Fixed [Overseer] Elite Quests and job requirements wrong

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by OlavSkullcrusher, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    I've seen this with elite recovery quests as well, but I am looking right now at Tabula Rasa - Level 4 Elite Crafting quest.

    The top job slot requires an Artisan (5) with bonuses for Gnome and Frivolous, although the only rank (5) Artisan is the Avatar of Brell, which is neither of those. Bimbalicius the Soulbleeder and Meldrath the Malignant have those traits, but are Artisan (4) and (3), respectively, so they cannot be used.

    The second slot is for Harvester (5) with bonuses of Aviak, Enchanter, Exotic, Cautious. The Avatar of Tunare is the only Harvester (5), but is only Exotic. The Collector fits all four bonuses, but is only a Harvester (4), so can't be used.

    The third slot requires a Soldier (5) with bonuses for High Elf, Cautious. The two agents that are Soldier (5) are Firiona Vie and First Ranger Kele. Firiona is a High Elf, but not Cautious. Galeth Veredeth is a Soldier (4) that is a Cautious High Elf, but can't be used.

    There seems to be a lot of this kind of thing going on with Overseer quests. Perhaps make this a thread just for job requirements and bonuses that just don't match up? That way, they can all be in one place.
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  2. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    As I remembered, Level 1 Elite Recovery (Missing):

    Slot 1: Marauder (3) required - bonuses for Werewolf, Mighty, Rogue
    The agent that fits all three bonuses - Werewolf Gypsy - Marauder (2)

    Slot 2: Marauder (3) required - bonuses for Magician, Exotic
    The agent that fits both - Masked Changling - Marauder (2)
  3. Stephen51 Augur

    I was offered an Elite Recovery task (banished) and the requirement is a level 3 Soldier, Clockwork, Warrior, Monstrous.
    I have all agents (plus purchased Fippy Darkpaw) and have no agent that fit all of the criteria.
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  4. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    I do overseer on 3 accounts. My bard's account has every available agent. I picked these up the last two days.
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  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that whoever set the quest requirements expected that more Overseer "expansions" would eventually be released to cover other regions, like Antonica and Odus, and that those "expansions" would have the required agents to cover the requirements of current quests.
  6. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    This doesn't really explain this problem. As I've noted, there are agents that would fill all of the bonuses except for the fact that their job rank is too low. That makes it look like a mistake. Why take the trouble to create quests for a future "expansion" of Overseer to put into the rotation now, knowing that people wouldn't have the agents to get to 90%+ success chance like for everything else? Another example of this kind of mistake was something else I reported here, that the Recruit Ambassador D'Vinn quest could only be completed by using Ambassador D'Vinn.

    In terms of Overseer in general, I do not give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to how it was planned. They used that up with just how much went wrong with it and how much they've changed since it went live. I don't mean to be harsh or to hate on the team, since I like this game and still pay for it regardless of Overseer's problems, but I have to be honest about how it looks from a player perspective. Overseer was a mess at launch and still is, at least somewhat.
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  7. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I won't disagree that Overseer has been a giantic cluster F overall and they have dropped the ball big time. I just gave a possible reason why some quests have agent requirements that can't be met with the current roster of agents. It could have been they started out with one plan of action concerning quests and agents, and ended up with something completely different after Holly left. Who knows?

    Which, I suppose, leads to the question of just how much testing was done for this prior to release? As far as I know, there was never a beta test of Overseer. A lot of issues (like quests requiring agents that don't yet exist) could have easily been weeded out if they had let players test this before going live. For instance, giving players a full compliment of agents to test out all the quests...that would have caught the mismatched agent requirements. But they didn't do that, and this is what we got.
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  8. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Adding to this:

    Level 4 Elite Harvesting Quest - Just like Mom used to Make

    Harvester (5) - Berserker, Hardy, Extravagant
    Marauder (5) - Vampire, Enchanter, Monstrous
    Explorer (5) - Ranger, Attractive, Cautious, Heroic

    The Elite level 5 Harvesters, Marauders and Explorer don't match any of these attributes. However there are lower agents that match them perfectly.

