Not A Bug Overseer: Uncommon Conversion removes duplicates

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Yara_AB, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I don't think the common conversions were ever bugged since none of them are "iconic" (lore).

    I tested the Uncommon conversion yesterday. I used one of my 3 copies of Dwigus (spelling?) and an extra copy of Orc Arsonist (it was definitely one of the orcs). Poof...all copies gone on both of them.

    Definitely not fixed in any way. Personally, I think the game is supposed to prevent you from getting dupes of Unocommon and above agents since they're "lore" and can only do one quest at a time, and the conversion quests are coded to remove that agent, not taking into account duplicates.
  2. Arcos Journeyman

    Still eating triples -- tried to use 1 of 3 existing Thistle agents for a rare conversion -- all 3 are gone.
  3. Yara_AB Augur

    I did uncommon conversions, too - and no issues anymore.
  4. gnomeboss Augur

    had 4 common forest gatherers. converted 3. now have 0 forest gatherers and no uncommon upgrade. that's fun.

    did two common conversions minutes earlier, no multiples in the conversion, everything worked fine.
  5. Hotwheelsfan New Member

    I also tried Common Conversion twice before I figured out I was not getting any reward. This was on my free account, thought I would try again on my regular account - Same thing...

    Lost 9 common players with no reward between two different accounts.
  6. klanderso Developer

    Got character names, servers, and approximate time so I can take a look at what happened?
  7. Littletroll New Member

    I had this happen to me as well yesterday. I also submitted a petition with details. I did take a screen shot.
  8. Arcos Journeyman

    I tried some more combines using agents that were triples -- the only ones that have failed are the uncommon iconic agents used to make a rare. I noticed you could actually put 2 of the same agent into the same task (which should not be possible) but it would not start a quest. Something about 3 uncommon iconics is not quite right.
  9. Hegsheoshed Elder

    Still no fix for this? I have stopped doing common conversions since before the last series of patches and emergency down times and well I've stopped. I have left stuff at the store because it didn't get rang up by cashiers and gone to different stores. It's just a rule I have. I go through the self checkout and it is amazing when you have to scan each and every item because they won't let you scan 1 item x 48. But I have a right to be stubborn as the customer. So I am watching all my accounts roll over into Silver access. Waiting for the fix for this and reimbursement so I can subscribe as all access again. I guess there is an influx of people returning so the numbers don't look so bad if someone cancels.

    The odd thing is is I have submitted several petitions over this bug. I haven't called anyone names or acted over entitled. As a paying customer when this bug happened to hit me though I do still have the right and even responsibility to speak up and be treated fairly. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    Now I'll be waiting as a FTP Silver access account. It would be nice to see a response to this bug and actually see it confirmed. It is easily replicated.

    I can't pay for broken stuff.
  10. Hegsheoshed Elder

  11. Hegsheoshed Elder

  12. Cordoba New Member

    This is on the same topic , in the other post , Im STILL missing Common agents , still not refunded and the issue is still not resolved , Im glad Im STILL not doing Conversions since this post on 4-2 -20
  13. Cordoba New Member

    I have the same Issue , Missing Agents , Still , however I haven't done any conversions since I have previously posted , The agents have not been refunded still since my previous posts …
    Dev please Advise on this issue....
  14. Yara_AB Augur

    The problem "somehow" is the same.
    If your observation is correct it not only eats more agents for conversion than it should but in addition it also doesn't grant the next-higher agent!
    (conversions don't have an extra confirmation window anymore, though. but didn't check if i even got an agent after conversion yet.)
  15. Yara_AB Augur

    I have to rescind what I was saying before:
    The bug is NOT gone. I just it just removed 3 of the same agent instead of 1.

    May I suggest that Devs to play their own game, please? It cannot be that hard to set up some test accounts with the proper amount of agents and play that overseer s... *game* until you can duplicate the issue.

    At this point players paid for agents and they are losing them. Overseer is sooooo marketplace-engaged that one would think such issues should have highest priority.

    I am not going to continue to protocol everything anymore. I will just stop spending money.
  16. Arcos Journeyman

    The problem seems to be related to having more than just 2 of the agent you are trying to combine in both threads.

    They could just adjust the reward to check and give an agent that does not create triples of any agent, especially the iconics since you should only be able to use one at time anyway.
  17. Moege Augur

    4x Kirathas Druid (1 chosen)
    2x Ak'Anon Engineer (1 chosen)
    2x Free Diving Limnologist (1 chosen)
    Captain Silverwind has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
    Ak'Anon Engineer has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents.
    Free Diving Limnologist has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents.
    Kirathas Druid has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents.
    Obove still worked.

    Still had 3x Kirathas Druid ( 2 chosen )
    2x Nightwalker Scavenger (1 chosen)
    Tandan Nybright has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
    Kirathas Druid has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents.
    Nightwalker Scavenger has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents.

    And now no Kirathas Druid anymore while there should have being 1 left (actually 2 since the conversion text says only 1 was taken)

    Sent you the servernames etc
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  18. Yara_AB Augur

  19. Hegsheoshed Elder

    I am starting to grind to a halt in Overseer now with my concerns about doing common conversions. I have lost 2 Forest Gatherers when I had 4 and used 1 in a conversion and ended up with 1 after the conversion was done instead of 3. The conversion where I lost before that I had 4 Servant of the Ancients and used 2 in the conversion and lost all 4. I've already documented everything in several petitions and I seem to have been brushed aside. It has probably happened on the other accounts where I have done conversions. It is a rather onerous process figuring out what to search for in the logs but I guess I will start doing that soon to see where else I have experienced this loss.

    I still think it's a great addition to the game. I've been enjoying it and it gave a bit of satisfaction until I started losing agents. Still looking to get those agents even as a reward and they seem impossible to get now.

    The quests have changed a bit and the rotation is stuck on the worst rotation for me now. I'm lucky if I can get 5 quests started sometimes. I understand if the quests changed as you progress through the types of quests but it really bites watching Recruit Ambassador D'vinn and Recruit Anitohk the Everliving just rotate away. I can't even do the level 2 Recruit Workers for uncommon workers. Now my accounts are all silver since this happened right at that time of the month where I had to make a decision. Waiting for others to make a fair and proper decision now before I fire up those subs again.
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  20. Mrtyu Developer

    I am trying my hardest to reproduce this, but so far having no luck. Cordoba provided good info with time stamps that we can try to track down.
    Any other info including character names, servers, logs, etc. Or any other details like if you zoned before claiming, started quest on one character, but claimed on another, etc etc...would be very helpful.

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