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  1. KarmaKitty Augur

    Got to love, er, hate overseer.

    Two characters 99.99% into level 115 thanks to overseer (char XP and collectables). Much
    of it due to Overseer in just a few minutes twice a day (finish quest, gain character xp, start
    next set of quest, go check/restock the vendor). As for collections, use the overseer
    rewards. May cost some XP, but save big on plat. Just make sure to do the collections that
    reward 2% of a level. Some offer much less. Those can help a lot in the final push to max level.

    Recent changes to overseer have help drastically cut the time needed daily.

    First character is just about maxed on merc xp as well. Overseer appears to give a lot of merc XP/AAs at the upper levels. Second character closing in, but only on maxing healer.

    Starting on 3rd o_O probably should work on AAs, since the necromancer is a bit light. Guess
    I don't need to work on that epic now. Need a good lazy place to rack up AAs.

    Alts to 65 the hard way years ago,
    65 -> 85 grind or buy (did not try fellowships)
    85 -> 90 grind, overseer
    90 -> 100 grind, overseer, pick up some TAs (EOK, ?) on the way
    100 -> into 113 via the four TOV Hero TAs
    All provided I can build up enough plat on the trader...

    Does leave the alts with little beyond the auto grant AAs. Poor things. AAs can be the
    difference between being able to solo and being unplayable.

  2. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I had a rare research today crit today for 6.7% or something like that wish that rare research came up more often was nice although i used the reward for tradeskill stuff was really nice. i usually use for real xp when it starts getting tough like around 108 or so. To me using on something like 85 or low level char's is just a waste least to me. Finally got my last uncommon and it was from a quest imagine that bout 1450 quests in.

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  3. KarmaKitty Augur

    True. I'm suggesting saving them for the last bit (113-ish to max).
    Not to say I did not use a bit to cover that last bit to 100 opening up the TOV TAs.
  4. Zamiam Augur

    the lower lvl you use the ToV TA's for the 4 hero's quests.. the more grind you will have when you reach 109+ (109 being a hell lvl) ..
    Ive seen some peeps get TA'd at lvl 102 .. they got a long grind ahead .. I dont know exactly how much xp it will lvl them too im guessing 109 maybe 110 .. but that still 5 more lvls of grind the merc/part task completion quests will only get you another 2 lvls so that brings you to 112 . now the grind is on .. 112 to 115 is long and hard at .010% a kill

    I save the hero quests for when im 109 or 110 . that gets me to 113 with the hero quests then the merc/part usually get me to 115.. ive done this on 2 toons now and ive gone from 109 or 110 to 115 in like 2 to 3 days..

    and seriously which dev was it that created the merc task Lake-Effect snow devils (GD) Dervishes suck ..
    also the Key to the 4th floor of ToFS was a pita if you died alot :p and having a whole group where 1 or 2 peeps just couldnt get it and kept dying .. lets just say CC is your friend here .. bring a friendly bard or Ench with you when you do this
  5. KarmaKitty Augur

    You can get 10 overseer quest per day with little effort. So, around 5 to 10% per day fairly easy. Much faster than 500 - 1000 kills. I believe, bonus xp applies. Many of the collectible sets for the later expansions give 2%.. Given my time on line, it is way faster to let overseer do the heavy lifting.
  6. Zamiam Augur

    I think overseer is fine for XP quests but for collects not so much you only get 1 collectible fragment per success (unless its a critical then you get 2) and it takes 4 fragments to make 1 collectible .

    so lets say you do nothing but collect quests ok so you get 2 (maybe collects) a day. Most collections are 8 to 10 + items so lets say 8 .. it would take you 4 days of doing nothing but collects to get 1 collection quest completed for a 2% xp gain ?

    I dont see how that is better than going out and killing x amount of mobs .. Now sure if you need that 1 or 2 rare collect item that either baz doesnt have or is charging outrageous prices on then yes overseer is good for that .. but I wouldn't waste my time or the reg XP and merc XP on doing nothing but collects with overseer..
  7. Petalonyx Augur

    I hear this a lot, but I think it is just flat out bad advice.

    Reason = overseer and collects add "fixed" exp (and even more merc exp) at higher levels. Fixed is in quotes because 2% of level 100 is not the same as 2% of level 114. Compare for instance the number of even con kills to make 2% in 100 vs 114. The difference is large. Get to 110+, and each overseer quest effectively adds A LOT more exp.

    Secondly, ToV T1 gear is cheap as heck! Yes pls to skipping all the gearing that might otherwise occur from 100 to 115.

    Third, aforementioned "Fixed" exp awards waaaaay more merc AAs at 110+ than lower levels.

    Fourth, at 110+ you can meaningfully contribute in ToV, making it generally easier to get groups, and therefore more exp.

    If you want to wait for anything, wait for an exp bonus event, since this affects the exp rewarded from achieves. With double exp bonus, my fresh lvl 100 alt went to 112.5 with the 4 x ToV adds.
  8. Tatanka Augur

    One question about the ToV big-XP task/missions....

    Can they be applied to AA XP? I am always way behind the curve, and will be 115 before I even get to ToV, but will still have quite a few AAs to finish.
  9. Windance Augur

    Each time you finish one of the series for a zone you get a flat 22.5% XP boost. You can not turn them in for AA. I tested them with LoTD and got the same 22.5% XP. They might be boosted with the global 50% xp boost we have going now but I doubt it.

    The AA grind is a ridiculous time sink at this point. I've helped several returning players get 'raid ready' and it takes weeks to get their basic AA lines filled out enough to be 'ready'.
  10. Windance Augur

    I just completed griklor and with LoTD running and 50% global boost the character received 20 AA and 32.582% @ 114. Normally I see 22.500% so the 50% global boost for the holiday DOES effect these one time achievements. LoTD does not.
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  11. Tatanka Augur

    Thanks for the update.

    With a little luck, by the time I do them, the level cap will be raised, so the leveling XP won't be wasted, LOL ;)
  12. Zamiam Augur

    by the time there is a new lvl cap increase , DB will nerf the xp for the ToV /ach rewards so they will suck also and force peeps to play in the current new expansion ..
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  13. Tatanka Augur

    Ah, but Overseer removes the sting of that approach! You can still level up pretty quickly.
  14. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    First time ive seen this quest reward is 5.4 xp most ive seen so far i hope i critical it lol. Three level 5 needed for quest.



    ps sadly now i gotta stay online so i dont somehow lose this quest as i still find missing quests time to time.
  15. Tatanka Augur

    Yes, it still drops quests randomly, at times, but my theory is, they all eventually come back.

    I can't tell you how many times I've logged in and see 6/5 quests completed and ready to collect rewards. Those must be the lost ones, which eventually find their way back home.

    And today, first time I've seen this... I log in, and see 7/5 quests completed and ready to collect rewards :)
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  16. Zamiam Augur

    that has happened to me a few times as well ..
  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    The quests that return are ones I have already claimed during my last overseer session, not ones I have lost previously.

    It is like EQ and Overseer goes out of sync and doesn't remember what you have started or finished.
  18. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Finished a research elite quest and got a crit on it highest xp to date.


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  19. KarmaKitty Augur

    Gratz Andarriel!

    Ha! I started an 85 alt hunting TS components off grey cons for an hour or less per day roughly two weeks ago. They are now 75% from 87 thanks to Overseer. Feels faster than hunting white cons pre Overseer.
  20. KarmaKitty Augur

    The alt made 90 yesterday (Oct 18th to 11/12 with no other play). It may be possible to get some TAs from older expansions, but some hunting will be required to get to 100 when ToV TAs can be obtained.
    TS items banked may sell out in a week or two. :p