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  1. Fian Augur

    Starting a new thread so that people starting out can see the basic instructions without doing a deep dive on a long thread:

    Basics of OverSeer feature in EverQuest

    How do I start a quest?
    When you start the overseer program you will begin the tutorial quests first. First thing to keep in mind, everything you need to start a quest is done in the first tab, Quests. Don’t click other tabs trying to start a quest – they won’t help you.
    • Step 1: Select a quest on the left-hand side of the screen.
    • Step 2: To the right you will see a window that lists the quest, Quest Party, and Available Agents. Start Quest will be disabled.
    • Step 3: In the section Quest Party, click the grey button “Select Agent”. That will give you options for the section “Available Agents”
    • Step 4: Select an Available Agent
    • Step 5: Some quests have multiple Quest Party members, so repeat steps 3 and 4 until all party members have an agent assigned.
    • Step 6: Click on “Start Quest” at the top of the section
    How do I know what rewards a quest will give me?
    The short answer is click “Preview Reward” near the top, however certain quests give certain types of rewards. You will have several common options, but the more unique drops are covered below.
    • Recruitment: This quest gives you additional agents. I have been told it is only available to choose once every 48 hours
    • Conversion: Takes 3 agents and gives you one higher level agent
    • Research/Harvesting/Crafting: Gives you the ability to choose tradeskill drops from certain expansions. The drops vary some based on type chosen.
    • Stealth: Gives you an ornament reward
    • Plunder: Gives Merc AA exp
    • Diplomacy/Exploration/Trade: Collectibles
    • Always grab Recruitment missions when available. More agents mean you have more flexibility on what missions you can effectively take.
    • Don’t be too aggressive taking Conversion missions. After the tutorial you should have 10 agents. You don’t want to go below that number.
    • Don’t convert the last of a certain type of agent. Make sure you have a wide range to choose from, even if you plan to focus on a certain mission type.
    • You will notice that Agents have attributes like race, class, physical, and personality. When picking a quest, you will see that certain quests give difficulty bonuses for certain attributes, and penalties for others. A wide range of agents means you are more likely to be able to match an agent to a reward bonus.
  2. Eckish Lorekeeper

    Only some slots are required. From all of the missions that I've looked at, only the first slot counts as required. You can start the mission with just the first slot filled. And as far as I can tell, there's no reason to fill the optional slots unless it would also increase your mission success chance due to having matching jobs/traits.
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  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Yep, most quest you only need the first slot filled there are others like conversions which need all 3.

    I fill the first slot with the highest % I can get, then the next slot if % doesn't change I clear that slot and move on to the next. No point in locking an agent out of doing later quests if they don't improve the quest you are doing now.

    As said above always do recruit quests first, then check what the others give, sometimes their is a bonus agent for some of the other quests keep an eye out for those. :)
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  4. Zamiam Augur

    the new currency rewards from the merchant in the library suck .. mostly all ornaments for 17 - 30k Tetra's, a few illusion potions for 167 tetra's and Old man mckenzie(sp?) brew for 1 brew about the 147 tetra's iirc ..

    the merchant is on find and up behind the library not inside library ..

    I feel the obscene amount of tetra's needed and lack of options for rewards from the merchant is insane .. for people that dont care about ornaments there isn't anything worth getting .. unless there is some locked rewards behind overseer experience that I have not reached yet ?
  5. Fredescu Augur

    Why don't you want to go below ten agents?
  6. Monkman Augur

    I believe Ngreth said he would start slow with the rewards rather than put too much on and have to remove items.

    Plz think about fragments of alaran history :)
  7. Zamiam Augur

    so the Tetra's are trade-able so thats a plus ..

    do the Overseer quests run while offline ? or do you have to be logged in for the timers to count down on quests.. ?
  8. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Huge thanks Fian!

    I have already picked up some fairly rare, and in the bazaar expensive, collectibles. It will reduce my income over time, but I think it is a nice addition to the game.
  9. Eckish Lorekeeper

    The quests run while offline. Incapacitation timers (if you get any) don't start until you complete the quest, though.
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  10. Qbert Gallifreyan

    They run while offline and you get larger quantities from some quests.
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  11. Muffinstalker President Rivervale Bakers Union, Local 571

    I haven't figured out how to get my free heroic character. Any advice?
  12. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Wait until the Anniversary perhaps?
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  13. Muffinstalker President Rivervale Bakers Union, Local 571

    Thought it was linked to Overseer.
  14. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    All Access members who log in to EverQuest during our 21st Anniversary Celebration (between March 16th and May 10th) will receive a claimable Heroic Character! This character can only be redeemed once per account.
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  15. Muffinstalker President Rivervale Bakers Union, Local 571

    Nope, re-read patch notes, you are right and I was wrong. Good to know my account isn't screwed up.
  16. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Your ok, and not the first to ask. ;) Seems there was a rumor it was being awarded with Overseer like you had heard but no truth to that.
  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    It is another way of getting rez tokens, crystalized luck. If you uncheck the only show what I can use button you will find an overseer agent.
  18. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    That "Conversion" option has some sinister implications.

    Do they battle each other to the death to level up the survivor?

    Are they fused together by unholy magic?

    Or does the largest one simply eat the weaker ones?
  19. Cloud the Third Augur

    Like kicking out the 3 bad raiders and getting a new raider in it's place who is better. Only change in the agent is the higher level ones have more than 1 job and those jobs are ranked higher.

    This has been confusing me because I am not sure how overseer leveling works. If you level up 1 of the jobs does it make the min job level on all your agents that level? Does it add your level + the base level of all your agents with that job type?

    Agents have a level and then your overseer stat has a level some instructions on how that works would be nice since it is leveling extremely slow will take a few weeks to get 1 leveled up without paying.
  20. Kleitus_Xegony Augur

    Asking this for a friend that might need to know soon. ;)

    What happens if you run out of agents. Not because they're out questing but you actually lose them all (ex. critical failures on conversion quests where all 3 poof or some other dire result which ends in the loss of an agent). Is there a way to get / buy a starter kit of them again?

    Pretty sure my "friend" needs to be more careful and wait until his last 5 dudes are done running their current quests so that they can try and recruit more peeps, but was wondering what to they should do if the worst happens on those two quests and they run out of agents.
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