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  1. took2summit11 Augur

    I just got a heroic paladin and he is currently level 87. I run out of mana very quickly. I am playing pal/nec combo and running 2 caster dips mercs. Typically I open the fight with confrontation for honor, followed up by protective confession. I spam withstand and my 3 stun spells and divine stun whenever I can. I keep my self buff that procs heals on at all times. When needed I can typically get by just fine with the occasional HoT, oftentimes I can go several mobs before needing to HoT myself. My questions are :

    1. Am I doing something wrong, should I be incorporating something I am not?
    2. If I’m not doing something wrong, is there something I can do to help my mana regeneration that I don’t know of, maybe an AA or ability?
    3. Is there something I can do on my necro to help my paladin’s mana, maybe a spell that gives the paladin some of my mana or an AA or anything?
  2. Skaara New Member

    1. I believe in the idea of styles so please stick to what you enjoy playing but I will go over how I play.

    Some context to my style as I answer, when I first started playing my Paladin I focused on stun locking mobs similar to how you are playing. As I got further into EoK and RoS expansions, stun resistant mobs are prevalent and the knockback on some of the stuns is super annoying/frustrating. I found much more use and reliability from HoTT (heal of targets target) spells. Forgive me for not knowing the 87 equivalent, here are the 110 spells in the hopes it can guide you:

    I switched from Divine Stun to Force of Disruption AA - for snap aggro/sustained aggro
    *They are on same CD

    Spurn (which is Withstand line) on CD

    Spell line (first 7)
    1 - Brilliant Exoneration
    2 - Protective Devotion
    3 - Censure
    4 - Valiant Defense
    5 - Crush
    6 - Crush
    7 - Refute for Honor

    I spam 1 - 3 on cd and 7 when the buff wears off and I am still able to tank with no healer. 4 is used for aggro if I need it and it also gives HoTT so... win.

    5-6 are used for pulling as they ignore the threat cap and make it a safer pull (Bards song aggro). If I absolutely need to I will use them to gather quick aggro but normally won't need it.

    There is more you could go over (there are 6 more spell slots) but that gives you the gist of how I tank as a Paladin.

    2. I eat through mana like nobodies business, so I don't think you are doing anything wrong. In fact when I raid, I spam even more. I can challenge true healers (Clerics, Druids, Shamans) on certain events for heals depending on my role as long as I am spamming efficiently. So I think continue getting used to spamming your skills, as you get more AA's and more gear it gets easier to maintain mana. Obviously classes like ENC or Bard boost you immensely when you can get them in a group or box (/melody) them.

    3. Marr's Gift AA is the best tool for mana on your Paladin that you get access to at 100 (it's RoF era). I literally use it on CD for the end/mana boost and not for the heal. You can get it down to 10 minute reuse which is normally perfect for me when grouping and I never have been the one to make the group take a break for mana issues.

    Also, always have Yaulp (I use the AA, not the spell) up. It gives combat mana regen which helps a ton.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. Qbert Augur

    As mentioned above, the yaulp aa has mana regen . . . however, you're not high enough to use it yet. Do not bother with the spell, as it does not have the same effects.

    Next (you may know this . . . it is unclear whether you have experience with other classes):

    You mention you started as a heroic, so you should have at least one (if not more) click effects on your gear. Look for Knowledge of the Past and/or Soothing Breath lines for mana regen. You can only have one of these, and the Knowledge line has a slight edge in the mana regen department. Once you click it you get a "shadow" buff and a permanent aa line - you can then get rid of the "shadow" buff, as it does nothing but take up space.
  4. shiftie Augur

    The necro can cast mind decomposition which returns mana for the group at approx 187/tic
  5. Maedhros Augur

    This reminds me of a paladin a few months ago that was boxing a necro and I said he should have boxed a bard.
    Not sure what the exact numbers are for a heroic bard mana regen off the top of my head but my estimate would be "a hell of a lot" or "more than enough to negate your mana issues" etc.
    Plus you and your bard would plow through content far quicker than pal/necro.

    Swap to a bard, load up two cleric mercs, and go 2 hands no mercy in Dream Ferrott.

    Additional note: One of your bread and butter spells, Protective Confession line, is pretty mana intensive. Let the cleric mercs just keep Vie on you and swap in a Eulogy nuke or something.
  6. Ofearl Augur

    With a pally necro combo, I would run one dps merc either cater or melee, and one healer merc. Use the 2 hander, get your augs knocked out in HoT.

    As for mana, get used to it, if I don't have a bard song/Chanter buffs going, I am OOM faster than a ranger finds his bind point.

    For heals, I would not worry about a heal over time, I would use the HoTT (Heals targets target) and group heal, self fast heal. Also once you start getting lvls and AA's your stuns will proc a group heal. If solo/duo I wouldn't worry so much about crush's and agro should not be an issue.
  7. took2summit11 Augur

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I will keep doing the stun lock method for now as I ran some tests last night and my stun lock method makes my mana last significantly longer than going the target of target route, for now. I imagine once monsters start to become immune I will switch over.

    To the person that said something about yaulp not stacking with mount, thank you. I got on my mount last night and this was the single largest impact on my mana, it let my fight sequence pretty much double. Why is that? It’s a little annoying to fight while on a mount, but the mana recovery is well worth it. I tried to look up the AA on Allakhazam and could so no additional +mana benefits. Was I just playing more efficiently?

