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  1. Whulfgar Augur

    So this has been my strat so far regarding the overseer in game .. er .. game ..

    1. Play as many quests (per 12hr rotation) as possible. (Yes this mean's I actually use station cash to complete every mission available)

    Here is the question I have for yall..

    Do yall convert every single "Common" to "Uncommon" ?

    Then Uncommon to Rare then on to Elite ?

    I have heard that its actually disadvantageous for people to do that right away due to leveling up the quest lines before your ready to complete them ?

    What strategy do you guys use to run the overseer ?
  2. lockjaws Augur

    I go through looking for Recruit missions first, and do them even if I do not have any bonuses.
    I then go to convert all commons that I have 3+ copies of to uncommons. Meaning, I only get myself down to 2 of each common.
    I then aim for the green/blue quests first, no matter the timing.
    Lastly, I choose 6 or 12 hour missions based on when I would log back on to cash out / start new ones. I specifically target ones where I have bonus, or 90+% completion rates.
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  3. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    i generally convert any duplicates I have. after a bit, any common agent you get rewarded will be almost assured to be a duplicate, and at that point for every 3 I get, it's a new uncommon. I've been doing the same for uncommons / rares, although those move significantly slower.

    I don't spend hardly any station money on finishing quests, mostly if I finish them early they're down to sub 10 cost. that being said, there's not a lot I want from the overseer thing on my main 2 accounts. and the others i'm not willing to spend actual money to push faster so yeah.

    if there's a dev actually reading this who cares about one man's opinion, what I would LOVE is a couple of filters that you can set to show:
    a) only agents you have duplicates of. this would make conversion much more efficient... as a checkbox, not a drop down filter.
    b) only the agents with the bonus traits for that particular party member. there's simply too many traits to use the filter on them right now efficiently. maybe just a checkbox for "bonus traits only" instead of the drop-down filter we have now.
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  4. Windance Augur

    For the first few weeks I only converted from "Common" to "Uncommon" when I had 3x because I wanted to make sure I could get the best possible matches on all 5x quests.

    Once I got familiar with the agents and the quests they match up to I started converting the ones that didn't get used often if I had 2x of them.

    Now that I'm doing mostly level 2 quests with uncommon agents I'm converting all the commons that I have 2x

    As long as you are converting up using duplicates you're fine. The only thing that could cause issues is if you converted a bunch of non duplicates you'd end up with a few high level rares making it less likely you'd be able to match job/traits.

    You should never down grade an agent. At least until you've done 1000+ quests and have extra rares
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  5. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

    I actually experimented with this on 2 different accounts. One in a full on just convert when I have 3 common, uncommon, etc, the other in a more balanced approach trying to remember which agents I was using infrequently. The way doubles played out became very frustrating. Although at the lower levels, if you are willing to spend, you can just dump a bunch of cash into replacing your commons. Only the higher tier agents are capped to send out 1.

    Both those accounts are lagged behind in levels and more difficult to match up quests but...overall the difference between the accounts is not huge. They are both catching up in agents. However, I am not doing as many quests as possible in the 12 hour period on any account. I pay to align timers/make a spot for a new quest that popped up, etc.

    I will always try to queue them in this order recruit/recovery/elite/rare/uncommon/whatever is lagging behind in levels. I try to stick to 90% or better and at least a bonus match per agent which usually gets you to 90%. If you aren't buying many results, the quest rotation is frequent and balanced enough to fill a bit more than 5 slots with high 90's once you have most of the agents.

    I am at minimum level 3 on all categories on all 6 accounts except for recovery since it recently started working. Several categories are level 4 and a few are about to hit 5. Several categories were lagging and I bought a lot to push them through, mostly 6 hour timers but recovery/recruit quests as well to fix the uncommon holes. In the 3 and 4 levels, I do notice using the uncommon agents much more than the common.

    It seems like once you get higher, since you need a lot more agents per quest and the incapacitation definitely goes up, limited agents, limited quests per 12 hour window, you are going to hit the same wall you would converting everything early on. You start to run out of agents to match up to have the best outcome. The cost to recover an agent seems a bit insane to me.

    Now I just do convert when there are 3 duplicates. I have never been able to do an elite quest on any account. I only have 1 elite per account and 1 has 2 so it does suck to see those elite quests pop and see I have no agents to select from. I get it though, it is designed to entice me to spend fractions of a dollar...many, many times.

    Really all I am playing for is to see the end on my main account and possibly get the ornaments. The other 5 are just giving bonus experience as they are still working to 115. They definitely need to revamp the rewards. Maybe even just allowing AA XP might make it useful beyond this.
  6. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    This is basically what I do. Some differences I do are; I tend to keep just 1 of each common instead of 2, if I find I'm using a certain agent a lot I'll keep a second of that one but not very often and it usually ends up getting converted anyways. I Aim for the Green/Blue's first as well but I also look at the times and I usually only do them if I can get them around 85%+ otherwise I usually just skip it depending on how low the chance is, I'll go below 85 sometimes but if it's like 70-75 I'm skipping it. Recruit quests are the only one's I'll start with a really low chance, I got a crit success on a 70ish% chance rare recruit already! I think my lowest recruit chance so far has been like high 50's/low 60's and I still started it (and succeeded surprisingly).

