Confirmed Overseer recovery quest recovered wrong agent

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  1. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I've said from day one of Overseer that the incapacitation chance actually works backwards from the way it should work. You should have the greater risk at lower category levels, and higher levels should have less risk, since you've put in the time to level up that category.

    For example, if you're doing a Harvesting task with Level 1 in Harvesting XP, then the listed incapacitation chance should apply. But as you level up in that category, the chance for something bad happening to an agent should be going DOWN, not remaining the same or becoming worse. That's the benefit of leveling up. Elite agents should only be incapacitated once in a blue moon if you've maxxed out that category XP. Instead, I regularly have 2-3 agents out of commission when a task finishes.
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  2. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    I often hold over a single recovery quest. Simply, at all level 5, the requirement overlap on quests is crazy and the pool to choose from reliably shrinks. Additionally, a majority of elite quests just can't be attempted, so having the elites ready for the few which can be done.. I like to have that option.

    Overall, I don't see why there would need to be so many recovery quests. There's no need for common, uncommon, rare, and elite... then also having one for every type of incapacitation possible for each rarity. If the recoveries were limited to the rarity + the incapacitation type.. I would definitely use them much less often.

    I'd be more inclined to just say.. have 1 recovery mission. Every six hours, there would be 1 recovery mission sitting there, much like recruit missions. Have it a set 6-hour completion. Different rarities? Sure, 4 potentials is fine. Spice it up. The types of incapacitation add "flavor" to Overseer, but let's face it, no one really cares if it is a capture or wounded.

    There's much more I'd like to see about recovery and such, but it would be a HUGE overhaul of the overseer system.

    I really hope this is just a confirmed bug and it is left to sit and rot, until adequate resources can be justified to overhaul Overseer.
  3. cadres Augur

    Just had some really bad issues with this
    I wanted to recover a missing and a discredited agent. I have saved recovery quest rewards on all my toons for just such an occasion.

    Switch to toon 2 and use discredited recovery. This works, all is well. No missing reward on this toon so...
    Switch to toon 3 - the 'recovered' discredited agent is now still discredited. Use another discredited reward and a missing reward. The missing reward 'recovers' a captured agent (that I don't need). so...
    Switch to toon 4 Use 2 missing rewards. Both 'recover' the captured agent. The discredited agent is back to still being discredited. So...
    Switch to toon 5. Repeat recovery of both. (note that the captured agent is still, in fact, captured). Neither reward does anything. No message of any sort except 'you have received your reward...'

    Not a happy bunny

    I see loads in upcoming patch re development of Overseer, but nothing about fixing this confirmed bug.
    What's happening?
  4. cadres Augur

    This is still a problem
    Just used *three* captured recovery quests to try and recover a particular blue agent
    Each time (the same) two different agents were 'recovered' (one blue, one grey) ie princess joleena was 'recovered' three times, according to the message received

    But she wasn't -princess joleena is actually banished, so we are apparently trying to recover the wrong agent three times