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Discussion in 'Zones and Quest Discussion' started by Lianeb, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Lianeb Augur

    Use the Activated Counteragent in the western pool
    When i click on it at the western pool i get
    Grey Smoke rises from the pool as you pour in the Activated Counteragent. The pool roils slowly, and seems to sink into the ground
    Note the Activated Counteragent is then gone from inventory

    Use the activated Counteragent in the eastern pool.
    When clicked on the eastern pool i get
    You hear clinking from the bushes as the furious Alchemist Ren`zan charges toward you.

    He does not and doesn't show on track in the zone.
    Nor does the task update.
    Note the activated counteragent is NOT gone from inventory and re-clicking in the eastern pool never updates
  2. Absor Developer

    I think it works now.
  3. Stephsanity Elder

    just finished it , it works fine now
  4. Raptour_MT Elder

    Had an issue where, the Alchemist had been spawned then pulled far away from the pool by a person doing the quest at the same time as I was (did not know this at the time). When I clicked I received the message he spawned, but since he was already up he didn't spawn for me. Now the vial won't respawn him and I'm stuck at the Kill Alchemist step on the quest.
  5. Absor Developer

    So I added this NPC to a thing I made for another quest. If he is up, he gets added to a count. We check every minute, if there are counts and the NPC is not up, we will make one. So, basically, once the one that is up dies you should get a new one no more than a minute later.

    Unfortunately I just don't have time to test this thoroughly, but it seems to work.
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  6. Lianeb Augur

    Can you add this to Montrous Skorpiki in the task "What makes a Skorpiki" the same scenario is going to happen i believe
  7. Thrillho Augur

    This is going to be a bottleneck, and easily trollable for someone to stop others from progressing. Spawn him, pull him away, root, charm, snare, train, kite, etc.

    If another doesn't spawn when summoned, the people who try to summon him are at the mercy of whoever is ahead of them. Please make him leash to the pool he's summoned at, and make him non-charmable.
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  8. Siny Augur

    I certainly had this problem. Mine spawned and an sk who was simply killing all sarnak anywhere near him grabbed it. I did manage to grab the next but it shows the potential.
  9. Witchking New Member

    I have to agree with this the Alchemist is to easily taken by another grp in here as happened to me already and another grp that was in the zone who spawned him.

    Leashing him to the pool at spawning would make sense and stop a lot of arguing.
  10. Arthion New Member

    After doing this task 3 times, the Alchemist popped at the pier. Please fix this.
  11. Rekni New Member

    The quest isnt really showing where Alchemist should spawn. And it s spawn point being so far from where was last step of the quest makes it u cant finish the quest having Alchemist being taken by another group or alchemist simply not spawning. The idea to have it spawn near the pool would really make more sense.
  12. bootman New Member

    Did todayOct 29th 3:14pm est had toon at west pool (after first click) others at east pool clicked task updated and no spawn he did not pop up at all
  13. Kinadorm Augur

    Also, tried this on 29th and Alchemist Ren'zain never spawned after clicking the vial. I assume hes lost somewhere in the zone but can't find him. Instead of adding him to a counter can you go ahead and just spawn another one when you click even if ones already up?
  14. Kinadorm Augur

    Someone else ran up 10 minutes later and the alchemist did spawn when they clicked. Not sure why he never spawned when I tried. I did the eastern pool step first so still had the western pool step incomplete when the kill alchemist step appeared. The person that successfully spawned him had done the western pool first so had both complete at the step.
  15. Hiladdar Augur

    I did the quest, and see several possible issues with it.

    1. The Chokai Watchdogs that spawn in one of the pools. There are 2 dogs that pop. If the dogs are not killed they may remain up. Also if there are several groups / individuals doing that quest, you could have a lot of dogs up, enough that will single round the puller.

    Recommendation: have the dogs de-spawn if they are not killed within 10 or 15 minutes. If a player dies, or is not able to kill the dogs within the specified amount of time, consider going to the quest NPC, rehailing him to get another clicki for the pool of muck. Another option, is for the clicki not to disappear until both dogs are dead.

    2. The Alchemist Ren'zain: When I did this quest, he ran to the pool and just stood in the middle. This is another possible spot where he may be intercepted by another group while he is running to the pool. Likewise there needs to be a way for the person / group doing the quest to kill the mob without other players / groups interfering. The second issue with how do you respawn him if you died, or someone else killed him.

    Recommendation: Have him spawn much closer to the pool, and walk to the middle of the pool. And like with the dogs, recommend for a way to respawn him if he is killed by another group.
  16. CM99games New Member

    This is going to turn into another DPS race with whoever is sitting at the pool.
  17. Hiladdar Augur

    The dogs or Alchemist should stay up long enough for someone who plays a warrior with EoK T1 group weapons have enough time to kill, with about a 25% time buffer.

    I do think when the expansion comes out, most will be either boxing this or grouping. But at the end of the expansion, this quest should be moloble by most classes.

    My concern is getting the bubble of players at the start of the expansion through this step, without creating issues for GMs having to step in and address issues or smooth ruffled feathers.
  18. Dwavlin New Member

    I too got stuck at the "Kill 1 Alchemist Ren`Zain" step. Someone told me he spawned at the docs and was killed. Clicking the vial again in the pool just gets a message "You must be helping Krama Alaeus pour the Activated Counteragent into the cesspools.".

    Ren`zain does not respawn, nor does there appear a way to respawn him. Perhaps a reset mechanic for this step would be good?

    This is a quest in open world and for the first days of the expansion could cause people not on the quest to be killed when he spawns on or runs over people exploring the zone for the first time. Also, as it stands, we will need to re-do the quest, or wait for some other group to spawn him and then we steal their spawn and kill it to finish the quest (drama!).
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  19. Hiladdar Augur

    Thank you Dwavlin for providing a perfect example of the problem I was alluding to.
  20. Absor Developer

    2 bad guys in 10 minutes should be do-able, I would think.

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