    The rest is pretty much the same Recruit Quests I fill first anytime they pop up with the best agents I can use. and I base my selection 6/12/24 hour depending on the time of day and when I plan to be around to start a new batch. 90%+ is a good threshold to shoot for, if I'm in a hurry or got a bad round I'll start just about anything 80-85%+ just to get them going.
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  7. Mazame Augur

    The short Version is
    I try to stay above 90% and I get 3-4 agents each time. As for what duration of quest I do the 6 hour quest because it gives the best rewards and most chances at agents

    Level 1 common quest
    6 hour = 275 coin
    If you do it 2 times per day you get 550 coin Vs 500 coin for a 12 hour quest
    If you do it 4 times per day = 1100 Vs 900 for a 24 hour

    As you can see the more times you run the quest the more coin you get.
    Also why you consider agents from Critical success you have better odds to get agents the more quest you run.
    5 quest @ 6 hour = 4 quest per day = 20 chances to get an agent. even if you only crit 50% of the time you get 10 agents per day

    if you do 5 quest @ 24 hour = 1 set per day = 5 chances for agents at 50% = 2 or 3 agents per day.

    The only reason that Trade skill quest are different is because the reward for the longer quest offer items you don't get in the shorter quest.

    What i been doing is 2 sets of 6 hour quest follow by a set of 12 hour quest. I do this because i like to get 8 hour sleep and so I sleep during the 12 set. the only time I don't follow this is when i get a recruit mission they are 36 and 48 hours but I will always do them when I see them.

    I have 176/181 agents by following this and avg 10+ agents a day ..

    You only need 1 of each agent and I convert any agents i have 2+ of up to the next level.

    Because many people have as I will post the long version of my info in a new post.
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  8. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    I have noticed that the 24 hour quests give 2 agents per Crit instead of the 1. Also the 12 hour Uncommon ones give 2 agents as well, a common 12 hour still only gives 1 agent though. I'm not sure if the 24 hour uncommons give 3, based on the 12 hour uncommons I would think it would but I don't think I've had a crit on one of those yet.

    I still tend to go with the 6 hours like you said since it gives the most chances but I figured I'd point out that the 24 hour ones do give more agents per crit to help balance it some.
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  9. Mazame Augur

    I have not done many of the 24 hour quest as the rewards are a loss of coins. Even with it giving 2 agents that would be 5 quest at 24 hour = 5 chances if you critical 50% you would get 2-3 agents but double so 4-6 agents. Compare to doing the 6 hours were your getting 10+ for the same time period.
    Also if you fail the longer quest your losing more.

    As for Rarity it does mod the agents you get as well. I have gotten up to 3 agents so far from crits.
    So duration and rarity do matter but I still feel it comes down to quantity to get the most for your time and the 6 hours are the best.
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  10. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    Yeah, I agree the 6 hour quests are the way to go and that's mainly what I do as well. I just figured I'd let people know that the 24 hour one's do give a 2nd agent even for common quests.

    I was actually surprised when I first came across that. I had also assumed it would only give 1 like the others, since both the 6 hour and 12 hour only give 1. I got an uncommon 24 hour quest running on both accounts, I'm hoping at least one of them crits to see how many agents that ends up giving.
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  11. Mazame Augur

    the crit I like the best are on the conversion quest. it doesn't show anything in the reward box when you crit on them but you get to keep the agents that would have been lost as the reward.
  12. Windance Augur

    I am fairly certain the percentage chance to get a critical success is tied in to the length of the quest:

    Based on 30x 6hr missions and 20x 12 hr missions where all where 91%+

    6 hr level 1 common had roughly 25% chance to crit.
    12 hr level 1 common had roughly 50% chance to crit.

    I wonder if your characters luck factors into the equation ...
  13. Heajol Augur

    So what do you do with these coins? I just started playing Overseer a couple of days ago. I am super lazy when it comes to it and so far have just been using them to obtain collection items.
  14. Nniki Augur

    On the back side of the library in Plane of Knowledge, a mysterious presence sells items in exchange for the Overseer Tetradrachms currency.
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  15. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    That is awesome to get, I've only seen it happen like twice though :(. The first time I still lost 1 agent but I got to keep the other 2, the 2nd time I got to keep all 3 agents though.
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  16. Wulfhere Augur

    For the 6 hr quests, some agents have higher usage rates so I find having 2 of each of them valuable. "Them" being Common and Non-iconic (Uncommon) as they serve in the bulk of the quests.