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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by superman, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. superman Augur

    I know its been beat to death, but i'm about to make 1 or the other on mangler and was just curious

    I hear all the time paladins dps is abysmal compared to sk's, wondering how big is that disparity? paladins do like half or less? 1/3? how bad is the difference?

    Also I love the idea of stun being able to stop a mob from hurting a caster or interrupting spells, but I'm hearing that becomes irrelevant in later expansions... any truth to this?

    also, I searched the forums for sk and pally threads and couldn't seem to find any real good ones, if its easier to link another forum i'll read to my hearts content. :) thanks for any response
  2. Goodn Augur

    You might get a response that has real value in this forum, but you are sure to get much better quality response in the TLP forum as far more folks there have actually taken SKs and Paladins through a TLP server while a lot of us in this forum that comment have not. I can tell you what I remember from the early days, but it is almost certainly biased and not very useful to you.

    The What's better tank, SK or Paladin thread started on 3/3/19 not good enough for you?

    If I read the Mangler setup right, it's going to take about 5 years or so to become close to current...that's a long time. Paladins do very well right now … but SKs are gods (this assumes you have appropriate gear). If you can stand being just good and don't get envy easily, then Paladin is a fine choice. If not, go with the SK and save yourself the grief.
  3. EQ_Player_01 New Member

  4. bubblegum New Member

    I saved a few raids on my pally. Cant say I ever seen an Sk do that.
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  5. Sir Beefy New Member

    I'm a pally...Play a lot with SK's.

    If it's "Which is best tank" SK probably.
    A Pally excels at assisting the tank and the group as a whole.

    SK is simple to play.
    Pally is complicated.

    Like the previous poster said..I've saved raids with my tricks like Gift of Life.

    I'm not sure who wins a duel...I'd guess a Pally but I am biased.
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  6. RandomStrategy Augur

    The stuns would destroy an SK, Harm Touch is greatly reduced against other players. I remember in Velious (on Agnarr) I was 'helping' an SK friend get back to his bind by dueling him, double tripled for 3k damage (two rounds of 3 500 range hits) and sent him home.

    Sometime I gotta challenge Sazzabi to a duel on Agnarr....he's the only SK I'd be afraid of.
  7. shiftie Augur

    This is all sorts of wrong.

    Stuns landing in pvp lolololololl
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  8. Chaosflux Augur

    Paladins are awesome on TLP (group game) since your groups are so heavily focused on Chanter Charm pets. I went from 1 to 60 on Phinny without ever having an enchanter I grouped with die from charm break.

    And that was when charming howling stones named and giving them Tola Robe and x2 flint daggers still worked. So they could eat Rune5 and a full hp bar on a chanter in under 2s.

    Other than that (raids) hope you like battle rezzing, curing, buffing, and healing because your raid DPS is atrocious AF.

    Group wise dps its largely irrelevant because your going to have 1 or more charm pets for a large part of the content most people usually like (upto GOD), and SK sustain is terrible in that era (good burst tho because of UA).

    And if you are stunning in PVP you are doing it wrong.
  9. Aelivaa New Member

    From SK point of view (i have been playing on on combine / sleeper und currently Ragefire) the average dps in groups between SK can paladin is more or less equal from their pure melee and their skillcaps.
    Sk could sligly pull ahead from pure melee if you also add the pet.

    The big difference in dps comes from their spell line up. at least for many expansion a pally has no real dps spells unless they are fighting undead. SK on the other hand has his lifetaps, dots and their spearline.

    In short group dps difference between pally and SK entirely depends on your role in the group (tanking or not) and the mana available to fuel dpsing.

    In general ppl notice SK showing up rather high on raid parses specifically bewteeen kunark and Luclin, but pallies don't (even on undead mobs a SK can and will beat a pally on dps), but in groups this is more a question of mana and gear.

    On later expansion (starting around PoP) SK should be able to pull ahead on group dps in a noteworthy manner as mana becomes less on an issue.

