Overseer, waste of money.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mr Blue Sky, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Mr Blue Sky Journeyman

    I am one of the stupid ones who never tried overseer before and only tried it with my free heroic char.
    I thought I would mess around on FV for awhile, made a mage and a druid to kill some old mobs.

    Well I brought agents a lot of them, and also spent a lot on fast tracking the quests. After about 5 days of doing the quests and well over £200 I gained a whole 1 level to 86 and a half!!
    And my OS skills are mostly level 2 and I have a 3 in military :rolleyes:

    Is this really designed to help people catch up? It came round the free char time so I presume it is. It fails.
    The ornaments suck, harvesting items go for about 25pp in the bazaar and the tetra's....why bother. Collections well I've always found them and tracking which you have a PITA.

    Remember I started this on FV server, £200+ could have got my 2 chars power levelled to who knows what level and i'd still have krono to myself with new gear. Yes I agree I made the choice to spend the cash and I'm an idiot, but I also feel like I've been suckered in. The hope the rewards would be better, and people on the forums were exaggerating.

    My advise, don't spend anything on this junk until they sort the rewards out.
    However this is the veteran lounge (i'm a filthy casual) and I'm pretty sure most here would like the raids sorted first. Overseer later on.
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  2. Namde Elder

    Especially since they dropped the collection item chances to almost 0.
  3. Nudia Augur

    The exp is nice once you're 111 or higher.

    My enchanter I tried to care about for a month and gave up at 114 is certainly enjoying the free trip to 115 in the guild hall.
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  4. Nennius Augur

    Just think how much toilet paper you could have bought with the money instead.
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  5. CatsPaws Augur

    I have not spend a red DBC cent on this new goodie. And yet I have a gazillion twilight fish scales from an expansion I don't even own yet and I can make some cloaks to sell in the baz for people who have the muhbis thing, plus all those special fish, legumes or whatever they are make really nice stat drinks and food. I have finished collections in 2 expansions which also gave me 12 AA each and am getting some reg nice experience on some of the Overseer quests. I have a small stable of agents - none purchased but you can do quests to get more.

    All this running in the background while I am out getting even MORE exp and goodies from the daily hot zones or daily HA or Anniversary quests! 6 hour quests for while I am playing and then the 12 hour ones for overnight.

    PS Collection items are a major AA and leveling tool. If your not doing them your losing a fast track easy way to gain either. That is why some collection items sell for so much in baz.
  6. Coronay Augur

    I disagree. I spent about $15 and am having a blast sending the agents on quests before work and coming home and seeing what goodies I got. And when I get a critical success you get a bonus agent ! Woohoo!! I’m really enjoying it
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  7. Smokezz Augur

    So... you spent all that money over 5 days, and you didn't think to look how much xp you were getting?
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  8. Nennius Augur

    I am too. I haven't spent any RL cash on it though. If I had, I might feel differently. A bit of experience and my 110 rogue is getting some collection items here and there and it has helped a bit.

    Oddly though, I haven't had any recovery missions to take. Are they available, or have I just missed them?
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  9. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I believe you have to have a follower be incapacitated to get a recovery mission. You probably have to be patient and wait for a quest refresh to happen for the quest to appear. I'm too manic about sending out my dudes to quest and I must miss them.
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  10. Nadisia Lorekeeper

    You're kidding, right? £200 on that thing?
    But well, it's up to you ;)

    As for me, I just ignore this gimmicky mini game.
    During my short com back on WoW, I really hated all these missions around the Garrison, the followers, the champions and all that stuff.
    It was a chore for us, cuz it was mandatory, even with a decent ... well at least usable, external app.

    Here? I've checked, the in game UI is just horrible, and DBG do not provide any external app to run the missions.
    So I won't touch it, even with a stick :)
    But as long as it's not mandatory (and it should stay that way , non mandatory.), I don't care.

    No need to say that I won't spend a single coin on that feature, even my monthly free station coins.
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  11. Mr Blue Sky Journeyman

    It wouldn't be so bad if it had LoN like prizes that could be traded.
    Being told to self isolate doesn't help and waiting 12 hours for a quest to finish...yawn.

    The whole overseer thing seems clunky and heavy handed, almost forced on the player base.
    Did anyone even ask for it ? Maybe they will improve it later?...

    Only good thing I noticed I had a prize:nimbus of burning steps from an LoN loot pack, not sure when I got that. There was a buyer in barter, I got 2mil for it. ;)
  12. Beimeith Augur

    What, exactly, do people think this means? Insert credit card and become max level/gear/AA?

    That would be horrible for the game.

