Overthere - Testing the Waters

Discussion in 'Zones and Quest Discussion' started by Lianeb, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Vanrau Augur

    I watched someone do this quest, it took the Alchemist a few minutes to spawn and they had to be in the water of the pool in order for it to spawn.
  2. Absor Developer

    The alchemist will now spawn right on top of someone in your group when you complete the element. Be ready.

    If you get stuck and are past the first couple elements, you can talk to Krama and she will undo some of your progress.
  3. Shwinkster New Member

    Used the empty muck vials in east and west pools and spawned the 2 chokidai watchdogs... which killed me. I went and hailed Krama and she reset the quest to use the empty vials in the east and west pools again. The problem is that I have 2 filled muck vials and no empty muck vials to use at this point. Maybe she should replace the filled muck vials with empty muck vials so that the quest can be continued. I tried destroying the filled muck vials and hailing her again but she just nods at me now.

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