Not A Bug Overseer: Uncommon Conversion removes duplicates

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Yara_AB, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Axxius Augur

    I have 3 Minotaur Lords (non-iconic uncommon marauder). I can use all 3 in different quests at the same time, since they are non-iconic. When I assign them to quests, they properly show 'x3' on the portrait (which becomes x2, x1, x0 as I assign them).

    But I have only 1 Minotaur Lord entry in my agent list. And when one of them got wounded, the other two became unavailable too. The portrait shows 'x0' without '!'.

    char: povar.Axxius
  2. Cordoba New Member

    I can produce a lot more of the log file also , I was going to paste it here , but its way to big for the forum, let me know if you need the whole thing , maybe I can email it or something.
  3. Soulbanshee Augur

    A thought in case it hasn't been brought up yet. Could it be something to do with critical success? Instead of leaving the agent, its setting the amount owned to 0? Maybe something to do with having more than one slot with the same agent is causing a race condition?

    Slot 1: Druid
    Slot 2: Druid
    Slot 3: Something else
  4. Axxius Augur

    Update: after the wounded Minotaur Lord was back in action, I used him in Uncommon Conversion together with 2 other uncommon agents. And... all 3 Minotaur Lords are gone! That's just great. I see there is a thread for that bug already, going to post details there. Perhaps this is the same bug.
  5. Axxius Augur

    This just happened to me too. I had 3 copies of the non-iconic uncommon Minotaur Lord. They had only 1 entry in the agent list, but I could use all 3 of them in different quests:

    I did the Uncommon Conversion:
    1. Dwigus Lowater (I had 2 copies of him, they had separate list entries).
    2. Minotaur Lord (3 copies, 1 list entry).
    3. Cursed Treant (1 copy).

    [Tue Apr 21 15:08:42 2020] Overvolt Rigster the IV has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
    [Tue Apr 21 15:08:42 2020] Dwigus Lowater has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents.
    [Tue Apr 21 15:08:43 2020] Minotaur Lord has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents.
    [Tue Apr 21 15:08:43 2020] Cursed Treant has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents.
    1 copy of Dwigus got removed, the other one is still there.
    ALL 3 copies of Minotaur Lord are gone.

    Character: povar.Axxius
    Did not zone during any of this. Did not switch characters. Just logged in Guild Hall and did the quests.
  6. Agrun New Member

    If you only had one entry of Minotaur Lord in the agent list, why did you think you had three Minotaur Lord agents? Did you see a 3 on the icon when selecting Minotaur Lord for an agent slot on a quest? Maybe the bug is that a 3 should not have been displaying on the icon in the quest agent selection list. Or, do you specifically remember when you received 3 separate Minotaur Lord agents, assuming no previous conversions?
  7. Axxius Augur

    I had 3 copies of him, as described in the other thread linked above:

    They were 3 separate agents, I acquired them on different occasions, and I was using them in up to 3 different quests simultaneously (which is intended since they are non-iconic). But they had one list entry, and any 1 of them getting incapacitated made the other 2 unavailable.
  8. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard

    Someone should make a video of the bug
  9. Ninelder Augur

    I petitioned for my missing agents when I saw Equestrielle poof in front of my eyes. The GM response was that I had traded him in a common conversion which is impossible since Equestrielle is an uncommon agent. He first argued with me, which seemed strange since he obviously has never played the game. I then linked him 3 of the threads on missing agents from these forums, at which point he said that the problem was being looked at with no solution or resolution planned. Even if they do eventually fix this junk, given his demeanor and dishonesty; I wouldn't expect them to make it right.
  10. Narlee Scholar

    Thanks this information is helpful with the issue.

  11. Hegsheoshed Elder

    Still trying to keep the faith that there are sharp people there that don't think I am trying to scam for free agents. If I were I would go for Ambassador Dvinn or well someone really kick azz. I haven't received any pm's so I don't think I am being ignored. This has got to be a very frustrating thing for the people there working to find the bug and fix it and hope it doesn't make more bugs.

    I am hoping to fire my subscriptions back up again soon, but I had to remove some stress and give myself some ease of mind with my near constant high blood pressure I experience on a daily basis. I don't know what causes it. 5 girls cats in heat all the time downstairs? Partly. Between hearing the constant flow of blood as a high pitched noise in my ears and the girls yowling it can be a bit much. I guess with some of the time I have made available to myself I should upload some cat pictures.
  12. Dark Hobbit New Member

    The numbers shown in the selection aren't always accurate for some reason, did you check in the list of agents (the agent tab) that you actually had this many agents? I've seen a number of 3 reported in the job pick list, while I have only one of those ...
  13. Wulfhere Augur

    That's weird. I've not seen any agents stack up in the agents list like that. All of my duplicates have separate entries (so far).
  14. Hegsheoshed Elder

    I just did a common conversion on one of my other accounts started with 5 Tormented Dead, 4 Rogue Clockwork and 4 Servant of the Ancients. I took screenshots showing all the agents and the numbers of them before starting the conversion, screenshots of the Agents page and scrolling down to show all or them there. Multiple screenshots, it makes the head hurt. Finally a screenshot of the stats page showing the total number of agents. Ran the conversion agents 180-3+1= 178. Okay fine so far one would think. Selected the conversion again to check the number of agents. Tormented Dead from 5 down to 4, Rogue Clockwork 4 down to 2 and Servant of the Ancients 4 down to 3.

    So one Rogue Clockwork is missing looking at the count in the conversion quest selection. Tormented Dead shows 4 on the agents page, Rogue Clockwork shows 3 on the agents page and the Servant of the Ancients shows 3 on the agents page.

    So they are there. The count shows them there. They are hidden. Not showing up.

    A little different than what happened on the first account I noticed the issue on where the numbers were reduced on both pages.

    Something changed with the latest patch? It's bizarre. It's blocking me from getting those agents again or something.
  15. Hegsheoshed Elder

    Nevermind. I feel like Rosanne Rosanna Danna. The rogue clockwork count is fine. I was looking at the cargo clockwork on which the counts is also fine. Not going to do a second conversion on that account until after the rotation. Now my head really hurts.

    Cues up the song 'Institutionalized'


    I am unable to use my big boy words.
  16. Velisaris_MS Augur

    If I have at least 3 copies of an agent and do a common conversion, using only 1 of the dupes and 2 other agents, the other copies don't get eaten.

    But, if I have at least 3 copies, and try to use 2 of them in the same conversion, it will eat all of them.
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  17. Wulfhere Augur

    I have done this conversion with 2 of 3 worgs, last week. It worked fine. By any chance were your agents list individually in the agent tab (list) or stacked? I.e.



    worg (3)
  18. Velisaris_MS Augur

    No idea...I didn't even realize that was a thing until recently. Normally, when I have mutiples of an agent (any rarity), I've always seen them listed individually in the Agents tab...never seen them stacked. I'll keep track of it from now on. Thanks.
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  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I've never seen any agents listed as (3) in the agents tab, but as far as I am aware I have never lost any agents either.

    If that is happening with some agents that could be what is causing the bug.
  20. klanderso Developer

    I've merged the handful of threads about this that were floating around. I'm trying to look into this one, but need some specific information: character name, server, agents that went missing, agents that were on the quest, which quest, and what approximate time (including time zone). Feel free to reply here or send me a private message if you're not comfortable sharing it publicly.


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