Fixed Internally Overseer Collection Item Dispenser

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Karhar, Dec 6, 2022.

  1. Karhar Dream Crusher

    When claiming Terror of Luclin ones, the zones don't match the achievements. Shadow Valley should have The Riven Halasian Weapons And Gear set and on, but that set is in the Basilica of Adumbration category. They are all not correct
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  2. DillyBar Augur

    Ugggh, this was about the first thing I was going to do IF I COULD GET ON MY MAIN lol
  3. Laurana Augur

    I thought I was going crazy.
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  4. TillasX New Member

    Also the Umbral Plains rewards are completely missing, but the zone that is missing from the list is Bloodfalls. The Bloodfalls rewards are actually under Ka Vethan.
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  5. dandrools New Member

    I made notes as I did them, which zone when claimed resulted in which zones' items being an option, here's what I got:

    Maiden's Eye --> Maiden's Eye
    Under Maiden's Eye you'll see an option for Bloodfalls, which then leads to the collection items for Umbral Plains
    Umbral Plains --> Basilica
    Ka Vethan --> Bloodfalls
    Vex Thal --> Ka Vethan
    Shadow Valley --> Vex Thal
    Basilica --> Shadow Valley
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  6. Kalamos Lorekeeper

    UP is not missing actually. It's in Maiden's Eye ---> Bloodfalls.
  7. Meeko Developer(Code)

    Thanks for the mapping. This is now being tracked internally.
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  8. Tegila Augur

    thanks for info on bloodfalls though thats the 1 i was looking for
  9. TillasX New Member

    Not trying to be argumentative here, but regardless of what you are seeing, I don't see any of the Umbral Plains collectibles under any of the zones. And I see Bloodfalls collectibles under the Ka Vethan category.
    Maiden's Eye --> Maiden's Eye Collectibles (that's all)
    Umbral Plains --> Basilica Collectibles
    Ka Vethan --> Bloodfalls Collectibles
    Vex Thal --> Ka Vethan Collectibles
    Shadow Valley --> Vex Thal Collectibles
    Basilica --> Shadow Valley Collectibles
  10. Meeko Developer(Code)

    They're currently under Terror of Luclin Collectibles > Maiden's Eye > Bloodfalls
  11. TillasX New Member

    Thanks, found it. Sorry to dandrools and Kalamos for not understanding what you were saying.
  12. dandrools New Member

    You're correct, I made a mistake on what Ka Vethan pointed to. I didn't start taking notes until I realized how screwed up it was and I mis-remembered what selecting Ka Vethan took you to, I made an incorrect assumption that it was Umbral Plains. I just double checked all of the options and corrected my original post.
  13. Ineffable New Member

    The collects for the expansion Torment of Luclin received from collection item dispensers are mis-labled and incomplete.

    As the categories for the rewards for the Collection Item Dispenser:

    Rewards for Ka Vethan are labeled as Vex Thal
    Rewards for Basillica are labeled as Umbral Plains
    Rewards for Bloodfalls are labeled as Ka Vethan
    Rewards for Vex Thal are labeled as Shadow Valley
    Rewards for Shadow Valley are labeled as Basillica
    Rewards for Maidens Eye are correctly labeled as Maidens eye

    Rewards for Umbral Plains are currently not available as the rewards are not listed at all.

    *** This has been already addressed in a previous post. I did not see it. ***
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  14. Chandon New Member

    Some specific Overseer Collection Item Dispenser errors as per the above post for the "terror of Luclin" era:

    Umbral Elysians: Appears to be missing (Should be under Umbral Plains).

    Gargoyle Fragments: Missing from Basilica but can be found under Umbral Plains
  15. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    You can find these under Boodfields, which you can find via Maidens Eye. Its listed just above the collects for ME.
  16. Angahran Augur

    It basically looks like the collections were dumped under any random zone and if they happen to be under the zone they are supposed to be then that's just a happy coincidence.
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  17. Luclin.Dragonball Lorekeeper

    @Meeko, Today's patch removed access for Bloodfalls collections altogether, unless one selects ME first. This is really stupid, since Bloodfalls is not a subcategory of Maiden's Eye...
  18. Soulbanshee Augur

    It didnt change since it went live, the patch didnt include a fix for this.
  19. Luclin.Dragonball Lorekeeper

    Incorrect; previously "Bloodfalls" led to Umbral Plains collectibles...

    Whether this was "included" in the patch or pushed out along with the server reset, semantics from the user perspective. >_<