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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by SithWizard, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Tyreel Elder

    It is two things that cause a lot of crappy Auto follow, random WIFI latency and in game settings. 6 Toons on 6 PCs if they are all on Ethernet instead of WIFI follow nearly flawlessly.
    If you set the Max and Min Background FPS setting to 30~ on each instance of EQ the laggy spread out doesn't happen nearly as much. You would be shocked at how many people you call cheaters don't know how to to maintain their PCs or just don't set up the best way.

    BTW the last 2 rangers in the picture should be humping the pile a lot closer if the person was using said cheat software. And pro tip if you have people on auto follow when you stop take a few steps back and then forward and omg magically everyone bunched up!
  2. oldkracow Augur

    I've only run into one guy thus far on Agnarr recently that appears to be using any type of real good automation.

    Boxing 10 guys, everyone is in perfect sync when it comes to casting and timed attacks....

    We'll see what the GM says.... I could be wrong hopefully I am...
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Autofollow alone, as used by /follow, will cause players to occupy the same coordinates in-game. That's not some third party stuff going on.
  4. elumxe Journeyman

    That picture is SUCH bs. THERE IS NO WORKING M Q 2 for truebox servers!
    I don't know if I S B O X E R works on truebox servers but if it does it's likely that in combination with 12 physical computers.
  5. welly321 Elder

    Umm what rock have you been living under? Did you miss the Trucidation M Q 2 videos from kunark?
  6. elumxe Journeyman

    No I saw the video in September 2017, and in fact it's what triggered m q 2 being further locked down, for the last 4 months it's improbable there is a working version since the headers needed to get it to work are no longer released to the public...

    I keep my ear to the ground from under my rock for any attempts at building it for truebox servers. There just isn't any proof of anyone succeeding so far.
  7. Accipiter Augur

    I would automatically assume you are trolling/joking but something tells me you are not.

    There are no official builds of Macrofarginquest (so dumb that its name is still censored after all these years) but there are LOTS of people using custom builds .
  8. elumxe Journeyman

    No. You are misinformed, I'm not trolling, just trying to inform the public of the facts.

    No one can reasonably build a custom build anymore since the headers are gone. Try it, download the source and build it for live, no headers==no build.

    Fixing the headers yourself? lol yeah there are like 2 people on the planet that CAN do that right now, within time before a new exe is out, and none of them will ever build a version for truebox.

    Ask around, it can't be done. It used to be possible, but it just isn't feasible anymore. "LOTS" pfft yeah right...
  9. Accipiter Augur

    That might be true based on recent work the M Q author has done recently. However, people absolutely use M Q on Agnarr and Phinny. You're kidding yourself if you think that isn't the case. The M Q author posted about it here acknowledging that (in so many words) and said he was taking extra steps to prevent it.
  10. elumxe Journeyman

    No one is using it on agnarr and phinny since it can't be built for those servers. you can send me proof at if you have any because I'll believe it when I see it.

    I have received no reports whatsoever so far, not from dbg and not from players.

    I take truebox versions of m q 2 very seriously but I'm telling you, there is no build out there for it right now, I don't dispute there was one 6 months ago, but there is not one now.
  11. Accipiter Augur

    OK, fair enough. Question: Does a program like this need to be updated every time EQ is updated? Your statement seems to indicate that it does. Put another way, do older version stop working after a patch? If that's the case, I can buy that there aren't any old versions of M Q 2 currently running on Agnarr and Phinny currently.
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  12. nophilter New Member

    These ** accuser posts are great. I've seen so many and most of them share a couple of similar characteristics. The complainer is usually ignorant of ways to use hotkeys, ways to use basic game mechanics to their advantage; ie spawn timers, pathing, even doing /target... lord forbid someone set up a hotkey with a "/pause" command in it, that guy is using ** for sure.
    Let's look at Scarlet Desert, a recent shard zone... The plateau mobs have a fixed repop time and fixed spawn locations.. keeping track of timers/locations is part of the game for people who play multiple hours every day, and if you play several hours a day, you probably have much better gear than a casual player. Then a salty casual player loses a dps race because they got there late, didn't know the spawn spot, had worse gear, etc, and immediately jumps to the conclusion that everyone better than them must be cheating... right.. And now we are at a point where a legitimate complaint will be lost in a sea of 1000 complaints about people who know hot to use hotkeys or in-game commands that everyone has access to.
  13. Soulfire Lorekeeper


    This guy is spot on.

    Sometimes when I box on the same connect 1 laptop has 230ms another 380 and thr other 250 as an example.

    The 380ms will lag behind slightly.
  14. Gidono Augur

    Any program that sniffs traffic from EQ does so because it knows where to look for information. The location of that information changes anytime eqgame.exe is changed. The item collector for allakhazam has to be updated every patch as well because it sniffs network traffic coming from the game in order to get item information. Eqmule and others helped develop the code that allowed sites like ours to extract item information from the game so we could actually present item information to the players.
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  15. elumxe Journeyman

    Yes this is correct, as indicated above as well, everytime eqgame changes m q 2 needs to be changed to match as well.
  16. Darchias Augur

    Normally the change isn't too drastic, making it fairly simple. With the latest patch though, it sounds like there are significant changes, so I don't envy those programmers for having to keep up. This is probably months, if not over a year of work on Everquest, and it's finally being pushed out to players. It's an exciting time.
  17. Accipiter Augur

    Great, thanks. I know you're doing everything you can to honor the True Box server rules. :)
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  18. Misaligned Elder

    Not sure what this screenshot is indicating. I know plenty of people who box without breaking the rules. I 3-box myself without violating the rules.

    If you believe someone is violating the rules prepare video footage and log files clearly demonstrating the violation and submit a ticket. If you're not willing to go through that effort (and it is a lot of effort, I've done it) then don't expect much to happen.

    Nvidia Shadowplay and keeping your logfiles a reasonable size makes this much easier.

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