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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Cacky, May 21, 2020.

  1. Mazame Augur

    Sokki, I am sorry that your viewing these improvements in a negative light. My post were to help point out that with the new influx of agents that you can get a Chance at an elite every 2 day on avg. This is a great improvement over what used to take a week to do.

    If you just want to nit pick my post to try and prove me wrong then I hope it make your feel better. If you want to slow your own progress by "Skipping the common quest" that fine. I wish you the best of luck in meeting your goals.

    The new quest do not require more agents. The ! are the only slots that are required. Most of the time by filling the ! slots I am able to get into the low 80%. Before the patch and bases on what agents I had available I would range between 78% and 94%. The biggest hard ship was that Common recruit quest took common agents and uncommon quest would take uncommon agents. I would upgrade my common agents all the time and so when common recruit quest came around I would not always have the required agents.

    To get to the point you don't need to feel every slot. Anything over 80% will get you a success and get you the agents.

    I feel the changes from the patch help make it better in a few ways.
    1st the fact the removed the common required help open the quest to all of your agents to help match.
    2nd the added agent slot helps so that if your not able to get over 80% you can send more agents to help. I see the ? as a bonus to help improve your % not as a required punishment.

    The trade off to this is the Higher incapacitate rate on a number of quest. This bring a unique trade off having to decide do you fill the slot for the higher % and risk you agent going to the bench or leave the slot open and just take the standard reward.

    The other thing to consider is the level of quest. keep in mind most people pre-patch were leveling up and so most quest were level 1-3. by now many people are get 4-5 level quest the rewards are better but the challenge is higher as well. If were easy I think i would have given up on it weeks ago.
  2. Sokki Augur

    The reason I'm nit picking it is because I don't think your conclusion of an Elite Agent every 2 days is very realistic. Yes, it's possible to have a CHANCE every two days to get one but in reality most players are not going to see those kinds of results.

    The reason I brought up skipping the Common Recruits was more about risk/reward not that it wasn't an increase in agents. It now takes 5 (Usually Uncommon+) agents for me to start a common recruit with a decent success chance vs the 2 agents it previously took. So now I'm risking more agents with much harsher incapacitation chances. The whole reason I brought it up was because it doesn't seem anywhere near the same risk/reward as before. A much Higher risk for a slight increase in reward.

    We're definitely not seeing the same results here. The Common one I have running on the one account is only at 84% with all 5 slots filled. If you converted all your commons and had none to use previously that was an issue of upgrading too fast imo. Previously I was able to get 90+% on every common recruit quest I would see with just 2 agents. Now I'm using 5 agents and mostly Uncommon+ for all 5 slots and am only getting into the 80's sometimes 90's.

    Anything over 80% will definitely not always give you a success. I just failed an Uncommon Recruit quest on the one account that had an 82% chance. I've seen a crit failure on a 90%+ quest, you definitely have a good chance at a success but it's not guaranteed. To be fair you can also get Successes with less than 80%, the lowest I think I've seen so far was a success on a 55% chance Rare Recruit before the changes. So for Recruits I always select agents for them first and get the chance as high as it will go because that's all it is, a Chance. The only Guaranteed chance is when you hit 100% which I don't see very often on any quest.
  3. Pawtato Augur

    New recruit quests are awful. Takes me all 5 agents to get up to 70%. It's so tedious.
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  4. GoneFission Augur

    And the agents now have a higher chance of being disabled during the recruitment.

    Does anyone know what triggers the 10 quest limit to reset? I’ve had two accounts go past a 12 hour rotation without giving me a new set of 10.

    I redeemed 5 quests on each account on Thursday morning and set new 6 hour quests. After redeeming the 6 hour quests that afternoon, all three accounts rotated, but one account was at 9/10 redeemed, the other 2 were at 5/10 after the rotation. At the end of another set of 6 hour quests, one account was still at 9/10 with no rotation during the second set. So at 12.5 hours from starting in the morning, I could only redeem one quest on that account. The other two had room for redeeming 5 more quests.

    Friday, the same thing happened on a different account. The quest clock did not reset at a rotation. Nor did it reset on 12 hours of clock time.
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  5. Ninelder Augur

    You aren't calculating in the fact that at least half of your agents are going to be incapacitated by the 48 hour mark, many of which are going to be the "specific agent wanted" for each consecutive recruitment.

    Thus unless you are willing to pay the up to 5 dollars it costs to de-incapacitate each agent(I really hope no one is this stupid;) you are going to fail or be incapable of doing/succeeding in at least half of the quests.
  6. Mazame Augur

    From patch update I have gain 23 agents. I currently have 0 incapacitated.
    I currently have a uncommon recruit running: Reward is 1 uncommon and 3 common (18 hrs left)
    I have a 2nd uncommon recruit running: reward 1 uncommon and 3 common (6 hours left)
    3rd quest is at 100%
    4th quest is at 95%
    5th quest is at 97%

    I am not sure what the issue is maybe the RNG just likes me but I not seen any down side. From the time the patch hit I the last agent I was missing and have been saving agent up for when the fix Fippy .. The uncommon quest I got are taking more then the 12 hour but the reward is worth it. If i would of gotten common quest instead they would both be completed today and I would have 29 agents for the 2 days. So what I posted is not just BS but is based off what I been doing.
  7. enclee Augur

    You literally have all the agents. These changes act as an impediment to those that don't have many agents or different types. I don't touch Overseer much, because I'm not online much. It took me filling all 5 slots to reach the 70% mark.

