Overseer - Incapacitation issues

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by yepmetoo, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Been noticing a LOT more incapacitated (so unusable) agents lately. Just assumed it was part of the last overseer nerf/changes.

    However, for the first time I clicked over to the agent list to check on an agent I felt had been incapacitated way too long. And I see it is listed at 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds left. Also notice like 20 other agents with the same.

    I had clicked on one, and was scrolling down looking at the list, and noticed a message popped up under the character photo saying clearing incapacitation. Then it was now available to use.

    Did that to about 20 agents, all of them became available after I clicked on them and waited about 4-5 seconds.

    Checked other accounts, ALL had this issue.

    So whatever mechanism is in place to release agents once their incapacitation timer runs out is bugged since the last patch, and agents are just staying permanently incapacitated unless you manually click on them and wait.
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  2. lockjaws Augur

    It's probably more UI related problems than anything, just like buttons/spells getting stuck when bards are involved.

    The development & troubleshooting capacity of this game over the past 5+ years has been very minimal, so I am unsure if this sort of thing will ever get fixed.
  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    It's been buggy like that since Overseer was released, but it definitely ramped up after the last patch.

    I've just it part of my routine when I log into sort the agent list to only show incapacitated agents and then clicking on each one that shows the timer expired. That will usually cause them to clear...sometimes it takes a few seconds.

    I wouldn't expect them to fix this (or any Overseer related bug) any time soon now that JChan has decreed they focus on server stability issues...like they should have been doing all along.
  4. CrazyLarth Augur

    I had to do this for all 4 accts Thought it weird that they stay 0 0 0 I can understand that they turn 0 0 0 when off line but once i log in they should update and remove them self's not to have me click on them.
  5. Moege Augur

    Not only UI related if showing incapacitated you cannot use them for a quest either.

    Don't need to change filter or click on them, just need to stand on the agents tab for it to clear by itself.
    If you change the filter to incapacitated it is easier to see if you need to wait.
  6. Pikollo Augur

    This issue is extremely frustrating. I never think to check it cuz I would assume once their timer is up they would just come back. I had like 20 waiting for me to manually refresh.
  7. Aurelio Lorekeeper

    One question. Do you have the Overseer window always open, at least minimized?
  8. Moege Augur

    Not me, do task then close it. Next run first stand on agent tab.

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