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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Silverstone, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Silverstone New Member

    I usually do not post on these boards, but need to verify a possible bug with Paladins.

    When I hit level 110 from 109 I noticed a drop in dps. As I maxed out my aa’s my dps returned to normal. I have noticed no dps gain from level 105 to level 110. At first I thought it might be just me, so I reviewed my raid logs. Before maxing aa’s my damage indeed went down when I leveled from 109 to 110. Only with maxing aa’s did it return to the exact same dps as 105.

    Kind of a dissapoinment to put all the time in for no gain.

    I love my class and will never change, I came from I time when mage pets did more dps and tanked better then us, long before mercs. We are a lot better off now.

    It would be appreciated if other Paladins would post their input also, or similar experiences.
  2. fransisco Augur

    Can you determine what exactly is doing less damage? Other classes (monks) have had bugs where they got worse as they leveled
  3. Silverstone New Member

    The base damage of the attack went down, when I leveled from 109 to 110. A base attack with no special buffs I could hit 20-24k pretty regularly no crit. When I leveled to 110 I noticed my base attack max hit for 18k. Gear and buffs were the same, everything the same except for leveling to 110.

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