    I wasn't a huge fan of Overseer when I heard about because it sounded like a soulless money grab. It still is one, but they have at least made it NOT required and as Nadisia said, as long as it remains that way it's fine.

    Really though, you spend < 5 minutes clicking a few buttons and just let it do it's thing and a few hours later you get a small bonus. Is it a lot? Not really, but does it help? Sure.

    That said, it seems clear from dev posts that the system as a whole wasn't ready yet. I mean the UI is horrible, all the number calculations were/are displaying wrong (to the point they had to issue refunds even!), the rewards weren't ready yet, etc.

    It needed more time to bake but they rushed it for the anniversary. I'm sure that wasn't a dev thing though, that sounds like something that was ordered from the Money people at the top, not the devs.

    Personally, I think the following changes need to be made:

    • Scale the XP rewards for lower levels better.
    • Allow XP rewards to work on AA.
    • Make the Merc AA rewards better (actually match the value listed. It says 50% but you get 15%).
    • Add lower level expansions to the TS quests and more rare items. (Omens of War I'm looking at you).
    • Fix the pricing on the vendor stuff (it's way out of whack).
    • Add more stuff to the vendor that useful for lower levels. (Some basic type 7/8 augs for 1 thing, defiant/heroic type gear for each level range: 90/95/100/105/110, powersources, bags of currency etc.)
    • Make the collectible rewards 100% but make them RANDOM (AKA: Choose expansion > Choose set > Get random collectible from that set). Should never have made it let you pick the EXACT one you want, that's crazy imo. If it's random it increases the selling of extras in the bazaar which should deflate the prices over time and make it more accessible for everyone.
  13. Visitor Elder

    First thing to note, is that at 85 with out using any DB coins, you can get about 4% XP per day, that is a level a month in addition to anything else you are doing. If you have funds and are rushing quests, I expect that the rate of XP advancement would go up (no idea how much as I am just pacing it). For obtaining Trade goods and collectibles you have to be All Access, and with 4 or 5 quests a day, getting a decent supply of trade goods, with minimal work seems reasonable. You play EQ and enhance XP or whatever path you choose, Overseer was not designed ot get you to max everything in a month.
  14. enclee Augur

    Normally you make good suggestions, but this one is simply awful. It’s actually refreshing to have RNG removed from one aspect of this game. Now, you want to make it worse? Terrible suggestion.
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  15. Mr Blue Sky Journeyman

    There's not even an option to trade your agents with other players.

    Never mind I will just go through the quests 6 hours everyday for my free 4%.
    If I can be bothered :D
  16. That0neguy Augur

    No one expects that or wants that. People want something that is reasonable just like your suggestions.
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  17. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    If they made the collectible be a random one that would absolutely kill this feature for me. I really hope they don’t listen to that suggestion.

    The nerf to make collectibles a Chance was fine but to make me need to burn 30 of them and still not get the one rare collectible is stupid.

    The rest of the suggestions are fine
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  18. Beimeith Augur

    It's only "rare" if they make it rare. I didn't say they should do that. Most collections are 8 items. Having a 12.5% chance to get the one you want, x5 quests every 6 hours, is still a LOT of chances to get the one you want. (Yes, I know you can't always do 5 quests every 6 hours, that's an example).

    And then you have to figure in the secondary market, aka the Bazaar, where people will be selling all the collectibles they DON'T need, driving down the prices and making them more affordable.

    They could also just add the old collectibles to the vendor, but I assume the idea was to make the rewards "varied" instead of everything bought with coin.
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  19. Scornfire Augur

    FWIW, all the quest payouts increase significantly based on your Overseer levels and the rarity of the quests (Duration also factors in). I wanted to show a static level 4 uncommon reward but I crit Successed it of course, iirc the base xp is closer to 2.13% for a 12h lvl 4 uncommon


    The Tetra Reward was 3150, which appears to be analogous with the xp payout

    I haven't seen level 5 Elite quests, But I won't be surprised if they're 3%-3.5% base for a 12h. You won't GET very many elite quests, but the value is apparent if you keep working at advancing
  20. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    All three mission types that award collectibles are 12hour missions not 6hour missions. For most players that means once a day, usually 4-5 missions available if you have a solid stable of agents.

    The reason I like the current implementation is it prevents the RNG from screwing you over like it can in so many other aspects of the game. With a 12.5% chance it’s completely reasonable some player will go through upwards of 30-40 collect claims before receiving the only one they’re interested in. It’s a system designed around helping returning or new members. There’s no need to force them to roll the dice on completing collectibles sets.
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