Not A Bug Overseer Items from Collections now No Trade:

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Daredilly, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. forum troll Elder

    Have spent my last dollar on Overseer and the marketplace, 2 of my accounts are lifetime subs so meh guess they stay active

    You did not even give us a warning, you milked our RL money, you saw we were giving the collections to our boxes, you let this go a while still taking our money then you ninja nerf

    Do you not expect us to realise you are trying to get boxers who have some FTP accounts to pay for them so they can now get the collects?

    Shame on you.
  2. haaaalp Augur

    Can I have your gear since you won't be able to afford a sub next month?
  3. SubEffect An Original Lord of Fizzle and Whiff

    Wait - are ALL collectibles notrade now or just those from Overseer dispensers??

    (EDIT: No - just Overseer dispensed ones). Tested with the same item - one dispensed from Overseer attuned to me, whereas one I had from a ground spawn could be traded and claimed on another character, so the attuning only happens when converted from a dispenser.

    I stacked up some dispensers on various characters with the expectation I'd claim them once I got to a point where I was down to the worst/hardest to get ones for certain sets on "alts". I saw earlier they were notrade - no biggie there. Heirloom is acceptable to me. However, I didn't look at collects I had sitting on the 19th anniversary box I like to carry on my characters - those gotten outside of Overseer. Are those the same IDs/same items and thus notrade now? Ouch. So much for working together as a guild. I'm glad we all got our shoulder evolves done before this. Normally I don't complain, but this was a stealth change (not included on Test?) and it's a big one. I'll save further comments until verified true/false.
  4. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Dumb. Ignorant. Really, just laughing about this.

    Glad I don't really need them (was working on a third alts old collects atm), just saved me a couple bucks (didn't spend much, would occasionally to finish off a quest so I could start another before logging or whatever) in the future I guess.

    Trying to figure out how this helps them make money, or how it helps anyone other than the people selling krono for real cash.
  5. forum troll Elder

    Not sure where you got the cant afford to pay I assure you I make a very comfortable living, But I assume you are just in a bad mood due to the RL stress right now, and maybe the patch and change and don't take it to heart.

  6. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    They fixed 25% success rate being more like 5-10%, so they had to now require you to burn an unattuner.

    You cant just have free tradable things from a system they modeled after predatory mobile games, you have to pay for it, obviously.

    Remember, you might be able to break the economy with free to play alt accounts getting a free heroic character and having tradable things from overseer:shadow legends, so they had to make sure that not only did you not get a free heroic character on free accounts, you can not get collection items, tradeskill items, or ornaments with free to play accounts, and if you DO pay to be able to get those items, you can only unattune one every 3.5 weeks.

    Related note, everything I've actively thrown my time into testing on test for overseer has been broken as i get close to finished (I had 2 more batches of tetras to copy for agents when prices changed and was down to my last 7k collection dispensers to use for alts and guildmates as of last night), so if theres any part of it that works correctly, I can shift to breaking that (not throwing $ at it though. Someone else is doing that just fine in my place)
  7. haaaalp Augur

  8. Nennius Curmudgeon

    He won't be spending any more cash on Overseer? Seems kind of obvious.
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  9. haaaalp Augur

    didn't know you can spend actual dollars in-game to do overseer. sounds new. thought it was darpkaw cash. can you show me where that option is?
  10. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Many folks pay RL cash to get DBC.
  11. Berta New Member

    So the collectibles I have collected on my 4 alt accounts to give them to my main account have become useless now. I can live with that. Hope you can also live with the fact that I have just cancelled these accounts. I would imagine the goal with the whole overseer thing was to earn money. I guess I was wrong, you created it to piss people off over and over again.
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  12. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Just in case folks were wondering, you can unattune the collectibles and give to another toon. That's fine if you have 1 or 2 shinies you need to transfer, but not at all a practical solution to such a bad change.
  13. Lenny New Member

    I just combined four fragments to create the Dispenser, zoned and it disappeared from my inventory. Checked itemoverflow and bank.. Not there anymore =(
  14. KtsKts New Member

    The preexisting collections should have been still tradable. I have 22 on one account that is finished all collections. So I'll have to wait for 2 expansions before i can even use those? They warned us when they made the coins no drop why not warn us on these so we didn't lose out? Consistency isn't too much to ask?
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  15. Koldanar Elder

    Hi Ngreth,

    Re: the part highlighted in bold. I don't think this is working as intended, I claimed a collectible from a dispenser that I already had. Yes they are flagged as attunable however they are also flagged as no drop. Would be grateful if you could clarify this as this is significant part of peoples concerns.

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  16. Velisaris_MS Augur

    He's not talking about the shinies you get from Overseer now...he's talking about shinies you might have had on a character before the patch. Those are still tradeable.

    It needs to be clarified, but I'm pretty sure that's what he was trying to say.
  17. Dewey Augur

    This has made Overseer absolutely worthless. Your worried about crashing bazzar prices? Bazzar prices for shinies shouldn't be that high anyways.

    I'm done. My alts are done. The alts of my alts are done. I used to help out guildmate with these collects. With the attune whatever here's what will happen. A person will say WTB Shiny. Only if it's over 100k(maybe more depending on overseer cash to buy unattuner) will I say yes, then I'll make it from overseer and collect cash. You've made the process go from make the shiny and pass it on, to make the shiny, unattune it, and pass it on.

    In the end you have ensured that I will NOT spend daybreak cash on the system. You have also ensured that I will not bother with the system at all unless someone's willing to pay high dollars for me to unattune a shiny.

    The worse part about it is this. I've done the collects for the shoulders YOU created on 6 toons last expansion without overseer. I know people who camped 1 specific shiny for 2 weeks. It feels like a smack in the face to me and others who actually did the work and saw that you FIXED the system, just to break now.

    You will do what you want with this program and side "feature" I will do what I want with it as an end user. I will no longer invest time into it as an end user as it is now a big pile of dog poo.
  18. Dewey Augur

    Remember to like the original post if you want this fixed! Just replying does not help the situation. Bug or not liking the original post might get it fixed.
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  19. farsight New Member

    Not ever alt is on the same account.
  20. farsight's alt New Member

    And it'll make it so I can NEVER get it. 8( Are you telling me that I should do a character to account transfer, go to his account get the collects and come back? oh wait that's broke too.)

    You have broken the system sir. Please fix.
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