Overseer fails since latest patch

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by fletchette, Apr 24, 2022.

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    Started seeing overseer fails with this last patch, not something i've ever seen since the launch of overseer. had about 5 of them across several accounts, so its not frequent but thats going from ZERO failures since i started.

    all of said failed missions were over 80% success rate before i started them (i have massive amount of agents, never start a mission below 80%, most of them are 85%-88% before starting.

    my understanding was that the overseer was a way to help more casual players that can't play as often as they like a way to try to stay stay caught up with their friends/guildies.

    i'm hoping this is a bug and not some new pay to win scheme where you start monetizing wins in the overseer. its actually a fun add on to the game and takes away some of the less fun grindy aspects of higher level game play.
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