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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Heajol, May 22, 2020.

  1. Heajol Elder

    So I want to start collecting crafting rewards from Overseer, but I'm new to crafting overall. What would you recommend as the best expansion choice for a new crafter? I do have a toon with 250ish brewing and 200ish other crafts .. Without looking up every single drop is there a crafter who can point me in the right direction? I imagine these aren't no drop like the collection ones?
  2. KarmaKitty Elder

    What are you doing,skill up to 300, 350 or do you want to make something specific (say conflagrant armor) ? Your path will influence or dictate which expansion you should exploit.

    One point, getting sheets of fish scales requires many many missions. Its what 1000 scales to a final sheet. If in the end you need the sheets and don't want to pay bazaar prices, you should be pounding those until you get your sheets. I have not checked as of late, but I found them hard to find and very expensive when I last looked.

    Pity they fix the initial "bug" allowing you to select the latest expansion.
  3. yepmetoo Augur

    I'd say RoS. You get a bunch of stuff, and its the stuff that's the hardest to farm compared to the others. Once your skills hit level 4-max, then you'll start getting a lot of ore and skins too.
  4. Heajol Elder

    First I'd like to get tradeskills to 300 then start working towards 350 with a goal of eventually doing the Artisan's Prize even if it takes me a long time to max (if ever).
  5. Tatanka Augur

    You can do the Artisan's Prize once your TS skills are 250 (required for Aid Grimel quest). You don't have to make the seals yourself.

    It's a huge-enough bonus even at the 40% base value, that I'd suggest doing that. Then, raise the TS skills whenever you want, and you have time/plat/mats.
  6. Heajol Elder

    Thanks. I'm not really overly concerned about it right now. I just want to select something from Overseer that might be useful later. Basically I don't want the exp reward from Overseer as I'm trying to AA and not level.
  7. Heajol Elder

    Okay, so the idea is that there is no low hanging fruit with Overseer to progress crafting from say 200-250 +? Do I go through expansion by expansion? I guess I need to dig deeper into this and figure crafting out. There have been so many new things to learn returning to the game and crafting hasn't been first on my to do list. It's just that Overseer forces you to choose a selection, and from what I have seen / heard it's better to level everything fairly evenly in Overseer rather than go all in on collectibles, etc. I haven't even touched ornaments yet, that's another aspect of the game that people seem to collect "sets" and Overseer coins (Tetra something?) mostly seem to be there to gain ornaments. Is there a point to ornaments other than making your character "look good"?
  8. CatsPaws Augur

    I do 6 hour Overeer during the day while playing and then set up 12 hour ones overnight.

    I do not go for the ornaments since they are just weapon graphics and I have no interest in those. Others do. I have 2 houses full of ornaments from Guide events and don't need more.

    The collectables are handy. Once you claim them they are just little geode looking things you can easily store as they stack and later use for which ever shiney you want for which collection. Don't have to make the decision now. So I try for a lot of those, if available. Some collectable sell for many thousands of plat in the baz so this is one way to get them and complete the collection achievements free. "Shineys" in the baz are tradeable, however these are not.

    I am at the spot you are, not sure about which materials I need for which tradeskill yet so I select whichever expansion gives the most trade skill items. One of them offers like 2 relic fragments...that low amount is useless in my opinion. Others offer many more of certain items. I also look in baz and see what that stuff sells for so if I can get it thru here then it will make my trade skilling easier and cheaper.

    I am finally selecting the tetra stuff when there is nothing else and like you, I don't want exp or merc exp, since apparently that armor you can buy with it sells well in the baz? Not sure on this one.

    Finally, I have no idea what half my agents do or if they are on a cool down or whatever. I can't afford that much time away from the regular game to figure all that out lol. I just pop in whichever one is available. I never pay to end any of them early. And never pay for more agents.

    Edit - you could do a reverse look up. For example conflagrant silk is one of the items you can get so look up that on EQ Traders and see what you can make with it.
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