    To the person that said I should switch from necro to bard, I think necro is a superior option for a 2 person 2 dps Merc team. Are you suggestion that a bard will do more dps/adps than the necro? Or the bard would just make things easier overall even if it means slower kills? I find it hard to believe a bard can out dps a necro without additional dps people in the group for the bards ADPS to start going much ADPS can a bard add to a paladin? I am taking everyone’s suggestions seriously, so thanks again.
  8. Maedhros Augur

    Yes 1000% fights will be faster with a bard. The bard will probably not outdps the necro, but the paladin should blow away the necro with a bard. The entire basis of soloing or duoing with a paladin hinges very squarely on Blessing of the Faithful. When you start to get the paladin where it needs to be with AA, you will just be blowing through mobs faster than you can turn on attack on the bard let alone put any kind of significant number of dots on from the necro. In fact, I tend to not melee my bard much if I am duoing it in fear of him stealing Blessing of the Faithful procs. I do have a few years experience in this.
  9. Redemption Lorekeeper

    i duo a necro. i was the one asking questions a while back. i never said i should use a bard instead. other ppl told me that. i am a close to max gear max aa raid tank so i probably have less mana issues than most. i use mars gift , horn of unity and carry stacks of mana regen potions. i also use the the necros' mana pump spell. and i will still eventually run oom. the necro box is not the absolute most efficient set up and requires more work than a bard probably would. the way i set it up is strictly to make the paladin more fun. i set up 4 macros that all start with turning the mob undead then start dropping dots. best way to save mana is to kill mobs faster and turning live mobs undead works . if the mobs are already undead i swap the burn bones spell out for the dd spell that has % to increase damage on spells and carry on as usual. but back to the op , mana is and probably always will be an issue.
  10. Daedly Augur

    Your mount(s) should be insta cast, so on my SK, i sometimes click it on engage or shortly after then click it off at end. Especially since the mount seemed to completely negate any push effects which helps stop interruptions in spell casting. At least, that was my perception of its benefit for me.
  11. shiftie Augur

    If you are stun locking properly you should barely have to heal. It’s a joke in all honesty.

    With that being said if you are fighting undead you will do much more dps by switching to a healer merc, chain nuking instead of stunning and self healing.

    Stuns stop mob attacks which means the mob is not eating damage shields and you aren’t getting riposte damage. Since slay is a fixed % of all swings you gain a considerable dps boost by converting riposte to slay. It also allows you to tank multiple mobs at once doing damage on both and allows your necro to multi dot. If you aren’t chain nuking you are losing 1/3 to 1/2 your non burst dps at that level range.
  12. took2summit11 Augur

    Can you maybe shed a little more light on what “get your augs knocked out in HoT” means? I’ve seen this referenced several times but don’t really have any info to go off. I looked up the zone and don’t see anything particularly strong
  13. Rickate Augur,8&text=Heroic&class=Paladin&level=90

    Those augs, they are from doing House of Thule progression tasks and were initially only available to Heroic characters so most of the people who contribute information to 3rd party sites never got the rewards. those are links to the progression, once you have the task you should be able to preview reward to see the aug if any for that particular task.
  14. Thunderkiks Augur

    In The Dream and HoT the merc and partisan tasks give augs as rewards to heroic toons.
  15. took2summit11 Augur

    Oh wow interesting. Those actually look quite nice. Thanks for the info I guess I will start working on these right away seeing as I have no augs yet
  16. Transporter Journeyman

    likely just needs more aa's and augs. Only draining spells if you are chaining is censure line and brilliant. Outside that mana preservation will help with all that. Play with it all and figure out what works best for you.
  17. Wulfhere Augur

    Stunning will always be your least mana intensive option. Crushes are designed to swap out for level appropriate stuns (ostensively on stun immune mobs). Other low mana spells that are often used include the Honor line and Elegy line. In general, undead only nukes are more mana efficient then other nukes. Low mana spells that are rarely (situationally) used include the Mark lines of reverse damage shields and Flash of Light.

    Most advice is about maximizing your kill rate per hour, including pulling and med breaks, so choosing a spell set that allows you to battle nonstop for hours is one setup to figure out and maintain as your abilities improve. It might not be the highest personal DPS (all nukes) spell set but as long as your fighting you're making XP. A lesson burn (30 mins) is likely your best DPS spell set that you can sustain for that period. A spell set for difficult named mobs is another.
  18. took2summit11 Augur

    So after looking more into the HoT heroic augs, it looks like they each add 30ac. Considering there are 21 slots that would be an additional 630AC. My paladin currently has 1750 AC fully buffed, this is a nearly 35% increase. I am not sure how AC works but that seems like a huge increase. Does that mean of the hits that do land on me, they will do 35% less damage? If it doesn’t mean that, can someone tell me what the net benefit roughly will be?
  19. Outlander Engine Elder

    Go do them.

    There are (19) 30AC augs, (1) 35AC aug(shield), and (1) +6 dmg aug. Each aug has about 40 hp on it. So it's 665 AC plus 760 hp. The 35 AC shield aug is probably the easiest AC shield aug to get for a while as well. That set of aug's carried me all the way to level 106. They are also all non-prestige, so my enchanter box is still sporting all of them.

    That AC bump won't decrease your damage intake by a flat 35%. I'm not going to speculate how much it will increase your ability to survive, but it will definitely help. Just add it to your "things to do" as you level up.

    As you are doing these quests, make sure to hit every named you can find. The named will drop loot that is a slight upgrade to your heroic gear, and the stuff that doesn't will sell in the bazaar for 5k plat each.

    edit:,8&text=heroic&class=Paladin&level=87 is an excellent way to sort through level appropriate gear.
  20. Chorus Augur

    I used a paladin/bst combo and it worked out pretty well for mana. Still would run low, but not nearly as fast.

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