In Progress overseer problem

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by xcitng, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. Hythloth New Member

    I'm all-access, and looking at 1 active quest and maxxed out at 10/10 completed.
    Has anyone got this working yet?
  2. mordsith04 New Member

    I am having this exact same problem. I submitted a support ticket, and was told to delete some ui files which didnt help. That is I see "1 active quest and maxxed out at 10/10 completed." This character just recently started using the overseer quest.
  3. Exrune New Member

    I did that, even reinstalled my game. Did not fix the issue. Definitely something on their end.
  4. niente Developer

    If your account is in this state, please PM me your character's name and the server name.

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  5. xcitng Augur

    i did write to niente, not been long but nothing has changed yet for my 2 characters

    also, i have been seeing posts in general chat about others having these problems too so refreshing this thread for them to maybe see and get help too
  6. niente Developer

    If you previously PM'd me about getting your Overseer fixed, please submit another petition for CS about being limited to 1 Max Active Quest. CS has received instructions on how to specifically help you. I was not able to fix accounts who were offline at the time I checked.
  7. Buzzer New Member

    I haven t seen my problem listed. Overseer - in my stat's all completed quests are gone as i had close to 5 k quests done and it went to 0. My experience seems to be affected as well as in its less than before extra experience period.
  8. niente Developer

  9. Azzeem New Member

    I thought this was funny. After I submitted the ticket Niente said to I got this email response. See if you can spot what made it funny for me.

    "Greetings Fellow Norrathian,
    This is a courtesy auto-response based on the category you selected. If the information below answers your question, please feel free to close out the ticket, or respond back to let us know your issue is resolved and we will close the ticket for you. If this information does not answer your question, the next available Game Master will be following up to assist you directly.
    If you are reporting a bug, please utilize the /bug command to bring it to the attention of our QA and Development Teams for review.
    If you are petitioning about a rename, please note that CS does not provide name changes. However, you may purchase a ‘Potion of Amnesia’ from the /Marketplace for 1,500 Daybreak Cash.
    For all other character issues, please be sure to include the exact name of any spells, skills or abilities that are of concern to you and how they should theoretically work.
    If you are receiving an auto-response that has nothing to do with your issue, it is because you have selected a category that is not relevant to your issue.
    Thank you for taking the time to provide any necessary information. A Game Master will be addressing your issue as soon as elfly possible.
    Safe Travels,
    EverQuest Customer Service"
  10. xcitng Augur

    whee, so happy, gm woebot ran a fix on my 2 characters and all is good now ... ty much, niente, for your time for us with this problem!!! ;)
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  11. Azzeem New Member

    I know a lot of people bag on the CS support from DPG, but these folks answered my petition within two hours. This has pretty much been my experience since starting to play (within 24 hours). Appreciate the assist, GM Doex/DPG CS.
  12. mordsith04 New Member

    I had petitioned about this on my character the 10/10 completed and 1 active quest overseers issue and they said to open a bug report. This was about 2 weeks ago. Should I open another petition and use the words niente said to use then?

  13. xcitng Augur