Overseer Agent Requirements

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    I am seeing something unexpected in overseer that doesn't seem to be covered in the patch notes. Pre-patch uncommon quests required a max agent level of 3...or at least it was very rare to require a level 4 agent. I know this because I exclusively use common/uncommon agents on uncommon quests for the past 6 months and reserve my rare/elites for uncommon+ quests.

    Now, I am seeing the majority of uncommon quests requiring level 4 agents. And this is very frustrating because we have a very limited number of rare/elite agents due to not being able to use duplicates of them.

    Was this an intended effect of the changes? If yes, why wasn't it included in the notes? If no, are the Devs aware of this and planning to change it?
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    Maybe because they added a bunch of rares to the game im not sure i got 11 new rares + 2 Elites (avatars) + 7 more uncommons sure there's more. I do noticed the quests use common agents alot more now and the overall win percent has gone down on level 5 quests cant seem to get past 88%.