    Personally I do consider pally heals a form of dps as they beeing able to keep other alive and dead chars equal 0 dps, something a SK cannot do. This is quite relevant on raids and to a degree also on groups.

    Something else:
    Pallies do have a form on AE agro with their heals, while as SK you need to wait until Oow to get yours (although Dread Gaze is way more reliable once you are there).
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  10. Wulfhere Augur

    Aye but SK get their first form of AE aggro spell in Classic with Wave of Enfeeblement at level 27.
  11. Aelivaa New Member

    From my expierience that usually was enought to make yourself known to multiple mobs, but not to realy grab their attention
  12. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    They both suck roll a warrior
  13. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    SK's aren't "simple" to play. Just because you can play them half drunk or more. You have to remember to turn autoattack on at least. Otherwise you lose aggro about 1/2 through the fight :D

    In all seriousness by simple you mean against a single mob? That's like every tank class in my estimation. Skill and intricacy for an SK is when you can master multiple mobs effortlessly. Come to think of it, that helps when you are drunk too :D
  14. Allayna Augur

    Our last raid clear we gave an SK the same ADPS compliment our zerkers get. The top 4: Zerker, Zerker, SK, Zerker. The parse was 250 seconds on a raid boss and was something in the range of 700k dps. Paladins just don’t come close to that, even burning undead, a niche mob model in the game.

    Paladins > SK in raid utility, AE healing, splash curing, stun lock anyone?

    SK > Paladin in all things AE aggro.

    SK/Paladin > Warrior for tanking any boss in EQ, that 1% mitigation difference is a joke when you factor in the sheer amount of self healing knights do.

    So if you like tanking group or raid content with ease and damn near 100% uptime mortal coil, SK is the easy choice. If you like to have that occasional clutch ae heal (or like splash wiping raids in maeratas) Paladin is a clear choice, but the learning curve is steeper.
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  15. ~Mills~ Augur

    How is a 30% proc rate that is only on kill shots almost 100% uptime in raids? You sk's must be magical.

    In a solo setting depending on the content for kill speed or a group setting where the kills shots are intentionally funneled to the SK then yeah. But its still a proc from a kill shot.

    Having almost 100% uptime on demand 50-70% increase to all incoming heals is also pretty nice. Its just not as flashy.
  16. Allayna Augur

    Our sks purposely use raid trash to proc MC.
    And yes, since they removed mortal coil residue, mortal coil constantly refreshing itself when there is 2 minutes left on it is humorous to me. A solo SK in group content will have damn near 100% uptime on MC.

    I'm not asking for anything, was just giving my opinion between two classes I play and the ease of one vs the other.
  17. Fintank Augur

    Respectfully disagree on both counts!
  18. Robomax Elder

    1 st Neither class is a DPS class/ But an Sk can offer more dps because of his Pet/Dots and Tap.
    2 nd they are Plate wearers so if your Pally is still wearing Banded on TLP then you're a slacker (LOL)
    Pallys generally preferred till Luclin were Sks start to rule . and AAs and Wars become all that and a bag of chips during POP ( 10k Tanks-Unbuffed)
    Later Expacs it's all about AC and HPs on a Tank. Some Later expacs (UnderFoot) Warriors even went back to 1h slash and Shield for the Extra AC and stopped duel wielding.

    SKs and Pallys are always good for tanking Groups because they can both hold aggro well . If you have a backup heal in your group the extra heals from a Pally don't matter much. In the Old Days when Pallys got even the small rez it helped a lot Reduced time on CRs .(No CRs anymore) But Now every priest class can rez .(Which is Silly) Whichever one you play set them up as a Tank-Plate wearer 1 hs or 1 hp and shield. Or if your not main tank then 2hs or 2hp. Just don't ever tank 2hs or 2hps. (Silliest thing i've ever seen)
  19. Robomax Elder

    Well the Gear was different Also Back in the Day . Warrior specific Plate had higher AC? Is that still true on the newer gear? Does AGI make difference at level 110?
  20. p2aa Augur

    No to your 2 questions.

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