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  1. xcitng Augur

    can anyone here tell me how to sync overseer with my computer clock?
    my computer clock somehow went off time and i had to reset it, this caused the timing in overseer active quests to be goofy, when starting a new active quest it never goes to finish now, it either has no button or says collect reward.
    at the end of the quest the collect reward button is up and it works fine, the problem is there never is a finish now button
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  3. xcitng Augur

    ty for the url, overseer still isn't working right, but at least i know my computer clock will always be right now
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  4. xcitng Augur


    the program you told me about is super, after getting it started it kept telling me error and it wouldn't sync and why, turns out that when i was messing with my computer clock i somehow set the day 24 hours ahead, lol
    i fixed the date and it sync'd, and now my overseer problem is fixed and it works perfectly ;)

    thank you soooo much for helping me when no one else could ... hugs :)
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    Glad to hear you got it fixed :D