    Rare Barrith the Brave is Harvester (4) and Berserker, Hardy, Extravagant
    Rare Lady Chiasa is Marauder (4) and Vampire, Enchanter, Monstrous
    Rare Lyirae Oakwynd is Explorer (4) and Ranger, Attractive, Cauitous, Heroic

    It feels like all the Elite missions just need the level for the required agents dropped by 1 across the board.
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  9. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    Found another one.

    Level 4 Elite Military - Heartbeat of the World

    Soldier (5) - Heroic, Paladin
    Soldier (5) - Rogue, Exotic, Clockwork
    Soldier (5) - Paladin, Hardy, Bold

    The two agents that are Soldier (5) are Firiona Vie and First Ranger Kele. So, the first slot can meet both bonuses with Firiona Vie, the third slot First Ranger Kele can meet two of the bonuses, but there simply isn't a third Soldier (5).

    Cavalier Devolah is Soldier (4) and would otherwise fill all bonuses for the 3rd slot, and Gearheart is Soldier (4) and would fill all of the bonuses for the 2nd slot.

    I agree with Darchon_Xegony. It looks like going through all of the Elite quests (including Recovery) and dropping the top slots that require a certain job level by 1 would fix all of these.
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  10. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    In an interesting development, I thought I had found an Elite quest that was fine. Level 5 Elite Exploration - Shepherd the Storm

    The first three slots were Explorer, Marauder, and Spy (5), the bonuses lined up with Elite agents that were rank (5) in those jobs. I wasn't able to actually start the quest, though, because King Kazon Stormhammer, an Explorer (5) that is a Fierce, Mighty, Dwarf, Warrior) was on another quest. (Phinigel Autropos was also questing and is an Explorer (5), but he wouldn't satisfy any of the bonuses).

    However, the issue came up with the last job slot for a Marauder (no rank requirement listed) - with bonuses for Dwarf, Warrior and penalties for Attractive, Ghost. Thubr Axebringer fit the bill. He's a Marauder (4) that is Extravagant, Fierce, Mighty, Dwarf, Warrior. But Tumpy Irontoe had a question mark instead of a check if I selected him. He is a Marauder (1) that is Frivolous, Rugged, Dwarf, Berserker and Peg Leg was also showing up in the list, but he was questing and is also rank (1) in Marauder.

    Sure, one of the bonuses would be blank, but that's not too bad. But the ? indicates that his rarity, job, or job rank don't match to "effectively" contribute to the quest success chance. This means that the bonus would apply, but not a boost for being the right job for the slot. If Elite quests need Rare or Elite agents, then it should say so in the listing for the job, likewise with the job rank. So, I would expect the job slot to say either Rare Marauder or Marauder (2 or higher) if Tumpy wasn't going to get the check mark and satisfy the job slot.

    So, close, but no cigar.
  11. Axxius Augur

    I found an Elite quest with correct job requirements!

    Secrets Are Power (Lv 5 Elite Stealth) is the exact match for D'Vinn, Mayong, Phinigel, Meldrath, Ennixy, VIIX (it uses all of his traits except Gnome; finally, something that's not erroneously requiring a Clockwork!), Amber, and Chiasa. 100% Success chance too!

    So not all of them have incorrect requirements. But most Elite ones do.
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  12. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    Level 1 Elite Recovery - Discouraged Recovery
    Explorer (3) - Half Elf, Frivolous
    Explorer (3) - Skeleton
    Marauder - Mighty, Werewolf
    Spy - Scarecrow

    Tunarian Scout (Common) fits the bonuses for the first slot, but is Explorer (2)
    Barbed Bone Skeleton and Enraged Dwarf Skeleton are also Common and Explorer (2)

    Best that I could do was a Fire Drake for the first slot to get the Frivolous, though the Werewolf Gypsy and Blighted Scarecrow worked for the last two. Total - 84%
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  13. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    This doesn't fit the title of the OP, but it is a similar problem. Job requirements that are clearly in error.

