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  1. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Could somebody explain the Overseer feature?

    Is it essentially a mini-game that could be cut & pasted into any fantasy theme, that doesn't bear any resemblance to EQ as we know it? Sort of like Gems or the old EQ virtual card game that got shut down?

    Is it a new side-game that is required for a maxed out toon? I.e., are there best-in-slot rewards or new abilities that can only be obtained by grinding Overseer?

    Is it an additional thing that a returning player would have to grind out, in addition to levels and AA?
  2. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    It looks very similar (actually, it looks like a rip off) to Star Trek Online's "Duty Officer" system or "Admiralty" system, if anybody is familiar with those?
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  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    It's not really a mini "game". You have to be 85+ to use it.

    It's basically a "set it and forget" offline task system. You get a set of "quests" every 12 hours. There are different types with different rewards. Some give you tradeskill materials, some give you weapon ornamentations, some give you "fragments" you can combine to get dispensers for collectibles (meaning you never have to spend plat on collectibles or farm them ever again, if you're patient enough). You can also get just straight XP (and merc AA xp). Unfortunately, it does not give out AA's. It has it's own currency you can also collect for items on a merchant in PoK.

    Each quest requires a certain number of "agents", which you get by just running quests, using the currency to buy agents off of the merchant, or by spending Daybreak points in the store (you don't need to spend one dime on Overseer though; you get everything you need just from the quests). There's 4 tiers of agents; you get higher tier agents by combining 3 of a lower tier. Eventually, you'll get them all. All of the agents are creatures or NPCs from Everquest lore.

    You assign agents to a task, start it up, and then just go about your normal play routine. Quests come in 6, 12, and 24 hour varieties, depending on what type of reward you want.

    You do earn "experience" in categories within Overseer, but they're totally irrelevant. They only serve to give you slightly more difficult tasks as you level the categories (with better rewards), but you don't "grind" out anything. Supposedly, there are some achievements coming for Overseer, but nobody really knows what's involved with them.

    Overseer is really helpful on the collectibles, and getting tradeskill materials. The higher your level, the more XP they give out. At 110 and above, you can easily earn 10% or more xp per day just from Overseer. You can also earn several merc AA a day as well, making that particular grind irrelevant.
  4. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Thank you for the explanation! So it sounds like Overseer doesn't offer any exclusive performance-enhancing/character-strengthening stuff, so it wouldn't be required for anything?

    It sounds like it offers a different path to getting some "vanity" stuff and for earning XP/merc XP and tradeskill materials, without leaving PoK?

    Or would you say, "playing" Overseer is almost a requirement now, just to keep up with XP or tradeskill demands?

    EDIT: In the past, it was very common for many people to complete an expansion's zone- and quest- and enemy-based content in a short time after release, and then only log on for raids. Does this "Overseer" system effectively keep everybody logging in every day? Or is it easily skippable with no performance impacts?
  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Overseer isn't REQUIRED for anything, but it does make life a whole lot easier for certain things.

    If you make stat food/drink, it's an absolute blessing for materials...no more farming. If you have multiple accounts, you can have them all do Research tasks and your tradeskill toon will have plenty of materials to make food/drink.

    It's also a godsend for materials to max out Research.

    If you don't mind the slow and steady route, you'll never have to pay for or farm collectibles again. All those bazaar traders trying to sell the really rare shinies for a million plat? Use Overseer, and then look at them and laugh.

    And once you hit 110, there literally is no other faster way in the game to get merc AA than Overseer. You could grind for hours on end and still not get even close to the number of merc AA a single round of Overseer tasks will give you.

    The only downside to Overseer is that it's an expansion behind...you can't use it to get tradeskill mats or collectibles for the current expansion. But, it gets added to the list of expansions in Overseer as soon as a new one launches. So, if you're all caught up on collectibles, you can start hoarding dispensers and easily have enough to complete all the collectible achievements in one day and never worry about collectibles again.
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