    The entire time, I was trying to match the right agents I wanted to log off. Which I ended up doing as soon as I hit the 5 quests. Overseer is god-awful.

    The old system for recruitment was better, it just needed to be more frequent.
  8. Pawtato Augur

    You won't have to worry about it within the next year. It'll get abandoned like their other systems Luck stat, Housing, Nobles, Heroic Characters, Mercenaries, LoN, etc. They added a system that they have no hope in having the resources to maintain and develop.
  9. MyShadower Augur

    Requires way too much clicking and comparing. If the claim that it was meant to be a way to help players "catch up" is accurate, I cannot understand how they missed the fact that it consumes too much time for the small gains it offers. As the quests level, the time required to do all the matching only increases.

    If you could do it on your phone while sitting in line at the DMV...or waiting to board a flight...that might help.
  10. Zamiam Augur

    for the people that can play this game for 10+ hours a day i can see how the Overseer game can help them .

    For those of us who play maybe a few hours a day, a few days/week this will not help us it takes way to much time to rummage thru the quests and agents and wouldnt give us anytime or much time to actually play ..

    and dont say it only takes 5min to select your 5 quests maybe for 1 quest but to select all 5 and or maybe do a conversion or 2 your looking at a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of time for those that play only 2 hours a day thats a big chunk out of their play time of actual grouping or boxing ..

    and if your a boxer like me it takes time to get your boxes in game and setup so thats another chunk of time ..

    like i said if you play for 10+ hours a day or heck even 5+ hours a day then yes Overseer is ok could still use some better adjustments for the xp rewards ..

    I wont be using it much I usually do not log on more than once a day .. so i would only get one 5 quest round completed .. each day if i did it ..
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  11. Mazame Augur

    You make some fair points. So I am willing to start with a new account that has never done over seer before. I plan to level it up and see how much different it is to level post patch vs pre patch.

    My question is how often would you like an update? and what things would you like me to report ?
  12. enclee Augur

    I’m fine, man. I’m glad you find Overseer enjoyable.
  13. p2aa Augur

    I noticed it 2 times in a row since the new patch.
    While I can run 2 x 12 hours common recrutment tasks (one with 1 hour left and a new one with 11 hours left for example, because I don't log in exactly at the time the quests are rotated), when i log back in the next day and in theory both tasks should be over, i'm loosing the latest recrutment quest, and only gets reward for the oldest one.
    I logged back in with 4 tasks of 5 and it was always the 2nd recruiter task missing.
    So it sucks cause in theory I should get 4 agents per 24 hours (lvl 3 recrutment quests), and I only get 2.
    Will post it in bug section, unless they say it's not a bug.
  14. Bobokin Augur

    Missing tasks have been part of overseer from the beginning. They should look into why tasks just go poof.

    Some players say they come back later, but I am not sure.
  15. Bobokin Augur

    A player doing ONLY 12 hour quests should NEVER see 10/10, but they do.

    Something in broken.
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  16. seber Augur

    kind suck wake up find self still 5hr till claim any overseer quest and 10/10 and 5/5 after 10+ hrs (
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  17. Sokki Augur

    Yeah, the missing/extra tasks can be very annoying. I've seen both happen, start 5 quests and then an hour later there's only 4 in the window. Other time's I have 5 quests going and check back and now there are 6 quests in the window, I've even seen 7 quests in the active tab once. When I click through the quests two of the quests will have the same iconic agent in them, which shouldn't be possible. I don't think it's necessarily a vanished quest reappearing though. I know the one time it happened I had claimed the reward for a recruit quest and then a few hours later that same recruit quest was back in the active window. So I think it's just a random bug and the 2 don't exactly go hand in hand.
  18. Cacky Elder

    Between incapacitated agents, duplicate iconic agents slowing the conversion process, and now more difficult to satisfy bonus/penalty options since the quests were revamped, the idea of getting an elite agent every few days seems like pure fantasy to me. However, maybe I just suck at overseer, and/or maybe once I have hundreds more agents I'll always have the right combination to min/max every quest, or maybe whoever is making that claim spends real money to improve their results (something which I admit I have not done).

    Anyway, I just wanted to add my 2 cents that so far it looks like the quest agent/bonus/penalties are not changing/randomized. It looks like while they were almost all changed by the patch, they are consistent each time they show up in the rotation. I will continue to write them all down in a spreadsheet and check them each time I see them, though, to be sure. It is getting kind of tedious. I wish a friendly developer would just email me the complete list of quest details, even if it is in a difficult to manage format, or point me to a file that contains all the info, even it is encoded and not easily human-readable... I'm actually wasting maybe an hour or two each day typing in all the quest details (between my main and my tradeskill dummy), or just verifying/updating them if it is a quest I've already recorded. It will be much less work once I've confirmed all the details of all the quests, but man what a slog...

    Edit: oh yeah, just like before the patch, it does seem like there are multiple recruit quests with the same name. That part hasn't changed.
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  19. GoneFission Augur

    Someone will wake up to the experience return being very much like the old SoD taskadd in the guild lobby. When they do, they’ll hang the guts of this system on a patch note the next month.

    Just the time involved in setting the quests means that a 6/6/12 rotation should never be unable to redeem either, but it can. I think the counter problems are in the conversion process. They don’t count at the time of completion, but the counter will glitch on the reset.
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  20. Mazame Augur

    I can save you time. The quest are not random they are set quest that require set bonus. The only thing that is random is what quest you get. There is a list of quest for it to pick from each cycle. you job type level opens up more quest to be selected from. So as the quest you get are random the quest them self are not.

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