    Quest - Level 5 Rare Exploration - Know Thy enemy
    Job slot 4 - Marauder - Monstrous, Frivolous, Ancient, Enchanter
    Job slot 6 - Marauder - Enchanter, Monstrous, Ancient

    These are almost the same, and only Lady Chiasa, Rare Iconic, fits all bonuses. So, you need the same Iconic agent for more than one slot of the same quest.
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  14. Axxius Augur

    Lv 4 Elite Research - And Nothing of Value was Lost

    1: Scholar(5), +High Elf, +Regal, +Peaceful, +Cautious
    2: Harvester(5), +Enchanter, +Shrewd, +Aviak
    3: Merchant(5), +Human, +Citizen, +Agile

    There are only two Scholar(5) agents: Mayong and Meldrath. Mayong has only one matching trait - Regal. Meldrath doesn't have any. Nethryn is a perfect match, but he is Scholar(4).

    There is only one Harvester(5) - Tunare, and she has no matching traits for this quest. The Collector is a perfect match, but he is Harvester(4).

    There is only one Merchant(5) - Marcia, and she matches 2 of the 3 bonus traits. Shifty Jenkins is a perfect match, but he is Merchant(4).
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  15. Stephen51 Augur

    This doesnt appear to have been picked up, and as I am still getting quests where there is no way to fit all the attributes required, I have posted again.

    I have an Level1 Elite Wounded Recovery task.
    1st role is Artisan (3)
    Traits required are Necromancer, Rugged, Mummy.
    The only agent currently in game is the Trueborn Embalmer, who is Artisan 2
    2nd Role is Artisan (3)
    Traits Required are Goblin, Citizen, Hardy.
    The only agent currently in game with these traits is A Goblin Mapmaker, who is Artisan 2
    The other two agents are only level 1 jobs and can be filled according to their traits.

    Maybe it's the level of job that is incorrect?
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  16. Stephen51 Augur

    I now have a Level 1 Elite Banished Recovery task.
    1st role is Soldier (3)
    Traits required are Clockwork, Warrior, Monstrous.
    The only agent currently in game is Steamwork Shock Trooper who is soldier 2.
    2nd job is Soldier (3)
    Traits required are Wood Elf, Ranger, Bold.
    This can be filled by First Ranger Kele
    The other two agents are only level 1 jobs and can be filled according to their traits.
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  17. GoneFission Augur

    I just seemed to hit a number of elite level recovery tasks with wildly unmatchable requirements. I didn’t look to see if there was a one-level lower agent, I just saw a number of recovery tasks with no possible matches.

    I also got excited to get a Recruit Ambassador D’Vinn, until I got to the second or third required agent and remembered that you need D’Vinn to recruit D’Vinn. I think I’ve gotten two or three of every other elite trying to get him on this account.
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  18. Mukkul Augur

    The quest Recruit Avatar of Tunare requires the agent Avatar of Tunare.

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  19. cadres Augur

    That's true of many of the recruit quests
    quests that are no do-able because there are not agents with the stated requirement are the issue
  20. Wulfhere Augur

    More evidence that job requirements are too high (off by one).

    Shaken Recovery
    Level 1 Elite recovery Task

    1st role Scholar (3)
    Traits required are: Dwarf, Peaceful
    No agent matches all of these requirements
    Probably Dwarven Lorekeeper is meant to fill this slot, but is only Scholar (2)

    2nd role Scholar (3)
    Traits required are:Citizen, Woof Elf, Agile
    No agent matches all of these requirements
    Probably Kelethin Herbalist is meant to fill this slot, but is only Scholar (2)

    If it's the intention that this be the case, resulting in lower chances of success, then there is a risk vs reward problem in Overseer.