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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by FaloverC, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. FaloverC Journeyman

    I began watching my Overseer quest rewards. I noticed that the game promises large Mercenary XP Rewards representing significant portions of a merc aa. I have done dozens of these quests. The "promised reward" is false. It does not give "76% of a mercenary AA" or "26 percent of a mercenary aa." It has been giving me about 8% regardless of what is promised. Please take a look or tell me why I am wrong.
  2. Velisaris_MS Augur

    It's a known issue that has been confirmed...the quest reward text is wrong. You actually only get about a quarter of what the text says.
  3. Balthozzar Elder

    I think I've been getting merc AA when I choose character experience, as I've seen the message about getting a merc AA point at the same time I got regular xp a couple of times. Next time I choose character experience, I'll see what it does to my merc experience.
  4. Balthozzar Elder

    On another note, I'm not convinced that the collection item dispenser chances are working correctly. It could be sucky luck, and I haven't written down the exact results, but I've gotten one dispenser in at least my last 15 tries in the past few days. That includes a few 50% chances from critical successes. If I did my probability calculations correctly, that is about 1 in 4 million odds of only one success out of 15 tries, assuming 11 at 25% chance of success and 4 at 50%.

    (I modeled this as rolling a d4* 11 times, and a 'd2' 4 times, such as rolling a d6 and taking 1-3 being 1 and 4-6 being 2. Then I considered any result of 1 to be a success, anything else a failure. The total possible outcomes is over 67 million, with 15 of those resulting in only a single 1 coming up. Thus, about 1 in 4 million total chance.)

    I get that RNGs can be 'streaky', but getting a result on par with the odds of being struck by lightning is pushing it.

    *I'd be surprised if there are many people here that need me to explain what this means. Actually, I'd probably be surprised if there are many that don't still have one.
  5. Moege Augur

    It is no use discussing the chance anymore as it is being changed, we will be getting fragments and 4 fragments makes 1 dispenser. Till that happens well hope and click and offer a prayers to your deity first.
  6. FaloverC Journeyman

    I am losing my love for the overseer. My one Elite "Emperor Crush" was supposedly finishing up it's incapacitation, but locked after the very first time I used it. I relogged to find it now had a fresh 8 hour debuff with a $3.00 price tag to restore it. This is not "fun"
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  7. Ninelder Augur

    I just had this happen today. I had an incapacitated agent that was best for a quest. But i didn't remember it having been incapacitated at all. I checked the agents tab and it said it was removing incapacitation but would never actually do it. So I logged and came back in the hopes it would update and release him. Instead it gave him a 13hour and so many mins new incapacitation... So he got incapacitated without me knowing(I could of missed this, but not...) Told me his time was up but wouldn't release him, for no reason. Then incarcerated him again without him ever being used just because I logged and came back...

    Its like this game is trying to mimic our pathetic excuse for a judicial system.
  8. FaloverC Journeyman

    It happened again this morning. I now have a 10 hour incapacitation after logging in to it claiming it was recovering with a 0 timer.
  9. FaloverC Journeyman

    In my case, this "incapacitated elite" is "coincidentally" the only one that matches my Level 2 uncommon recruitment requirement. This stinks of corruption to me.

    P.S. I completely agree on the "pathetic excuse for a judicial system" that is devouring the constitution one decision at a time in favor of empowering big government.

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