Fixed Overseer agents STILL not recovering while showing they are available in agent tab

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by vylo, Dec 31, 2021.

  1. vylo Augur

    This does not seem to have been addressed. Slowly running out of agents despite agent tab saying they are all available.
  2. Iuwene Master

    It is supposed to get fixed with the next regular patch some time in Januar.
    Why they didn't deem this bug (and the missing RoS AA autogrant) worthy an emergency patch only DBG will know.

    But I blame x-mas time for it.
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  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    That's it. Someone at Daybreak came up with the bright idea to put out an expansion literally days before a major holiday season, which comes with major vacation time for most folks...including the devs.

    Standard operating procedure: drop a new expansion, and then go on vacation, forcing players to deal with any number of gameplay bugs (major and minor) for more than a month.

    It's shameful.
  4. djtar New Member

    Up to 92 unrecovered agents of 397. Most quests can no longer be run because there are no agents available. Lucky if I can get 4 quests to run now. Lets get this fixed please!!!!!
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  5. Svann2 The Magnificent

    They should offer a free scroll clickie in the store that recovers all agents, just for the meantime.
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  6. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Not to mention we got to put up with this for more than 2 weeks. Pretty lame when i get a recruite elite and i cant do it because i have to use dvinn who's been out forever :( plus other uncommon ones that require him only.
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  7. Velisaris_MS Augur

    ToL launched on Decemer 7th. The next scheduled patch is January 19th, assuming they still decide to ignore all the problems until then.

    That's about 6 weeks of making players limp along with what is currently a major part of the game for a lot of folks, due to the xp rewards, being utterly and completely broken.

    That's shameful on a whole new level.
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  8. IrishLass77 New Member

    I have 7 accounts on everquest and this is a very serious issue for me. I pay and spend a LOT of money on this game and I expect issues to be resolved in fairly short order whenever possible. I agree, putting out a new expansion right before the holidays is a really dumb move, but that is YOUR choice, so staff it up to support that date or move the expansion dates to the months before or after your staff takes vacations. There are things you can do, quickly, to address this issue and I feel like you are putting it off as a side issue. It is not. Fix it. Soon.
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  9. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Yea its like they say its fixed internally but were gonna make you wait for the actual fix! We cant bring down the servers for a quick patch!
  10. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Someone mentioned the next server downtime is like the 19th or something pretty lame!
  11. Fenthen aka Rath

    One of my guys has 136 incapacitated agents. I literally have about 3 common quests that I can run now - no recruitments, etc.
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  12. Zytalius New Member

  13. airez New Member

    ok i trying to do my over i have quest where i have 5 to 6 char that are not ready so i can't use them been doing recover quest which looks like it gives back one or 2 agents not sure which one becuase when i look they say they are all ready there no timer saying when they will come back like before there no way to get them back like i look to see incappacted tab and it show no mob onlt clicking on a quest it will have the mob blocked out please fix it becoming a pain to do quest ether get rid of it all together or make it a way i can get my char back right now i have 76 that i can't use and if lucky i can get 0 to 4 back depends on how many recover quest i seen none some times and i seen 2 the most and if lucky i get a crit it will recover 2 toons so if i got 2 quest i can get 4 back the most and when i do 5 quest i lose normaly 2 to 3 char a time and so there got to be a awy to get them back or atleast put timer back on the mob so we knoe it been long enough for them to come back like before
  14. Ozadar Elder

    My agents are nearly exhausted on one account and getting there on another. The first account is the worst. Not only can you not see who your incapacitated agents are by filter, there are no recovery tasks even listed to bring them back. They do not even appear to heal over time. Oh, and that account gets a small fraction of the research tasks to my other account. The tasks were nearly identical a while ago, but they not even close now. Second account has the recovery tasks, but not wanting to use them because they likely will not work.
  15. Darakar New Member

    I just ran a recovery mission for a blue Agent. It incapacitated a purple and a green Agent. This is getting ridiculous.
  16. Scila Augur

