gained over time.

    So how do you know you pulled too many? answer: They kick your butt
    If you want to get into swarming to see if it's better, then pull 2 and see how it goes. Then pull 3 and then 4 and then 5, etc... That way you find what you can handle safely. Compare the exp gain vs. what you're getting and then you can see if it's better or not. It's hard to tell since none of us know your skill, gear, or comfort level for dying.

    From what you were saying before, you might not be properly geared to do it though. It's great if you can and the kills happen quicker against undead mobs. The whole reason I mentioned Shard's Landing though was to help you gear up either through drops or selling and trading tradeskill materials. I was not making a suggestion to help you level up. It's not an ideal location for a Paladin to level up but the Paladin / Necro team might do well. The other ideas were good for pulling in exp and probably the better option if your Paladin can tank those mobs.

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