Not A Bug Overseer: Uncommon Conversion removes duplicates

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Yara_AB, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Yara_AB Augur

    I just had it happen once again two times in a row.
    This time the agents that were missing afterwards were iconics i had 3 times.

    Going to send you a PM.
    By the way: Could it be that having more than one account online at the same time might be causing issues?
  2. klanderso Developer

    I think you may have sent the PM to a different person ;)
  3. klanderso Developer

    That's an entirely different bug. Agents do not stack in the Agents tab, each entry on the left is a copy of an Agent. The fact that you were able to send that single Agent on three different quests was a bug. I can see that you've only ever received Minotaur Lord twice, and that both copies were retired, correctly leaving you with none. There are no missing Agents in this case.

    I just looked through the conversion quests you did today. I tracked all the Agents involved in them and can confirm that you actually have the correct number of each Agent that was used.
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  4. klanderso Developer

    I've looked through our records and verified the history of each Agent that was retired on the given day, you're not missing any.
  5. Soulbanshee Augur

    If people are looking at the quantity on the Select Agent and not the Agents tab, could the function that shows you the quantity be malfunctioning? Or else its more dastardly that's happening after (or in spite of) the logs that are produced?
  6. Axxius Augur

    I've never retired my Minotaur Lord. I used him in Uncommon Conversion once, and all 3 of him disappeared in that 1 transaction. Also, you see that I received him twice - but there was just 1 entry for him in my agent list. So we may be dealing with multiple bugs here:
    1. one list entry for multiple copies of the agent;
    2. mismatching numbers in different lists: 1 in the agent list, "3x" available for quests, and 2 if I actually acquired him 2 times and not 3;
    3. all 3 (or 2) copies disappearing in 1 conversion quest - although that may be a consequence of #1
  7. Ninelder Augur

    They tried to tell me the same thing on one of my petitions, I didn't even know you could "retire" an agent until i was falsely accused of doing it. I of course never had.
  8. Yara_AB Augur

    you are right.
    This is more and more strange to be honest:
    I checked right after the conversion and they were gone. Got some errands to see for and later on they were back. (sorry - should have edited - but forgot about).
    Is it possible that this is either self-recovering after a while?

    (btw those in question were done on another account - in case you checked this one)
  9. Inga Elder

    I think this is the same bug, or deeply related to this thread.

    I found that bug and reported on March 7, 2020 in Test Update 03/03/2020 - New Bugs Only thread.

    I can confirm the following issues.

    When I have 2 same common agents on Agents Tab and click Select Agent on Quests Tab, that agent is hardly ever shown as x4. I don't know if this can be happened with other number or rarity.

    Closing Overseer window and relog does NOT fix this bug. I don't know if Overseer quest rotation fixes it or not.

    It happened for a common Artisan agent when I noticed first time. When I noticed this bug second time, it was Level 1 Common Crafting Quest Brew for the Day. When I found third time, I think it was Level 1 Common Crafting Quest Best in Show 2nd agent slot (1st optional slot) for a different common Artisan. I am not sure if it is triggered at specific slot of specific quests or not.

    As I was counting every agents I got when I found this bug, I can confirm that I had only 2 agents, and displayed x4 number is wrong.

    When I did Common Conversion quest using 1 of the agent that is shown as x4, that agent is shown as x1 properly after Conversion. (If players think that they had 4 agents, they will think they lost 3 agents.)

    I cannot confirm the following issues and these are just my assumptions.

    It seems to be that a single uncommon agent can be shown as x3 at Select Agent on Quests Tab.

    It is possible that non-Iconic agents can be used for non-Conversion quests as if they actually have the bugged numbers. If you have 1 Uncommon agent and shown as x3 at Select Agent, they can be used for 3 different quests. However, if you actually have only 1 agent at Agents Tab, if one of the agents is incapacitated, all agents will be unavailable.

    If a player use 2 non-Iconic agents that is shown as x4 at Select Agents, but shown only 2 at Agents Tab for Conversion quest, that player will think he or she lost all 4 agents.
    If there is a bug that an Uncommon agent is shown as x3, if a player uses 1 of the agents for Conversion quest, that player will think he or she lost all 3 Uncommon agents after Conversion.

    If a player does Common Conversion using 3 agents that is shown as x4 but the player actually has only 2 agents, the agent will be removed, but the quest is failed as that player actually has only 2 agents and doesn't give an Uncommon agent reward. The same thing can be happened for Rare Conversion if the x3 bug can be happened for Uncommon agent.

