Paladin 1.5 prequest

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  1. catcattank Elder

    Is there a list to sign up for each mob? I went to plane of storms and the giant was dead. And a 110 afk shaman was there. How do I do the prequest if all the mobs are camped, don't even know if I will find maestro.
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    Its usually easier now days to just do epic 1/Fiery Defender and not try to skip it and do the pre quests. Most servers don't have a sign up sheet like the old days. Man we had to wait weeks and sometimes months for a turn at epic stuff back in the day. Then the whole guild had to be ready and help. Your server might, but you would need to ask in general chat if there is one.

    And yes, you might have to wait for a mob or two along the way. You could send the person a tell asking if they are camping it. But I am not aware of any game stopping item that drops off that mob so once he has his needed piece then he will prob leave. Or you could wait there till mob pops and if he is still afk then its fair game.

    BTW Maestro is in Plane of Hate not Plane of Storms.
  3. MarttinPH Augur

    I would also suggest to do Epic 1.0. All the old stuff that were permacamped can have a quest version of them spawned at anytime.
  4. Buri Augur

    For Maestro, I just camped one of my alts in his room for about 2 weeks. Did the same thing for the Giant. Every time I logged in, I'd check that one first. Mage is ideal for this so you can COH the guy who needs it.
  5. Phiyre Augur

    My sk mob for 1.5 isn't camped, been clearing the room for 2 days and everything but what I need has spawned. 30ish clears. Read about 75 clears, the named popped finally, didn't drop what was needed for sk epic 1.5.
    Good luck though.
  6. catcattank Elder

    Just did 1.0, bought book of scale off bazaar for 1000pp. Hardest part was waiting for repopulate in posky and pohate.