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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by NightKing, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. NightKing Journeyman

    Does an Elite Spy (5) exist?

    Received a Level 4 Elite Recruitment quest and it calls for an Elite Solider (5), Elite Spy (5), and 3 Elite Scholars. I have them all except for the Elite Spy (5)... I don't ever remember seeing one before. Anyone have one?
  2. Barraind Augur

    I've only seen 5's on Artisan, Harvester, Soldier, Explorer (2 different ones), and Diplomat so far, but I assume the rest do exist given that those do.
  3. Jumbur Augur

    Avatar of Tunare: (artisan 3, harvester 5, diplomat 3)
    Emporor Crush: (marauder 5, spy 3,harvester 3)
    Firiona Vie: (soldier 5, diplomat 3, explore 3)
    Mayong Mistmore: (marauder 3, spy 3, scholar 5)

    Is what I have of elites so far, haven't seen a better spy than "3"
  4. NightKing Journeyman

    This is what I have so far for elites, hasn't changed in awhile, think I have them all, keep getting the same doubles... no Spy (5), highest elite spy is (3)

    Elite Agents
    Avatar of Brell: (Artisan 5, Scholar 3, Merchant 3)
    Avatar of Tunare: (Artisan 3, Harvester 5, Diplomat 3)
    Emperor Crush: (Marauder 5, Spy 3, Harvester 3)
    Firiona Vie: (Soldier 5, Diplomat 3, Explorer 3)
    First Ranger Kele: (Spy 3, Soldier 5, Merchant 3)
    King Kazon Stormhamer: (Soldier 3, Artisan 3, Explorer 5)
    King Tearis Thex: (Soldier 3, Scholar 3, Diplomat 5)
    Marcia Attamilgad: (Harvester 3, Merchant 5, Explorer 3)
    Mayong Mistmoore:(Marauder 3, Spy 3, Scholar 5)
    Meldrath The Malignant: (Marauder 3, Artisan 3, Scholar 5)
    Phinigel Autropos: (Harvester 3, Merchant 3, Explorer 5)
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  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I wish Darkpaw would just put out a complete list of all agents in the game that are available, at all levels...so we can all stop guessing.
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  6. Riou Augur

    Ambassador Dvinn should be a 5 Spy
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  7. Jumbur Augur

    Are there any famous spies in everquest lore?

    Just wondering...:cool:
  8. Qbert Augur

    On the one hand, I tend to agree; there should be a set of achievements for having a complete tier of agents, or some other variables (and obviously detailing the same). Lots of folks like chasing imaginary achievement points that give you absolutely nothing in game (very odd, this . . . different achievements give variable amounts of points . . . but there is no value whatsoever to the points but, I digress).

    On the other hand, since this feature incorporates darkpawbucks as an optional component, I could see where some folks that choose to spend cash on this feature might stop or severely limit their spending if they knew they were at the "end" of the system as it currently stands. As someone who pushes the buttons at probably a 50-75% uptime rating, I still don't have but a handful of greens/uncommons, and nothing higher than that (and that seems perfectly fine).

    I don't intend to ever use darkpawbucks for this, but I'll keep pushing the buttons because maybe someday in the distant future there will be at least one thing I want from the system (and maybe the millions or billions of tetradrachms I'll have by then will buy me something nice).
  9. NightKing Journeyman

    taking out doubles I currently have 169 different agents.
    11 - Elite
    22 - Rare
    57 - Uncommon
    79 - Common
  10. Agrun New Member

    Maybe Lanys T'Vyl? Firiona Vie is an elite, would make sense that Lanys T'Vyl could be one.
  11. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Every CCG I've ever seen has put out card lists, to let people know what's out there. And let's face it, that's all Overseer is...a pay to win collectible card game, only we're talking agents instead of cards. Letting people see all the agents isn't going to keep people from spending money on it...it'll do the exact opposite. Trust me...I spent WAY too much on MTG years ago. :) And I spent money on it precisely because there WAS a card list and I was trying to get those rares.
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  12. gnomeboss Augur

    venril sathir likely a 5 in all abilities for the sake of realism. =p
  13. NightKing Journeyman

    Hah, Venril Sathir is The Tribunal's pet dog! They went all Plane of Justice on his a$$ :)

    Barbs forever!
  14. Ueauvan Journeyman

    dvinnis spy 5 just got him there was also a quest for him on an alt
  15. Seamus Journeyman

    unique agents I have:

    84 common
    58 uncommon
    23 rare
    10 elite

    if others would post we might narrow down the max at each level
  16. Szilent Augur

    D`Vinn is a Spy(5), Diplomat(3), Marauder(3)

    there are 181 Agents: 84 common, 60 uncommon (split 24 regular / 36 iconic), 24 rare, 13 elite Agents (1 is the /marketplace Fippy)
  17. dreadlord Augur

  18. Mazame Augur

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