    As I said, these are just my assumptions and may be wrong.
    Anyway, I think you have to fix the displayed Select Agent number bug first, unless there is someone who can confirm they are not same bug.
  10. klanderso Developer

    My apologies, on my end "retired" means the same thing for both using a minion in a conversion quest and clicking the retire button. I see you getting Minotaur Lord once, then converting him a few minutes later at the end of March. Then I see you getting him again on April 3 and converting him on the 21.You never had more than one at the same time. Your bug is with the agent list being out of sync with the agents you actually have.
  11. klanderso Developer

    If this is the case, then a separate thread should be opened (to keep things clean and organized).
  12. klanderso Developer

    Some context: when an agent is used in a conversion or someone manually retires an agent, it shows the same thing on the backend. And as someone very familiar with the code, they use the same flow, which is being retired (having duplicate code by another name in the same places is gross). Because our GMs only have access to logs (and didn't implement the system) they see an agent being retired. So there was no accusing being done, they were simply relaying the actions done as they read them. As the person who did the final pass on logs (I was a GM for ~6 years and wanted to be sure they had all the information needed to track EvErYtHiNg) anything log related falls on me. As a direct result of this thread (and the hours of research I did yesterday on the handful of cases that were reported), I've made a few tweaks to the logging so our GMs are better informed.

    Additionally, if you have missing agents, can you please respond back (or send me a PM) with some information: character name, server, agents that went missing, agents that were on the quest, which quest, and what approximate time (including time zone)? I can look into it and let you know if what I see matches up with the current data on your account.
  13. klanderso Developer

    It's possible there's a display issue, but I can tell you that everything (at least looking through the logs versus reading the live data I have access to since I am a programmer) matches up and there haven't been any missing agents. If you have a case involving another account, please send me a message with the information I've requested and I'll take a look.
  14. klanderso Developer

    Can you please create a new thread in this forum (Bug Reports) with this information? That way it'll get the attention it deserves and won't be shuffled away into nothing. Thanks :)
  15. Arcos Journeyman

    I don't think you need a new thread -- it is all the same bug seen from differing perspectives.

    On the player side once you have accumulated a lot of agents the agent tab is way too long to use to find doubles and there is no way to filter for them. So we use the conversion task and hit select agent to scroll through our agents and find duplicates (or better) to use for conversions.

    The problem is that for whatever reason the player is seeing more agents available for use than he really has and when he tries to use them the display error is corrected and the phantom agents poof. If you check now in the quest window your "extra" agents are gone and you think you have lost agents.

    I went through exactly this situation with a petion and after based on what the GM told me I crawled through my logs and found exactly what he had described -- I used all the agents on legit tasks and the true problem was believing I had more that I really did.

    I confess I was not following exactly what was being rewarded when claiming agents, I would check once in while looking for extras to use when it seemed like I should have a few. I never compared the quest select agent quantity to the actual agent list (I do now) but from what I read here the list is usually correct and in agreement with the log record. You may be looking for a bug that eats agents when what we have is a bug tricking players. I guess it all depends of if you have found any actual losses where the agent list and the logs do not agree.
  16. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    It definitely is simply a display issue and people not realizing they are showing an incorrect number.

    I always try and convert duplicates every single time before running overseer. Last night, I showed 3 Equestrielle, and I knew I only had 1 the day before. Checked over on the agents tab, and it only showed up once, went back to the conversion thing, and it shows as x3.

    So you basically have some kind of display bug, and its making people think they are losing things they don't have.
  17. klanderso Developer

    In this specific case, yes, it's a display bug that deserves its own thread.
  18. Axxius Augur

    There is one side effect of this bug: when you have those fake extra copies of an agent shown in the client that don't actually exist on the server and disappear when you convert the one real copy - the game lets you use them in separate quests. Even though the server knows that you only have 1 copy, it still lets the client start multiple quests with it.
  19. Kinadorm Augur

    I wonder if this could be the cause for some in-progress quests to vanish randomly. Maybe the server realizes that the agents assigned to those quests don't really exist and removes the quest.
  20. Cordoba New Member

    Did you need anymore information from me ? Im stilling missing Druid , Scoutmaster common's, I got the others back on my own so far , yet these 2 seem to be stuck on there own permanent quest. If the case is a stacking issue with the amount of them I had , It still isn't the customers fault they used something they thought they had , when it clearly showed I had many copy's.
    Cordoba : Povar

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