Fixed Internally Overseer: Missing quests

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by forum troll, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I've had the odd one which vanishes completely after zoning, most I can reget without issue.
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  2. Kilzadi Not an Uber

    Yesterday I had a quest reappear and had 6/5 active quests and 2 of them had the same iconic agent in it which obviously shouldn't be possible. I just now had a recruit fighters task vanish that I started this morning and considering how rare those tasks are, I really hope it reappears but I'm not hopeful.
  3. Archery Lorekeeper

    As much great fun as this new addition to the joy that is EverQuest [Thank you again Developers], I agree that this is discouraging. My only work around is leaving every account with a quest running online until all quests are complete. I've found no other option to avoid this.
    Thank you FORUM TROLL for opening up this issue in the forums. I''m betting this will be fixed before the COVID19 is.
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  4. Ginormus Journeyman

    If this is of any help to narrow down the issue, I happens to me with any kind of task, but it happens ALWAYS with recruit tasks, for a week or two now.
    Get the task, zone, see the task is lost (no longer in the list of active tasks, not in the list of available tasks), and the agents assigned to it return to idle.
    It does not matter how long I wait until I zone, it could be immediatly, after a few minutes, or a few hours.
    This is quite frustrating, as the recruitment tasks are quite rare...
  5. Brilhasti Elder

    Any progress with this? Logged out to 5 runninmg quests last night, just 4 of them going this morning. No information on what happened to the 5th.
  6. Sampi New Member

    Not fixed yet. Lost an active Common Recruitment quest. Two things happened between the last time I saw it and when I noticed it was gone. One was I crashed, although not for long because all my summoned stuff was still there, and the other was the quests rotated.
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  7. klanderso Developer

    Fixed internally means it's been fixed internally and it has not gone live yet.
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  8. Mukkul Augur

    What your Overseer quest window might look like after you've logged in and opened Overseer and some quests that had gone missing a few days (or weeks) ago have re-appeared under the Active Quests tab:

  9. Littletroll Journeyman

    Thank you for that clarification.
  10. Moege Augur

    Darn I rather enjoyed the surprise of opening overseer and seeing 6/5 or 7/5 extra quests completed.
  11. Beltirabelkira Elder

    Glad to know this is happening to others as well. Had an elite Recruitment task vanish on me, I was really disappointed =/