Overseer - Well it was good while it lasted.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Angahran, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Angahran Augur

    *** Items ***

    - You may now only gain one Collection Dispener items from the Overseer system. Also, there are some rewards that only offer a chance at gaining a collection item. The chance is in the name. The rewards that only give a chance offer an amount of Overseer Tetradrachm to make up for the fact that it's only a chance to gain a collection item.

    Does this mean they are now 'Lore' or you can only gain one ever ?

    - Overseer Tetradrachms are no longer trade-able. They are still heirloom.

    No point doing this on alt accounts anymore.

    - Increased the price on most items sold for Overseer Tetradrachm.

    Increased ????
  2. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Yes, because nice things are not allowed. Must. Nerf. Nice. Things.

    Everyone knows how important those brews are. :rolleyes:
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  3. Cadira Augur

    I think the "you may only gain one" means that, even if you get a critical success it'll still only give you one instead of two like it used to. The whole "low chance to receive one" is bs, they could have just made it so you can't get current expac ones and called it a day. Or that and at least make it a high chance (75%?) To receive one.

    To think people were spending loads of money on this new feature and dpg decided to make it useless. It's like they decided they literally don't want our money all of the sudden.
  4. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    It's a secret plan to alienate us all so we'll move away from EQ and flock to Holly's new project.
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  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Before Overseer you couldn't get anything from overseer after the patch you can still get stuff from overseer. So I don't see a problem there.

    Where the problem does comes in is how poorly this was implemented that it required such a bit nerf. If it had been released with this all thought out in advance the big nerf would not have been needed and folks would just be happy with Overseer. Massive fail on Darkpaws part.
  6. Sissruukk Augur

    Fippy would not be proud.
  7. Yara_AB Augur

    In addition they changed something not mentioned in the patch notes: The collectible dispenser is no "No Trade".
    This - for sure - was uncalled for and not needed at all.
  8. kimbotta Journeyman

    Look closer buddy.
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Before there was overseer you could not get anything of those things with overseer because it was not there. So the net affect of all this is there is still stuff you will be able to get from Overseer. You had a short time you could get more. Pretend it didn't happen.

    They put this out and I believe they said there would likely be tweaking. They are going to reimburse some markerplace cash for some stuff.

    Only screw up they made was not tuning this the way they wanted it from the beginning. But once it is people will use it or not. People just got a bonus out of it for a short period of time.
  10. Venedar Lorekeeper

    The increased price of Ak'Anon Clockwork Ornaments is bad. Will take about 200 days to get a complete armor.
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  11. Yinla Augur

    They are hierloom, so can still be fed to alts on the same account and I asume the actual collectable itself is tradeable.

    Currently have 76 on my main who doesn't need any from any expansion, these will go to my fav alt who still needs the rare stuff from TBM (crypt) and EoK (SW), if the actual collectable is tradeable they will then trickle down to other alts.

    For me it isn't a complete waste, but I'm more interested in the TS mats at the moment. Collects is just a bi product of the tradeskill mats I require only being available from 2 quest, so I either do nothing with other 3 quests or do collects on 5 accounts. I'll soon be running out of required tradeskill mats so Overseer may get knocked completely on the head unless I find something else of use.
  12. CrazyLarth Augur

    it was great I had fun , I still plan to use it over time. but I focused on recuit > Collects since I knew it was going to be changed over time. I told my Guildees to focus on VR and R since I thought they were going to make them random rewards later.

    I did finish TOV , TBL colletions I had missing on my main. but I have 6 accts so I was funneling some times 6 - 15+ collect clicks to one toon. a day.
  13. Wulfhere Augur

    The fact that the end reward collectable is still trade able means the nerf is intended to slow down and kill bazaar trades and parcels. It makes it much much harder for one player to decide what item to actually reward in the end. Not fun.
  14. Scornfire Augur

    The Rez token price is still giving me fits of laughter. It's more expensive than the Crystallized Luck! XD

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