    Perfect example here - today - Level 5 - 12 hour - Common Diplomacy - DarkDeeds - Lorisyn is grayed out. I check my available agents and it says Lorisyn Oakwynd is Status Ready Jobs 4 Diplomat - 2 Artisan. The match should work for Diplomat but it shows none available on the quest tab but 4 on the Agents available tab. The Quest Party Diplomat Section has (4) indicating that somewhere it says there are 4 which is a match but all are grayed out. Available Agents area is completely as it is meaning I haven't selected anything to change the filters. Doing that does nothing to entice them to show anything available. Sister Daria is in the first position for the same quest and is showing 4 diplomat available - 2 explorer and is the same way. No selections available. With that information, there should be 8 diplomats available between the two and there are 0.
  17. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    They've said it before, some things can be hotfixed and some things can't. They're not going to do an emergency full server patch for anything except a exploitable bug.
  18. Scila Augur

    Exactly Smoke - just giving details of what it looks like to help move things along. The more detailed information they have, the better they can get to what may be causing the problem and resolve it.
  19. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Some folks apparently missed the original BIG thread about this where they stated they have a fix but refuse to put it in until the January patch...and then they promptly locked that thread, ignoring every other thread about the issue. That was a couple of weeks ago at least.
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  20. Samwen New Member

    Okay friends. Fun read, illiteracy and all!

    I have 2 accounts with All Access, and share your pain.
    942 Agents on main account. 140 Incapacitated.
    888 Agents on second account. 161 Incapacitated.

    Overseer has always had specialness as part of it's DNA. IIRC, beginning within a week or so of launch, I would start 5 quests, scheduled for ~12 hour runs, and when I would come back to check, not all would be remembered as having been started.

    C'est la vie, I think I responded at the time. Maybe not those exact words, but probably French, anyway. Sometimes, perhaps, in a "Pardon my French" kind of way.

    In due time I would find that, from time to time, I'd have 6 quests ready to be cashed in, so I figured "Weird, but maybe I can think of it as a Savings Account, or, Mystery Presents from my past to my future." I read up a little here at the Forums, saw that there was nothing all that unique about my situation, and moved on. "They" are working on it; I have better things to do with my time, I believe I rationalized.

    A few months ago OS started really bugging out on me. Quests would show up but the Primary slot didn't have any character to associate with that role, so no way to start it. That seemed a Very Special situation, one so special I decided it was worthy of a /bug, so I did.

    Alarmingly, this continued happening.

    I considered calling 911, but feared a life of solitude, banned by my friends and neighbors alike for declaring this an emergency, and so decided against that. In the fullness of time this seems to have either been resolved or to have gotten much less common. Either way, at this point I miss that quaint, quirky little bug.

    Lately I am seeing the same thing you all are. All of my characters are available to go a-questing. I can see that from looking at the roster. Which seems remarkable. Very rare, any way. But then, like you, I go to start another round of missions only to find many of my go to agents are not actually available.

    It is, of course, unclear exactly what agents are out, but I can see which ones would be a good match for the various roles in any given mission, if they weren't incapacitated in some way, which many are, sadly. Of course, there is no way easily found to check on the specifics of their status, since all are reported GTG! and so, thanks to that above referenced, now closed thread, I knew to look at the status, which I may never have thought of, on my own, as it seems a redundancy. Now I know how many are not available, and can calculate a rough percentage, which seems high in both cases.

    But, yes, that thread. Fixed Internally. Fantastic. So, that means, I guess, the developers, on an Intranet server running the dev's version of the game, are not having this same issue any more. Not explicitly stated, but inferred from a message there, presumably from a dev, is the assumption that this means we in the rest of the world will see a fix in January. Which should be fine, if it happens. Devs are people, too, and notwithstanding my "Real gamers have Catheters, Serious gamers have colostomy bags" theory of life, even Daybreak Developers and support personnel deserve to have a little time off for family, friends and unwinding. Possibly even management, but that's more iffy.

    Anyway, what I am leading up to is: How about a bit of communication about this? If you aren't going to try and fix this until ~2 weeks out, please just say you are aware and have a scheduled fix?

    Going forward a bit more of the communication, treating the Community a bit more like a community, would be appreciated by many of us out here in the Community.

    Also, Happy New Year. Merry Christmas. Happy Channukha (in whatever spelling you prefer) and Happy Holidays to all, whether Atheist like me, or not. I hope you are all healthy and happy and looking forward to a prosperous future.
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