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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Agrippa, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Agrippa Augur

    The amount of clicking has reached a ridiculous level and I'm becoming overwhelmed. I have 170ish clicks on my main screen, granted I'm not using forage or fishing all the time, but still...

    The paladin class boards are a graveyard, most posts well over four years old, so I've come here for help. What are some must have macros that I can make to ease the amount of clicking and frequently changing targets? I've just learned that I can /assist an npc and I'm sure there are other obvious oversights that I've missed. Any tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  2. CrazyLarth Augur

    looks active to me but your have to search is your friend.
    I highly recommend to any paladin not using these 2 macros to set them up:

    1) Self Blast - This allows you to blast heal yourself and switch back to your swarm in 0.5 seconds.
    /tar self
    /pause 2
    /pause 1, /cast #Burst of xxx
    /cast #Burst of xxx
    /xtar 1

    2) Self HoT - This allows you to heal over time yourself and switch back to your swarm in 2.0 seconds.
    /tar self
    /pause 2
    /pause 1, /cast #Solemn xxx
    /cast # Solemn xxx
    /xtar 1
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  3. Zalmonius Augur

    We should start a thread with our useful hotkeys (for all classes), I think that would be a GREAT thread for advice. There are SO MANY BUTTONS from AA's, discs, spells, etc that make it a little daunting.
  4. BoomWalker Augur

    10 hotbars times 12 buttons = 120

    8 combat ability buttons puts it at 128.

    12 spell slots makes it 140....

    Action buttons....8 there? Makes 148...

    Where are the other 20+ clicks coming from?

    As for macros...there are examples out there just do a search. Even the old sites are useful on how to set them up...

    Changing targets can setup keyboard keys for that NPC, next extended window target, etc. So you could make F12 cycle through the nearest NPC and Shift F12 cycle through extended window for example. Just need to make sure there are not conflicts (multiple commands tied to the keys you pick) and you should be good.

    A list and updated examples would be nice...just need to have someone put it on a site and let the existence of it spread. There forums are horrible for something like that...maybe the wikia site for EQ which is in need of some love by the community at this point...
  5. Retro Elder

    hmm i dont use any as a paladin and its not so bad you only have 3 of those hotkeys being kept on cooldown, dp/renounce line / bash and a couple spells depending on how bad you suck. Everything else is pretty situational . Our burn is only .... 6 hotkeys with glyph and 7th 2 of which can be pre clicked before engage.

    I think someone is over exaggerating =p, I want to see a screenshot of these 14 hotbars! I think I have 7 not including bandolier / ca window / spell bar. Probably easier for people to help lessen your burden if they saw what you are dealing with there.
  6. Agrippa Augur

    Twelve socials, eight bandolier, five potions, mercenary window, extended target window, to name a couple more. Thanks for the suggestion, CrazyLarth. I'm normally MA, so I don't use /xtar 1 to get back on mob. I'll do some more searching.

    For burn, I'm now using:

    /alt act 920
    /disk reflexive righteousness rk. ii
    /disk holyforge
    /disk righteous umbrage rk. iii
    /alt act 6492

    I'll post others as I make them.
  7. Genadine Elder

    Try the following should help your dps some

    As far as I understand the shortening of discipline is disc not disk

    Drop Holyforge and use Pureforge

    Reflexive Righteousness is on a 10 min Timer and is 3 hits just have it close to your burn and hit it if you remember, its far more useful as a panic heal
  8. Gladare Augur

    /di works for shortening the command. That being said, I don't combine anything I don't spam. I also don't really see the point in making a hotkey with pauses to heal yourself unless you're boxing. Tab click tab is all it takes.
  9. Addicto New Member

    ugh there's so much clicking it's insane.
  10. Tom Fox New Member

    I already tried to play it and it is quite hard and just like you i also figure those out.
  11. Zehn New Member

    I also have added to my burn key /alt activate 1441, second spire. Other than that my DPS burn key is just like the one posted above

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